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January 07, 2011 09:07 PM UTC

Meaningless Health Care Repeal Efforts Underway

  • by: Colorado Pols


But, since Democrats still control the Senate, the vote won’t result in any change in the law.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid could simply keep the repeal from coming to the floor at all, or if it does come to a vote, the Democratic majority will defeat it.

While the push to completely repeal the bill is destined to fizzle in the coming weeks, GOP leaders could use the House’s power of the purse to choke off federal funding for the implementation of the law, effectively chipping away at its key provisions…

…Dean Rosen, a former health care advisor to former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and a lobbyist with the Washington firm Mehlman, Vogel, Castagnetti, said that for Republicans in the House the repeal is “a matter of keeping their word with the voters – doing what they say, and saying what they mean.”

“Saying it is purely symbolic diminishes the importance of doing this now,” he added. “They really believe it; it’s not just about political posturing.” [Pols emphasis]

Um, since there’s no possible way that Republicans can actually repeal health care reform, it’s pretty absurd to say that this is anything other than political posturing. Of course this is just political posturing — even the dimmest bulb Tea Party fanatic knows that this attempt is pointless. Republicans voting to repeal health care reform is about as meaningful as if they voted to make the GOP the official political party of the moon.


16 thoughts on “Meaningless Health Care Repeal Efforts Underway

    1. Given the past history of what tea party members have successfully been led to believe, free of any factualy basis, I highly doubt that.

      We are talking very low wattage here.  Very low.

      1. I don’t think many of the people who carry signs with more misspelled words than my wife’s middle school student papers have a tight grasp on the separation of powers outlined in the constitution. Despite their supposed devotion to the document.

      2. There is a significant percentage of Tea Party fanatics not so dim as to be completely unable to grasp the pointlessness of the attempt, the content of the constitution, the way the legislature works, the outlines of the reality based world or that it makes no sense to demand that the government keep its hands off their medicare.

        Interesting fact about Tea Party Godess Palin.  She claims that Reagan is her hero and also that she reads everything y she can get her hands on so you’d think she might have read about that hero of hers in some depth.  Apparently she hasn’t read anything  beyond a few quotes and slogans since she thought Reagan was born and raised in California. Heck, I know more about GW who is certainly no hero of mine.

        Guess ignorance, real hatred for people who know stuff, even about the people and things they claim to love and support, is the real Tea Party core value. So the overwhelming majority very likely are all for repeal of the whole health care reform bill without a clue what’s in it and no interest in making a serious attempt to find out.

  1. Not only the trillion in low/mid-income subsidies, but the funding of the necessary bureaucracy (as they’re doing to stifle financial reform). THIS repeal won’t get enacted, but showing a majority in favor of a wholesale repeal supports their claim to a House majority supporting holding up funding — which they’ll do on threat of not raising the debt ceiling. They may well win.

      1. if they’re able to wreck health care implementation out of the gate.

        Raymond is right, this is a real threat to HCR and, as the vote shows, Republicans haven’t made any peace with the legislation.

        The more Republicans can recreate the shouting and upset over HCR this year, the more they can say “look, even the process is all messed up too, the Democrats can’t do anything right.” Keep the focus off the actual benefits of the law, and undermine the benefits Congress has to pay to enact, and it’ll keep looking like a failure to enough voters.

          1. Since the use of the word “posturing” usually implies “empty” and “just for show,” then I disagree with your characterization. They’re still playing for keeps here, even if this is just the first salvo.

    1. I remind you of the title you just wrote:

      I find it hard to find politicians that actually care about people and not power

      Your statement is true.  Red or blue doesn’t seem to matter.

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