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July 28, 2006 07:50 PM UTC

Get Your Vote On

  • by: Colorado Pols

Today is the last day to vote on the winner of the Colorado Pols “Online Debate” between Republican candidates in CD-5. The winner receives a free small button ad for the week leading up to the primary.

CLICK HERE to get your vote on.


45 thoughts on “Get Your Vote On

  1. Anyone hear the negative ads beating up on Lamborn in Springs today?  Not good for Lamborn.  Apparently he skipped over half of his committee votes last year.  Why didn’t we hear about this earlier?

    1. Yet another credible post Zappatero…Quoting from some little known blog called the PeakDems…Let’s see do you think they support or oppose Lamborn?  No wonder they would give him that undeserved moniker.  Lamborn is the Dem’s worst nightmare because he is such a great conservative.

      1. You have GOT to be kidding.  If Jay Fawcett prays, he prays that Lamborn/Bruce will be the nominee.  He is so polarizing and extreme that Fawcett could realistically put up a good fight against him.  Most conservatives don’t like Bruce and Lamborn is trying to be more Bruce than Bruce.  Fawcett does not want to run against any of the other 5 candidates because they can draw from the entire republican crown instead of the Looney Tunes nutcases that make up 10% of the extreme right in El Paso County.

        1. I agree.  Fawcett could actually beat Lamborn.  Lamborn can’t even defend his positions as seen in every public appearance he has made in the campaign.  This district will not want to send to him to Congress.  He is inarticulate and somewhat embarrassing.

          1. Really Pete?

            Why doesn’t the Gazette see what you see?  You would think that if Lamborn were the inarticulate idiot that you portray, they would cover that.  Don’t you know that the media LOVES to do that to candidates?  In your dreams…Pete!

            1. If Lamborn is as bad as you say, then it really is a reflection on you.  After all, your supporting a candidate who’s ass is getting kicked by…Lamborn!!!!

    2. We have a BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL Today.  Today, and today only, a bazillion CRANKSTERS will be launching their political diatribes aimed at Mr. Lamborn.  Sources close to us say that many of the responders are Crank and familial members.

      Anybody hear the ads?  What Ads?  Do you mean the non-existent Crank ads?  The ones that appear mostly late at night and on channels that nobody watches? 

      Gotta give it up for the guy, even with a failing campaign strategy, the music keeps playing.

      Since Jeffie is so close to Bob Beauprez, why isn’t anyone saying much about Hefly or Beauprez and their committee attendance?

      Hey GIRLS, evryone knows that the Repubs changed the rules years ago so that their members wouldn’t have to account for their attendance/non-attendance at committee meetings.  A prime example is State Senator Ron May.  Anybody check out his non-attendance record?

      Even in the waning days of 1986, Joel hefley nearly got himself torpedoed by Hal Kraus.  Why?  Because Joel sent out a letter stating he was present for votes over 80% of the time.  When you added the committee attendance votes, it was more like 20%!!!

      So you really wanna go there folks???

      What ever you dig up, I can dig up better.  I can dig up better than you. No you can’t, Yes you can. No you can’t.

      You just can’t make this stuff up!!!

  2. Is it true that Lamborn’s opponents have a record of supporting tax increases?


    Lamborn will win.  New endorcements for Doug include the NRA and the House Conservatives Fund.  HCF is the political arm of the House Republican Study Committee which represents over 100 conservative Members of Congress – about 1/4 of the U.S. House.

    1. This is all stuff that Doug Bruce is putting out.  He is not a republican, he is an extremist libertarian.  I used to respect Doug Lamborn, but his campaign has been taken over by extremist Doug Bruce supporters like yourself. 

      Bremer supported sending two of John Anderson’s proposals to the ballot because he thought the people should decide (FYI, this is a democracy, not an anarchy like Doug Bruce and Doug Lamborn support).  Jeff Crank supported changing the property tax rate difference between personal and business property so that people would not vote to increase taxes as much. 

      Now what about Lamborn?  Since you know so much about the other candidates, how about telling us how he SPONSORED major legislation for trial lawyers?  How about how everyone who works with him considers him one of the laziest people in Denver? 

      You Lamborn supporters need to grow up and get out of the mud.  Quit trying to tell all of us how stupid we are if we support someone other than Doug Bruce… I mean Doug Lamborn.

      1. Robert, let me get this right.  According to your post, people should dismiss the information contained in because Doug Bruce is the author of the web site and is a libertarian.  Because you are judging a book by it’s cover, I offer the facts.


        In 2001, Bremer voiced public support for the tax increase through the ballot measure.

        “I think it’s a good investment for the public, but I don’t think there’s a good sales force out there to sell it,” said Commissioner Duncan Bremer.

