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October 21, 2020 07:01 AM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.”

–George Bernard Shaw


19 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

  1. The US Elections Project is tracking early voting.  Last Report: 10/20/2020
    Source: Data provided by Colorado Secretary of State’s office

    In Colorado as of latest report:

     * early voting total:…….. 1,072,302

     * mail/dropbox voting …. 1,066,829

     * in-person voting ………….. 5,473

  2. Pope Francis shook up the Catholic world again: LGBT folks are God’s children, deserve legal protections, and to have families. Separating children from their families at the Us border is “cruelty of the highest form”. 

    Governor Polis responded:

    Steve Bannon and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will continue to try to vilify and.undermine Pope Francis for Trump’s political gain.

  3. Forest Service took the unusual but necessary step of closing Arapaho & Roosevelt national forests along the Front Range.  The danger is another fire which could overwhelm firefighting forces in the area.  Current fires are still largely uncontrolled with little precipitation in the immediate forecast.

    CHB on Monday’s Open Thread promoted the implementation of Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPP) to help protect residents living in Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) areas.  The problem with CWPP’s is that they are essentially an unfunded mandate.  They are plans without any funding mechanism.  This is where the Forest Improvement District (FIP) comes in.  It is a mill levy that can be used to build egress exits out of limited access subdivisions, pay for easement royalties or actual mitigation projects.  Folks in the Red Zone should be willing to pay to create safer WUI communities.  Saying that folks shouldn’t live in Red Zones is short sighted.  Where would we go that is safer?  Florida or California or Tornado Alley in Oklahoma?  Until we work together to reduce the heat in the atmosphere like we did to close the Ozone Hole over Antarctica, we are all at risk.  This is the 1st time since I move to Gilpin 35 years ago that the wind is blowing without bringing any moisture.  Creepy times for sure.


    1. My Cat and I talk frequently about this being as dry (drier, maybe) as either of us has seen it since 1973 when we both arrived (separately) as young adults.

      They predict a storm for next week, but we have watched several potential rainstorms fizzle out before they get here. We live on unirrigated land so we are minimally affected. We are not growing anything but older.

    2. I have sworn to never go back to OK but I lived there 21 years and never saw a tornado.

      It wasn’t until I lived in Cinci w/a family that somebody told me (in the middle of the night one summer) that there was a tornado barreling for my nbrhd. Like a dumb Okie i just said “Ya, right” and stuck my head outside in tile to see a transformer blow. Tornado 2 blocks away.

      In contrast, I can’t count how many fires I have seen strike CO in the 20 years I’ve been here.

      But here (w/in eyesight of the foothills) I’ll stay. Politically OK is a warzone. Glad I escaped in time.

      1. Absolutely.  People who live in a WUI do so because they like living next to a forest instead of in a big box apartment.  They know and understand the forest and the complexities of nature in ways that people who live next to street lights can't.  It is simply a matter of close proximity over an extended period of time.  The county slash pile is open April to October and the human effort to mitigate around homes is relentless.  There are no Forest Improvement Districts in the state yet but after a fire season like this one, folks are going to seeking better ways to deal with such an immense threat.  People along coastlines build all kinds of structures to handle hurricanes and the resulting flooding.  WUI residents are going to take that next step because it's their home and local forest.  They are better people then you believe them to be.

    1. They really need to drop a net over him and take him to a in-patient facility for professional help.

      Whatever happened with his divorce from Judith Nathan a/k/a Judith Giuliani? When last we heard from them, she claimed that he changed from the kind and wonderful gentleman with whom she had an illicit affair in the late 90's, and that he had a new girlfriend. He claimed he couldn't afford to pay Judith any alimony because he was" (a) broke, (b) had only one client (Donald Trump), and (c) wasn't getting paid.

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