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February 09, 2011 04:43 PM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Good counsel failing men can give, for why? He that’s aground knows where the shoal doth lie.”

–Benjamin Franklin


41 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

    1. His popularity and doing a good job overall numbers continue to exceed his vote in 2008.  And he continues to lead all Republicans in polls.  And yet, what are the Republican’s numbers on these issues?  Really, people hate just about all politicians right now, don’t you think?j  Oh and one last thing, look at the polls that do cross-tabs on these issues.  They show that up to one-third on the health care and taxes issues don’t think Obama has gone far enough.  Keep smoking the good stuff.

  1. Interesting article on the leftie news network…does the fact that a pro-democracy movement with no leaders make OBL and his network of terrorist irrelevant?

    Two weeks into the Egyptian revolution, there’s been no communiquГ©, no message from the hills of the Pakistani hinterland. Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri have been notably silent.

    For years, the two have regularly spoken in audio and video messages about events and trends in the Muslim World, attempting to continue their legacy as leaders of radical Islam. Now with Egypt, al-Zawahiri’s home turf, in turmoil, shouldn’t they have issued something?

    An al-Zawahiri aide did release a statement last weekend but it was short and not broadcast. Moreover, the deputy, Thirwat Shehata, was forced to admit that his and al-Zawahiri’s Egyptian Islamic Jihad have had no role in the uprising. “Indeed, the Pharaoh and his rotten party must depart, ” Shehata’s statement said.

    But Shehata is not al-Zawahiri or bin Laden, NBC News analyst and former NSC official Roger Cressey said, adding that without something directly from them, the two “are in danger of becoming the ’emperors with no clothes’.” Moreover, the lack of an al-Qaida role or even a message was undercutting their influence.

    “I think it’s curious why they haven’t. Al-Qaida needs to inject itself. It’s been presented with an opportunity to be supportive of their narrative,” Cressey said.


    Now, this is a problem for the Republican’t Party – if they lose their favorite boogeyman, what are they going to do?

    1. this largely middle class but broad based and not specifically or primarily religious people’s revolution in Egypt will be very bad for extremists such as those in El Qaeda and Taliban if it succeeds because it will demonstrate that the people don’t necessarily need them to throw off oppressive, western backed regimes and that there is a viable alternative available to moderate pro-democracy forces other than trading such regimes for repressive Islamist ones.

      If this new style revolution succeeds in Egypt, it will severely undermine El Qaeda’s and Taliban’s reason for being according to this view.  

          1. Guess he figures if he gives up power he’s dead because that’s what he’d do to anyone who challenged him. Let’s hope there’s a way around this obstacle.

        1. If we encourage just a few cosmetic changes while fundamentally supporting allied despots, we keep playing into the Qaeda/Taliban/ Iranian Mullah  narrative. If we don’t take this opportunity to go for the big picture by breaking out of that box instead of clinging to the Mubaraks of the Muslim world out of short sighted security and profit concerns, we’re nuts.

          We have here an opportunity for real change by supporting of the people’s, and especially the educated middle classes, yearning to become modern constitutional,

          democratic nations with economic opportunity, self government and freedom of expression.  That will severely undermine the US as The Great Satan narrative, a narrative we’ve been doing a bang up job of living up to in the Muslim world since the 50s.

          If the rumors that there are plans afoot to allow this people’s revolution to happen in an orderly fashion that will avoid bloody coups and if that’s the reason we are trying to convince Egyptian leaders to ease Mubarak out while retaining him as titular President to allow for constitutional changes and preparations for legitimate free elections, fine.  

          if we are really just propping him up in hopes this people’s revolution  will lose steam and we can keep our pet despot or just exchange him for the VP Israel favors, we’re morons with no long term vision doing the same thing over and over that encouraged the rise of anti-western hatred and terrorism in the first place.

          The thing Bush got most wrong was that they hate us because they hate freedom. They hate us because we side with and arm the dictators who crush them, imprison them, torture them, kill them and keep them poor and hopeless.

  2. as absolutely positively having no intention running for mayor, acting Mayor Bill Vidal now implies that Hick’s nonplussed reaction to his temporary (very temporary about face has something to do with his Cuban heritage and some desire to keep him from “rising above his station”? Whether he meant that as being Hick specific or due to general prejudice, that seemed pretty off the wall.  

    The part that’s really ironic here is that he decided to about face on his about face after consulting with former mayors Hispanic Federico Pena and African American Wellington Webb, hardly examples of “the man” keeping anyone in their place. They told him it would be very difficult to raise enough money in time at this point.

    I remember reading that Bill had been estranged from brothers John and Bob. John Vidal was my son’s Heritage High School Principal during part of his high School years and very well thought of, nice guy and well liked by students. Could it be that the kind of guy who becomes estranged from his own brothers is maybe a little touchy?  

    1. but I did think the mayor was both peevish and petty in his attack on the governor.  My other observation: Is Hick known for having “temper tantrums?  If so, that certainly didn’t come out in the campaign or early in his administration.

        1. I don’t know if you were aware of this, but we here at Pols have recently learned that you suck donkey ass.

          Why would you keep something like that secret from your friends?


            1. At this point, if Vger somehow did something to make that guy that angry at him, then I love Vger even more than I already do.  He’s kind of a hero to me now.

              1. would say such a thing about V? I’ve been racking (or is it wracking?) my brain to figure it out, but good golly, nobody comes to mind.

                Well, there IS one person who might, but I don’t dare go there.

                1. This is a different person.  I can only imagine tat in Vger’s past life, he said something honest about Donkeyass that somehow sent him over the edge.

        2. a thing about Hick’s temper.  It’s Vidals dizzying 180s and dark insinuations about those who don’t want him to rise above his station that left me scratching my head.  Always nice to have hear from you, Big V.

    1. loading pages on the site for the last hour, but haven’t gotten the “bad gateway” error. And then, a minute later, things are snappy. Maybe Pols spilled coffee on that kitchen server?

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