        “When the public is ready to tax themselves to improve the roads, we’ll put it on the ballot. That hasn’t happened yet.”….

        (Source: Colorado Springs Gazette, 9-7-2001)

        Does that sound to you like Duncan was only “letting the voters decide?”

        In 1995, Duncan Bremer voted to put 3 tax increases on the ballot. (Source: El Paso County Records — 1A, 1B, and 1E in 1995)

        In 2002, Bremer again voted to put 2 more tax increases on the ballot. (Source: El Paso County Records – 1A, 1B)

        Campaign finance violation (Colorado Springs Gazette, 4-22-2006)

        JEFF CRANK

        (1) In 2002, Crank supported a tax increase on El Paso County property owners.  He was the campaign manager/chairman for this ballot measure which voters rejected overwhelmingly.

        (Source: CO Springs Independent, 10-31-2002) (Colorado Springs Gazette, 11-6-2002) (Colorado Springs Gazette, 10-22-2002) (See yellow highlighted sections)

        (2) In 2003, Crank publicly supported higher sales taxes on district voters even though the City Council killed the idea.

        (Source: Colorado Springs Gazette, 8-6-2003)

        (3) In 2003, Crank publicly supported Amendment 32 to increase property taxes above $4.4 billion and claimed it still wasn’t enough debt and taxes.

        (Source: Colorado Springs Business Journal, 10-24-03)

        (4) In 2002, Jeff Crank opposed tax cut and spending reduction proposals and even planned to organize opposition to the local ballot measures designed to allow you to keep more of your own money.

        (Source: Colorado Springs Gazette, 6-20-02)

        (5) In 2001, Jeff Crank supported and worked to pass a $758 million sales tax increase to vastly expand Colorado Springs city government. Rejected by voters. Crank said he would go back to voters to ask them again to raise taxes.

        (Source: Colorado Springs Gazette, 4-9-01)

        (6) With Crank as their PAC contact person, CS Chamber of Commerce supported the largest tax increases in Colorado history, Referenda C&D by giving $6,000 to pass them.

        (Source: CO Sec. of State – Record #1065062 and #1065063)

        (7) Jeff Crank’s campaign plagiarized word for word whole paragraphs and phrases on issue positions from official Member web sites including Senators Cornyn, Bennett and Reps. Pombo and Hefley.  So much for Crank’s integrity pledge!

        (Source: Independent report) (Colorado Statesman, 4-28-2006) (Rocky Mountain News, 4-29-2006) (Instances of Plagiarism on Web Site)

        (8) Crank was a registered lobbyist with the Colorado Secretary of State and the U.S. House Clerk until this year. He still owns and operates Rocky Mountain Government Relations, Inc. When asked about his recent lobbyist work, Crank mistakenly replied “that’s what the job of a congressman is.”

        (Source: Canon City Daily Record, 3-25-2006). (Colorado Secretary of State, 3-22-2006) (Colorado Springs Gazette, 12-11-2000) (Colorado Springs Gazette, 3-13-2006)

        1. This might be hard for you, but try to use your critical thinking skills here.  All you did was cut and past from Bruce’s website. 

          Read those quotes you copied from the website and then answer the question.  Was Bremer letting the voters decide?  YES.  You must a sheep of the Bruce/Lamborn campaign if you see it otherwise.  Read your own writing and you will see that.

          Bremer never had a campaign finance violation.  Read the article.  Bruce is pawning his lies again there.

          Crank supported changing the tax codes and that was absolutely the right thing to do.  The rate at which property tax is scaled is way off.  We have a situation where people are MORE likely to vote for a tax increase because the personal property tax is set too low.  If the rates were re-scaled, people would be LESS likely to vote for a tax increase because they would see more of the tax.  Either way they pay it, but liberals or dumb republicans think that it is better to hide the tax.

          Here is the kicker about why I don’t like Lamborn’s campaign.  Duncan Bremer has unquestioned integrity, and I think Jeff Crank is close behind.  I have never heard a supporter of Doug Lamborn/Bruce even purport that their candidate has a tenth the character or integrity of either of these other men.  Call me old fashioned, but I want a congressman I can look up to, not a sleazebag who will say or do anything to get into office.

      2. which is worse, Trail Lawyers who generally represent the accused (business or personal), or the Political Establishment that likes to sue other Republicans during political campaignes when they don’t get their way.

        TORT REFORM??? How about establishing a series of checklists that would allow judges to throw the suits out before they get started?

        Problem is, according to research conducted by Kleenex and Puffs, they would not be able to keep up with the demand for the POLITICAL CRY BABIES.

        Isn’t it funny how the more they talk, the more they look and act like hypocrites???

