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January 13, 2011 01:00 AM UTC

Staying Classy on the Greeley School Board

  • by: Colorado Pols

The Colorado Independent’s John Tomasic reports:

Brett Reese, a school board member in Greeley-Evans district six, said from now on he’s wearing his pistol to board meetings. He said he’s receiving death threats in response to the white-nationalist anti-Martin Luther King Jr. message he has been broadcasting in his day job as a disc jockey at Greeley’s 104.7 “The Pirate” radio station.

Reese has yet to report any of the alleged threats he has received to the police.

Reese has been playing the five-minute anti-King message for three years. The text of the message is the same as the text posted at, a site hosted by white-power group Stormfront. Although the text of the message has been circling the Web for years, Reese told the Greeley Tribune that he received it as a letter from a listener and he had no idea it was being pushed by white nationalists. The Stormfront homepage today is playing up a “latest David Duke video” and announces at the top of the page “We are a community of White Nationalists.”

Reese owns and manages the station and said he’s not taking down the message because he believes it encourages critical thinking. He said he’s a big fan of the civil rights movement; he just doesn’t think Martin Luther King Jr as a man is worthy of the status the country has granted him…

News reports from Greeley say the Greeley-Evans School Board is trying to figure out how to accomodate Brett Reese’s desire to pack heat at meetings–and it’s a little weird that he hasn’t seen fit to actually report these alleged threats, isn’t it? Granted, that’s not the only weird part; if you’re to believe what he says about having no knowledge that this “essay” on Martin Luther King was published by Stormfront–a website founded by a former Ku Klux Klan leader that unabashedly promotes “white nationalism”–seriously folks, what even moderately sane member of a school board would continue broadcasting this after he knew where it came from?

Sure, every citizen has the right be be an idiot. But serving on a school board is a privilege.


15 thoughts on “Staying Classy on the Greeley School Board

  1. of the Professional Left’s endless search for racism in every nook and cranny. Why next you’ll probably say David Duke is some kind of RAAAAAAACIST!

  2. I think he has earned the right to be on the school board by virtue of his election.  The voters have the privilege of voting him out ASAP.

    And, as we say in my profession, there’s no accounting for taste.

  3. The right needs a victim of angry rhetoric. This gives them a victim with pro gun rights thrown in. Perfect! I’m sure he’s heard som cross words but as he’s never reported squat to the police, maybe there’s nothing there.

  4. A rambling, first person-third person-first person response can be found here.

    Among the drivel:

    The real issue concerning the current commentary Pirate Radio is running is not first amendment rights. We all have free speech. Nor does the issue focus on whether Brett Reese is a racist. I have more close friends who are either of color or Hispanic than white. The issue is political correctness, cowardice and life choices.

    No, the issue is whether to believe discredited garbage or the work of thousands of witnesses and historians, some of whom work at the very university in Greeley to which some of the district’s students aspire to attend.

    It used to be that a Greeley public school education was a ticket to lots of things. Now, with this kind of leadership, it’s tarnished.

  5. doesn’t the private carry law exempt schools? So by  bringing his gun to meetings, he would be breaking the law.

    Any chance this guy could run for higher office?

  6. and the Tuscon Tragedy ™.

    What happens when all the concealed carry people out there “defending” themselves from the crazies like Loughner actually encounter a scene such as occurred this past Saturday? Once the second person draws their weapon and starts shooting, how then are any of the other “defenders” supposed to know whom to shoot at to “protect” themselves and others?

    This is a serious question for any advocates of uncontrolled gun ownership and possession here. Law enforcement officers get hundreds if not thousands of hours of training to do just what I am asking- identify a perpetrator amidst a crowd of people. Even then they make frequent mistakes. How are fully untrained citizens really supposed to know who is the perp? I can easily envision a scene where many dozens more are killed and wounded in wild shoot-outs as “patriots” “defend” themselves from he bad guys and start shooting wildly.

    The thought occurred because I heard on the radio (NPR) that there may have been some armed witnesses to Saturdays shooting who did not choose to engage Laughner in cross-fire (thank God!).

    Thoughts from the NRA crowd? Anyone? Bueller?

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