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February 10, 2011 02:30 PM UTC

It's Not Goodbye

  • by: Pam Bennett

(Good luck in DC Pam! – promoted by redstateblues)

I will be officially joining the Colorado Ex-Pats club Monday. Another step of life’s journey begins in the D.C. area. The US government will be my new employer.

Drinking Liberally DC – third Wednesday, 6:30pm, Mad Hatter on Connecticut Ave, Dupont Circle. I should be there next week.

I will have to put up with the Hatch Act too.


32 thoughts on “It’s Not Goodbye

    1. If it weren’t for the brave and hardy souls of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture you would be eating…wait a minute – forget that.

      I will be working for the USDA APHIS (animal, plant, health, inspection service) doing my very best to move paperwork along. I know my new supervisor is looking forward to me showing up, she already has my first day and week planned with work.

      I do hope to return home occasionally. Maybe even stopping by a POLS get together.

      I will pop into POLS occasionally, or at least when the Hatch Act won’t get in the way. There is an office in Ft. Collins I will be visiting on rare occasions too.

      1. DC is always my favorite town ….for about a week and a half….

        If you get any tips on good restaurants…not priced for the lobbying class….pass them on, if you have time.

        1. It is a lot of fun. There are so many wonderful historic and scenic places to visit. Including a few that showed up after I first visited during DDE’s administration.

          There are micro-breweries to enjoy locally along with craft beers from the region. And, George Washington’s still has been recreated. All most as good as Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey.

          There are more restaurants in the POLS wallet range than there were a few years ago. Some are even safe to eat at.

          I used to live part-time in Alexandria, during the 80’s and 90’s, so the District is not too foreign a place.  The changes during the last decade have been tremendous.  When the defense contractors moved their huge offices to the area that changed it from a bureaucratic and tourist destination to a military-DHS, bureaucratic and tourist destination.

          It is still possible to go walking along the Potomac, on most weekends, and not be bumped into the river by tourists. I like to take the dogs with me (check out

  1. I’ve always enjoyed your take on Colorado politics.

    On the other hand, I used to frequent the Mad Hatter when I lived in DC – you’ll find the city quite fun.

  2. Always loved your contributions here.

    Now as an old Washington hand, let me give you a good piece of advice I know about that town:

    D.C. is always about outward appearances that may not necessarily be true, so if he says he’s ” 39 ” and a ” lobbyist ” on Craigslist he’s probably not.

  3. Barracks Row, either the dive bar favored by the Marines or the elegant Belgian Cafe….

    Things didn’t work out for me in DC, but that doesn’t mean they won’t for you.

    Enjoy! Keep in Touch! (You still have an email for me, correct?)

  4. Make sure you find plenty of time to enjoy the District! Don’t let the wonder of living in our nation’s capital wear off. Don’t become too cynical. Most importantly…don’t forget us!

    My goal is to get myself to a point where I am ready to move to D.C. in  years. I am hoping I will be ready mentally and educationally by then. If you’re still there, you can show me around!!

  5. December 7, 1972, 0500, I landed at Stapleton, courtesy of the US Air Force. When the sun rose the snow and the Front Range looked like it does right now. It was also -20F.

    It is fitting that I have this moment before my flight to sit here and look out over the new DIA airport and the Front Range; the view that told me this is home.

    The view is perfect and the temperature must be 50F better.

    Thank you all.

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