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November 16, 2020 11:00 AM UTC

No Surprise: Lauren Boebert Fronts Colorado GOP MAGA Denial

  • by: Colorado Pols
The former and new face of the Colorado Republican Party.

AP via CBS4 Denver reports on Rep.-elect Lauren Boebert’s big weekend in Washington, D.C. at the Million MAGA March rally to celebrate in denial of President Donald Trump’s glorious victory resounding defeat at the polls almost two weeks ago:

Fervent supporters of President Donald Trump rallied in Washington on Saturday behind his spurious claim of a stolen election and swarmed his motorcade when he detoured for a drive-by on his way out of town…

Among those supporters was Colorado Congresswoman-elect Lauren Boebert. She called on more people running for office.

“Let’s take all of that energy and convert it into getting Patriots across this country to step up and run for office. We need more people who aren’t the entrenched political class to step up & come to DC! That’s the only way it changes,” Boebert stated on social media.

This is, we’re sorry to say, a bit of a whitewash of what Rep. Boebert actually told the MAGA faithful at Saturday’s rally, which was captured on video for posterity:


BOEBERT: That’s why we are here today. To stand for the constitution! To stand for freedom! To stand for President Donald J. Trump and the American Dream! God bless you all, thank you all so much for being out here today, for standing with President Trump as he has helped so many people like me in their races. How he has helped so many people like you and keeping the American Dream alive. This is about our children, and our children’s children and generations to come!

Boebert described her brief address to the Million MAGA March (actual population in the low tens of thousands by most estimates) as an “impromptu speech,” but you can see in this thirty seconds of video a bit of the stump energy that put Boebert ahead of her somnolent predecessor Rep. Scott Tipton in her safe GOP district. The words coming out of Boebert’s mouth may be disconnected from reality, but her impassioned delivery–as long as there are no follow-up questions–is undeniably pretty good. Other high-profile speakers at Saturday’s rally included fellow Rep.-elect and “QAnon” dabbler Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Alex Jones, the thoroughly discredited conspiracy theorist now enjoying a resurgence in the Trump disinformation bubble.

By comparison, Boebert’s soon-to-be colleagues in Colorado’s GOP congressional delegation have been mostly silent in recent days on the question of Trump’s defeat–after sending obligatory “count every legal vote” Tweets, Reps. Ken Buck and even frothing MAGA-hat Doug Lamborn have stayed out of the fray. As for defeated Sen. Cory Gardner? The last thing anyone expects from him is to show leadership now.

Into this vacuum now steps Rep.-elect Boebert, a fresh face but with no policy depth and no real agenda other than leading worship services for the guy who is about to not be President. While this all feels heady in the present Trump-imposed unreality insisting an election that is over somehow is not over, reality is going to crash this party inevitably. The reckoning of Trump’s fiction with Joe Biden having actually won the election is coming, and it’s an open, troubling question how Trump’s radicalized and heavily armed base (see: Lauren Boebert) is going to react to that eventuality.

How is this going to end? Most Colorado Republicans are at least hedging their bets. But not Lauren Boebert. She’s cast her lot, and she’s the face of the party by default now.

It’s going to be a hard fall from the nest, folks.


25 thoughts on “No Surprise: Lauren Boebert Fronts Colorado GOP MAGA Denial

  1. The real truth is that America has dodged a big time bullet, with TRUMP BEING THE ONE TRYING TO STEAL THE ELECTION.

    “She’s the face of the party by default now….” More so than Ken Buck or Doug Lamborn?

    To gain an idea of how Boebert might perform as a legislator, keep an eye out for three upcoming appointments: her D.C. staff director, her D.C. legislative director, her Colorado state director. 

      1. A freshman legislator, with no legislative or policy experience, in the minority party.  I don't see her doing anything other than yelling about freedom and patriots the next two years.

        1. No, Rep. Boebert will almost certainly be enrolled in the Republican "leadership" school, and learn how to do media.  Yelling is appropriate in some settings, but she'll no doubt be taught to use the"cooler" approach for media interviews.  She may get some suggestions from Rep. Cheney, especially if willing to back Cheney's moves in the caucus.  She certainly will get lessons in how to ask for money nicely over the phone, and begin to get hours of practice.  She may find a niche on some of the RW media outlets, as predictable quotations and an attractive picture make for a reasonable print media package.

