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December 14, 2020 07:30 AM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“A wise man fights to win, but he is twice a fool who has no plan for possible defeat.”

–Louis L’Amour


27 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

    1. WaPo is doing a moment by moment coverage, complete with changing vote counts. 

      Oh No!!! Trump is ahead.  Cue the obligatory "it's not over yet" chants from right and left.

      Joseph Biden  36    Expected: 306


      Donald Trump 56    Expected: 232

      1. The fuckery continues.

        "Republicans will submit alternate slates of electors, Trump aide says

        Republicans in battleground states where President Donald Trump lost to Joe Biden plan to meet Monday to appoint their own slates of electors whose votes will be submitted to Congress, according to a top Trump aide.

        “We have more than enough time to right the wrong from this fraudulent election result and certify Donald Trump as the winner of the election,” Stephen Miller, a Trump senior advisor, said during an appearance on Fox and Friends on Monday morning.

        “As we speak today, an alternate slate of electors in the contested states is going to vote and we’re going to send those votes up to Congress. This will ensure all of our legal remedies will remain open.”

        1. Miller, and probably many other illiterates FOXwatchers, apparently forgot to read the “safe harbor” part . . .

          . . . time to break out the way-back machine?

        2. Really, anybody can “send alternate votes” to Congress. I’m sure that he vote counters have a special circular file for all of those “alternate votes”.

      2. At this point (2:55 pm MST) there are no votes for Trump left, unless one thinks that California, Hawaii, and Oregon have surprises in store. So 232 is as high as $rump's votes will ever go.

        Apparently, some are still holding out hope that on January 6, the House under Nancy Pelosi will refuse to accept some electoral vote totals. GLWT.

  1. Letter to NYT:

    To the editor:

    Thomas Edsall's Opinion piece in the 11-18-20 NYT, ‘The Far Left Is the Republicans’ Finest Asset’, needs a counternarrative; something simply titled 'The Far Right Is the Democrats' Finest Asset'. 

    The events of the last 4+ years surrounding Trump reached a crescendo with The Texas SCOTUS filing demanding a nullification of the election conducted and completed in four swing states. Not only did Texas demand the nullification, they were joined by 126 Republican members of the US House of Representatives and Trump himself.

    In the irony of all ironies, if one recalls the reckless labeling of the press as 'enemy of the state' this crew grabbed that title and ran off to the top of the hill with it. This band of misfits is openly at war with America and (small d) democracy. None of these Representatives should be seated for the upcoming Congress. Trump will be (insufficiently) gone soon enough. Paxton has his own issues which will remove him from a public role forever unless his audition for a pardon was successful.

    So, clearly, the far right is the Democrats' finest asset but only if the Democrats will engage in the Luntzian rhetoric that is necessary to finish the job of purging these seditious actors from public positions. It has never been characteristic of Democrats to do so but the survival of democracy requires that they do so now and the near future.

    Repairs to our nation from the damage that Trump hath wrought shallowing require decades. Joe Biden will be the first leader to lead that march. Many will follow before the task is complete.

    Fascism and authoritarianism must be soundly rejected and the lessons about how we allowed it to sneak in the door installed in our national memory. Remember the names of the ones who stood against (small d) democratic institutions and principles.

    Let this national nightmare become a rebirth in the faith that democracy is the better system of all that exist.

    Let the Oath to the Constitution to which our elected leaders be their one true guidance in their service. Hold them accountable to put country over party.

    Celebrate January 20 at noon that we will be free to come together as Americans and will be encouraged to do so.

    1. Nice, kickshot. Did the NYT publish your letter?

      It also counters the false equivalence argument that “The far right and far left “meet in the middle” because they are the same.”

      Only the far right has attempted, and almost succeeded, in instigating a fascist coup in this country. Most (2/3) of the violence and terrorism of the last four years has been perpetrated by far-right white extremist groups.
      Only the far right hates small d-democracy.

      1. Not published yet. There seems to be a lag btwn issues that happen and then get addressed in the Letters section. I'm watching but I expect them to get back to me for verification and to fix a couple of typos & grammar.

        They are probably getting flooded w/letters right now. Special issue coming?


    2. Good job – hope it's published. 

      Watched a good documentary on Hitler's rise to power – one very noticeable detail was when he required people to take an oath of loyalty to him, not their country. Trump has dealt with his appointees in this way, perhaps without a formal oath – you are loyal to me first, or you are gone. It was one of Trump's first steps to full-fledged authoritarianism. 

      1. I was always struck by the physical and attitudinal similarity w/Mussolini. Trump must have practiced that chin-skyward pose for years for just this moment.

        The stuff nightmares are made of.


          1. If the New York Times doesn't publish it shortly, why not do a modest re-write and submit to the Dallas Morning News or Salt Lake Tribune?

            My thought is to get it away from a paper that few on the right read and into papers in more reddish states. Maybe write it as an op-ed.

            1. Mayyyyyyybe. It does need a rewrite and I’d like to get some mileage out of it.

              Are you saying that nobody reads the DP? I agree.

              Though they have published me before.
              I’ll work on a rewrite.

              1. I've had trouble getting into the Post in recent years. You probably already know this; what I meant by a re-write is to tailor it to the paper you're submitting it to. Maybe also the paper in Phoenix.

  2. Trump may be the charter member of the Future Felons of America Club.

    For first time, Biden forcefully condemns Trump's efforts to delegitimize vote after electoral college confirms his win

    President-elect Joe Biden called the lawsuit filed by 17 Republican attorneys general and 126 Republican members of Congress at the Supreme Court asking the nation’s highest court to toss out results in multiple states an “unprecedented assault on our democracy.”

    If so, he'll have plenty of company from the GOP House of Representatives, and a few glory hounds in the Senate (think Cruz and of course, Blanche)

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