        1. Your logic is a bit off.  They are both wrong and you know it.

          You are stuck supporting someone who supports one of the worst professions in modern society.  Why don’t you own up to it and say your candidate supports an industry that Liberals feed off of?  Because rather than have a debate about the issues, your candidate runs around getting others to attack his opponents.  He does not even have the guts to do it himself or to talk to the media, so he gets PACs to do it.

          On another note, are you willing to take on the integrity issue regarding your candidate, or do you just want to concede the point that his campaign operates in a sleazy fashion?

          1. Are you for or against “tort lawyers” who sue tobacco companies for intentionally misleading the public about the dangers of smoking and for increasing the addictive properties of tobacco?

            Do you support “one of the worst professions in modern society” when they sue automotive manufacturers who knowingly sell vehicles that might kill you (read: Nova)?

            Do you support trial lawyers when they help you sue for services not rendered?  For breach of contract?  For property damages?  Of course you do.

            “Trial lawyers” are just a convenient invective for people who don’t want to understand why they have to play nice with others, or think that the only necessary legal enforcement is a gun.

            1. Actually against in virtually all cases.  I am okay with damages commensurate with real economic factors, but the trial lawyers have gotten out of hand.  In most cases, they look for low hanging fruit and take an enormous cut of the final settlement.  Their actions add substantially to the cost of many activities now, most noticeably health care. 

              I do believe that there are some instances where tort cases have helped people, but it’s time for a massive overhaul of our tort system. 

    2. Call me crazy but if we’re talking endorsements from out of state I would much prefer Crank’s endorments from basically the entire Armend Services Commitee over the Republican Study Commitee any day. Given that this community will be dead in the water if it doesn’t have a member on Armed Services. If Republicans loose the House there is no way Lamborn will have a prayer to get on that Commitee. Crank is in for sure. Cheyenne Mountain could just be the start, I can only imagine in a few years when Carson closes down and we got this jackass Lamborn still raging against gay marriage behind Musgrave. I’ll take Crank for getting his priorites right.

      1. Is that like “NUCULEAR” anialation???  If Republicans loose the House??? Where is it going??? Did it run away???  Somebody turned those HOUSE REPUBLICANS loose. 

        Take Jeff Crank, Please take Mr. Crank. 

        I should be more respectful.  After all, if this writing is any indication of some of his stellar works, then I understand why it hasn’t been made public.

        All of that involvement with the ARMEND Services Committee, and no notes, position papers, articles, memos, or anything else.

        Hey Mr. Jing A Ling!!! I need to use the restroom, may I have the keys please????

        Watch out for those Crank Endorments!!!  Doctors say there isn’t any known cure.  What the heck is a Crank Endorment???  Anything like an Edsel???

        1. Anytime you see someone using multiple question marks and exclamation points, you’re dealing with a nut. Proceed with caution. No, wait, this is a blog. Disregard all nutty statements.

  3. Robert your post is so very… credible…I especially love it when you tell us that you use to respect Doug Lamborn and then tell us how wonderful all the other losers in the race are…Thanks for the laugh

    Oh by the way, that’s Congressman Lamborn to you!

  4. Robert your post is so very… credible…I especially love it when you tell us that you use to respect Doug Lamborn and then tell us how wonderful all the other losers in the race are…Thanks for the laugh

    Oh by the way, that’s Congressman Lamborn to you!

    1. Actually, Its state senator Lamborn.

      It’s not likely that he will ever become a congressman. And I hope he doesn’t. I would never trust a congressman who sends out false accusations against the other candidates, just to make himself look better than the others.

      Plus, how is he representing us when he misses over half of his votes in the state senate?

      He is a politician who lacks both dignity and integrity.

            1. USA1, It’s been hours where are you’re facts?  You made a claim that Lamborn sent out false information about his opponents.  Care to back it up? 

                1. I’m sorry, I have a life other than this sad little web site.

                  Lamborn sent out accusations against his opponents. The Colorado Christian Coalition officially sent out the mailings, but guess who gave Lamborn a 100% rating?

                  …The Colorado Christian Coalition


                  By the way, the Gazette cannot be trusted with every claim. The reporter Ed Sealover is obviously favoring one of the candidates over all of the others.

                  1. Oh…The Colorado Christian Coalition officially sent out the mailings….

                    You’ve changed your position.  \

                    You initially said that Lamborn sent out false accusations against other candidates.

                    Now your saying the mailings were “officially sent out by the Christian Coalition”.

                    Which is it USA1?

                    Do you know how the inner workings of campaigns?  Have you ever run for office?  My guess is a difinitive NO.

                    Candidates get questionnaires.  And guess what, if they answer the questionnaires in the way the organization likes, the candidate gets the 100% rating from the organization. 

                    If you think there is collusion, or that Lamborn sent out the mailers, then guess what?  You’re wrong.