          1. She'll get airtime and visibility for sure.  I just don't think she'll have any tangible accomplishments after two years in Congress. Time will tell.

            1. Major accomplishments?

              How about a new wardrobe?…and some more guns?

              Maybe a couple of sweet taxpayer funded vacations to exotic locations and a fat job for the hubby? Oh…and a fortuitous placing for the teenage son, while we are at it.

              Then there is the networking, insider trading opportunities

              ..on and on….

              Sure…there is lots she can accomplish. She will be feasting on Government Cheese and flirting with a career in entertainment for at least a couple of years.



          2. I don't know about that. She's not smart enough to think long term or self interest. She's just swept up in this crap. Kind of reminds me of Christine O'Donnell without the witchcraft. (I know, there really wasn't anything to Christine O'Donnell without the witchcraft.)

            Liz Cheney is the ultimate insider. And my guess is that Liz will do what Dan Crenshaw and told the Q people to act like members of Congress.

            My guess is that Lauren Q-bert gravitates to Marjorie Taylor Greene who is the High Priestess of the Church of Q.

          3. Maybe they will teach her it is bad form to leave her campaign posters up after the election.

            The simple knowledge that she is my representative in congress is depressing enough. She has left her photo and name all over Mesa county so we are reminded that we are represented by an unqualified grifter. 

            How's that new government cheese tasting, Lauren?

            1. Sorry Duke, you folks have been screwed for years.

              CD 3 has had a motley assortment of representatives from Ben Turncoat Campbell, the plagiarist,  the potato farmer, the wall flower, and now this dingbat.

              Salazar was the best of the bunch.

        2. She’s gonna have plenty to keep her occupied this first term . . .

          . . . what with just preparing prospectuses and holding court with all those potential investors for her MAGA pole-dancer training franchises.

          “It’s sorta’ like Cracker Barrel meets Texas Roadhouse, but with really cute hot pants and assault rifles . . .”


      2. I was once a constituent of the late Jim Traficant. Though I would not wish ol' Jim's ultimate demise on anyone, it would be terrific if they had similar Congressional career paths.

          1. I remember his pro se defense before the House Ethics Committee. It was like a Trump Show before Trump.

            I also remember Joel Hefley chairing that committee. Even though I disagreed with Hefley on about 99.9% of political issues, I admired the way in which he conducted that shit show hearing. 

            1. Back in the early 80s, while running to become Sheriff of Mahoning County, Ohio, Traficant got himself filmed taking sizable sums of money from some of the more infamous local mafiosi. Traficant defended himself in a federal criminal prosecution for racketeering … and won. Haven't checked in awhile, but be may still be the only pro se defendant to beat a federal criminal RICO case at trial. That's what got him to Congress in the first place.

              His pro se defenses of 2002 federal bribery charges and the expulsion proceeding you mentioned did not go well at all. laugh After the House kicked him out, he ran for election yet again from a cell in a federal penitentiary as an independent. Got something like 15% of the vote.

            2. “….I disagreed with Hefley on about 99.9% of political issues…..”

              So you disagreed with Hefley’s advocacy for, and leadership on, what is now Browns Canyon National Monument?

              Asking for a friend……

                1. Accepted…….

                  Of course, compared to Lamborn, his successor, Hefley is a flaming liberal.

                  When Hefley retired, he did not support Lamborn in the Republican primary for Cong. #5. Which some think is why it finally took Obama to get Browns Canyon across the finish line.

  2. Evidence: Flynn pled guilty and was convicted of illegal Russian contact.
    Evidence : Trump was on a call with Zelensky where he made a threat to black mail him for an announcement about Biden.

    Not Evidence:  I heard a guy say he heard someone say something incorrect occurred.
    Not Evidence: We didn't get to have observers present… well, they were present, but we don't like the outcome.

    1. C'mon dave..

      "movie star looks" ? If by that you mean, " she has a nice figure, long hair, and knows how to apply makeup",  I could go there. And that all vanishes as soon as she starts talking.

      I mean… Arnold Schwarzenegger is a "movie star".

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