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January 19, 2011 11:22 PM UTC

Next "Pols Mailbag" Coming Soon

  • by: Colorado Pols

(We’ll take questions until the end of the day Friday, and run the mailbag next week. – promoted by Colorado Pols)

It’s been several months since we last did our Colorado Pols mailbag, otherwise known as “Ask Alva.”

We have a couple of questions in the hopper, but before we do a full “mailbag,” we need a few more questions from you. Email your questions to or submit them in the comments below.

As you can see from the last Colorado Pols mailbag, we’ll answer questions about pretty much anything.


58 thoughts on “Next “Pols Mailbag” Coming Soon

  1. Why do some of them melt, and others don’t?

    2. Colorado Democratic Party Wheeler-Dealers: Who are the most powerful non-office holding, behind-the-scenes, Dem. decision makers? We got a peek inside the Republican tent in the maneuvering among Maes/Tancredo/Wadhams; who would have been mentioned if something similar were to have surfaced in the Dem. party? (Not that it would, of course, because Dems are so much better organized, on message and managed but ….)

    1. versus milk-solids content.  Primarily, but not exclusively, as affected by aging (aka “drying”).

      Oh, a question,

      When in the hell am I going to start receiving my Soros checks?  Why haven’t they begun?  Does it have anything to do with being on MADCO’s “list”?  (OK then, I’m f**king sorry MADCO.  Really!  So please just start sending my GD checks, huh?)

    1. I kid, I kid! Please, govs, don’t put me in your penalty box cross hairs. I mean, as you survey my comments please yield to your more generous side. I mean — Oh, well. Ready, aim … I’ll put the blindfold on myself.

  2.  Why do H-Man and GopWarrior believe it’s ok to post lies?

    What would it take to eliminate sales taxes in Colorado?

    Why do local school district residents pay taxes to fund schools state wide?

    How is it the fault of teacher’s unions that the graduation rate is less than we would prefer?

    Is the Oglalla aquifer really going to go dry this century?

    Why doesn’t Rep. Tipton outline how to cut the federal budget in half?

    Why is whatshisnametad still in the penalty box?

    Why is anyone a “conservative”? Do they all mean the same thing when they claim to be?

    Shouldn’t people who believe in the rapture not drive their car at all since they can’t know when they will go?

    Will Dan Caplis ever run for elected office? (And the corellary- why does he suck so much?)

    Has the domain Hickinlooper4President been reserved yet?

    1. …a buddy and I have been actively working on trying to get a TJ franchise in Colorado since 2003. ALDI, the German grocery chain giant who is the parent company of TJs, has throw two non-negotiable points at us each time:

      1) TJ has to be able to sell full-strength beer & wine as well as full array of spirits 7 days a week, and

      2) Colorado does not have a robust distribution hub for the products we carry.

      Everyone knows the trials of point #1 in the Colorado Legislature, but I suspect point #2 is utter bullshit.  

      1. PA liquor laws result in the TJs there not having liquor.

        At lest here in CO I could see one 15k sf store with liquor, and then 2 smaller 8-10ksf stores without.

        Boulder. South suburban. West suburban.

        As for distribution ..that’s harder. Where do they distribute for Santa Fe & ABQ?    I would assume Phoenix/Tucson, neither of which is ez to get to Denver. But Ikea figured it out (the distribution center that will supply the CO store is in Peoria, IL)  so perhaps TJ’s will too. And In-n-Out.  

        1. …and exhausted. I can see that it could be a 24-hour location and still never be entirely empty at any given time.

          Now, how would Whole (Paycheck) Foods and Cost Plus react?

  3. And what does it say about the contemporary Republican Party that this guy is its most authoritative voice, to the extent any Republicans who disrespect him must immediately, publicly, apologize?

  4. When is Shawn Mitchell term limited, and will he run for AG then?

    How long do hot flashes last?  I’ve had them for years and am ready for them to stop.

    I think we can all agree that Ritter’s executive order that allowed state employees to unionize but not bargain on any financial issues was a meaningless sop thrown to the unions.  I mean, yippee: they got to bargain over break times and vacation schedules.  Since that is the case, why are people all wound up about it?

    1. Andrew Romanoff told me so.

      Hot flashes can last 6 months to 2 years usually.  Hormone replacement is the most effective remedy, and not the poison that the popular media makes it seem.

      Dinky Singleton is like Shawn Mitchell.

  5. How much money does it take in? How much does it cost to run? What is typical daily traffic, and what is peak traffic? What caused the peak traffic?

    When will a house fall on Sarah Palin?

    Does Jared Polis have any realistic chances outside of CD2?

    Name three good reasons why Diana DeGette should be granted her wish and become congresswoman for life. All right, how about just one good reason?

    If La Popular can make such awesome tamales, why can’t anyone in Colorado make good pizza?

      1. Someone who hooted about all the money “Big Oil Bob” Schaffer got from a certain industry should not then be taking $600K plus from Big Med and Big Pharma.

        And someone who never shows up for anything in her district other than big-money fundraisers should not claim to represent CD1.

        Andrew R, please primary the Absentee Congresswoman from Denver…you will win.

        1. Whether Andrew or someone else, I’d love to see a credible primary challenger. She’s the most inaccessible representative anyone could imagine. CD1 is way to safe for its own good.

        2. I think her only two vocal supporters on this site live outside of CD1.  It’s shockingly rare to find a DeGette fan in the district.  What’s she get, like 75% of the vote?

          And yes, she’s a nice person who gives a good speech.  When and if you can find her…

    1. If the Earth stopped rotating on its axis, we’d all feel just a little bit heavier.  Our masses and the Earth’s mass would remain the same, of course, but we’d be lacking a little centrifugal force.

      And the tides would get all fucked up.

      So would the magnetic field, if you subscribe to the “dynamo” theory.

      And it would get really hot in some places and really cold in others.

      But we wouldn’t fly off into space.

  6. If so, and the GOP wins seats in the election of 2012–will it accept responsibility for the Apocalypse, as it did for the slight economic uptick in December 2010?  

  7. Is it too soon for Rich Guys (like me) to ask for another tax cut?  

    I mean, the uncertainty of what tax rates will be after 2012 is stopping me from hiring (other than replacing my butler who left for China — better exchange rate, apparently).

    I think cutting the top rates by half might entice us Rich Guys to do some hiring, or go on vacation.  I know that would mean the top rates would be less than the middle class rates, but you’re not going to start a class war are you?  That would be uncivil.

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