                    1. Lamborn didn’t use his name to avoid bad publicity. If Lamborn didn’t want the mailings to go out, he would have stopped them. Look on the Left side of your screen, under “CD-5 Line”.

                      It says right there, “Negative ads may be hurting Doug more than anyone else.”

                      It’s true. He won’t win.

                      And seriously, stop arguing with people over the internet. It makes you look ignorant, and people who support Lamborn are as well.

      1. Lets get on with the list shall we??? Anybody care to lay the odds as to how many of our legislators (who are paid full time) worked less than half of the time at the capitol.

        Hefley didn’t when they worked six months out of the year, why should Lamborn.  I bet Keith King, Andy McElhany, Lynn Hefley, and several others who are supporting Crank didn’t.

        Talking about false accusations??? Since there are no records kept (thanks to the Republican Leadership), how do you propose to prove your argument?  Oh, I get it, you don’t.  Why doesn’t that surprise anyone.

        Serving at the legislature is much like school.  You report in the morning (homeroom), attendance is taken, then you sky up for the rest of the day.  Most often using taxpayer time to campaign for re-election.

        NOTE TO SELF:  If you truly want accountability in government, go back to recording committee member attendance.  Then let’s see what happens.

        1. We should elect someone who will actually do their job, and represent us in the capitol. Someone with dignity and integrity, a person who is not a lawyer or lobbyist.

          And right there, you take Crank and Lamborn off of the list.
          Happy voting.

    2. You are one of the reasons I have come to absolutely despise the Lamborn candidacy.  Every time a Lamborn supporter is questioned about their lies, you resort to name calling.  If you want to talk about loosers, how about this.  Bentley Rayburn retired as one of the top AF generals, has a world class education, and seems to have the respect of everyone who knows him.  Duncan Bremer is one of the most respected political figures in the area, has a world class education, and has a family member who is more famous worldwide than almost any other US political figure.  Jeff Crank beat the tar out of Lamborn at the assembly and has become competitive in a very distinguished field.  He also has the support of those who work with him.  Doug Lamborn is reputed to be one of the laziest guys in Denver and more of his co-workers are supporting Jeff Crank than Lamborn.

      If you have been paying attention to this blog over any period of time, you would know that Lamborn was in my top two a couple months ago.  I have been posting under the same name for months so you can check it out.

      I have stated on this blog before that Bremer is my favorite of the guys running, but I also have grown to respect Crank for how he has conducted his campaign. 

      By the way, you and Doug Bruce can rip on the other candidates for supposedly supporting higher taxes… how about looking in the mirror and asking Lamborn why he refuses to sign the campaigning with integrity pledge?  He is a sleazy politician who will say anything to get elected, and his supporters are willing to accept his lack of integrity because you are Doug Bruce extremists also.

  5. I suspect Robert, that you have despised Lamborn for a long time. 

    BTW, when I speak of the other candidates as losers, I literally mean it.  If you prefer, they will not win.

  6. One other thing I think is hilarious about this string, is that Lamborn didn’t even participate in the online debate and yet all of you “get Lamborn” goons can’t seem to think about anything else.

    He must be doing well.  Good for him.

    1. He was “too good” to debate the other people in the campaign in an innovative forum.  It’s not like he had to do it in real-time; the answers could have been typed in between events.

      So all we have to go on is his old Q&A session.  Fortunately, many of the questions asked during the debate came up back then, too.  I don’t really think Lamborn did any better at answering questions to just this wonkish crowd than the others did during a debate against actual candidates.  He’s nothing special, and just as whacky as we’re portraying.

      I can’t say who Jay Fawcett is praying for to win the primary; I’m sure for the good of the district he’s looking for Anderson to win, but as far as beatable primary opponents go, I’m sure Lamborn is at the top of Jay’s list.

      1. Fawcett would have an easy victory up against Lamborn. I hope Lamborn does not win the primary, but if for some ungodly reason he does, I hope Fawcett beats him by such a large margin that there can be no question about it.

        1. Everyone knows that the chances of a Jay Fawcett victory is slim, and never going to happen.  85% of the 5th CD votes come from El Paso County.  Rural areas like Elbert, Fremont, Teller, tend to follow along the same lines.  There aren’t enough votes in both Democrats and Republicans in the outlying rural areas to change things.


      2. There is nother more frustrating and time consuming than to create a forum for an opponent that otherwise knows little about what they speak.  The early debates between the CD5 candidates looked more like auduitions for the Patty Duke Show.  Either that or many of them suffering from BOBBING HEAD, ME TOO SYNDROME.

        What use is it if everyone merely mimicks whatever play on words they hope will get them ink in the press.

        As for the questions??? A thirda grader could answer them.  There were no new ideas, strategies for change, etc.  Just the same old one liners that are supposed to make us all feel better.

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