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December 27, 2010 10:24 PM UTC

Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom

  • by: Colorado Pols

In hope of keeping the content fresh in a slow news week, we’ve decided to set loose our newly-elected front page guest editors redstateblues and MADCO a few days early. Their accounts have been permissioned with front page and diary promotion authority as of this writing.

Don’t worry: the new editors didn’t get a court ruling to bump off their predecessors early, our esteemed outgoing front page guest editors, ClubTwitty, Voyageur, and special guest editor DavidThi808 will keep their front page access through the end of the year as well.

To learn more about the privileges and expectations of our guest editors, read this post, and feel free to ask questions. And as always, we’re grateful to have a blog where transfers of power occur peacefully, the occasional shadowy backroom intervention notwithstanding–just like real life.


30 thoughts on “Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom

  1. For a long time, people who know me have asked: why are you spending time on that blog, meaning ColoradoPols. Recently, Jeffcoblue asked the same question, which got me to thinking about the subject, what with New Year’s Resolutions just around the corner.

    Did I post just to annoy Jeffcoblue and others like him/her, self-declared, self-satisfied experts on the local political scene? Well, yes, that was one reason.

    Did I participate in order to challenge certain assumptions that go unexamined–50 states, the United States Senate to name two–in hopes people might broaden their horizons, think about the unlikely, look outside their immediate experience for possible solutions to the raft of problems we face. Yes, there was that.

    Was it in the belief that office-holders occasionally looked in, just to monitor the “blogosphere”? In the beginning, several years ago, that did happen. I have reasons to believe the audience I was aiming for in this respect was never as big as I thought it might be, so that doesn’t carry much weight as a reason to spend time here.

    It’s also true that many topics that seem to fascinate participants here — fines for having one’s vehicle impounded by the C&C of Denver, for one recent example — held no interest for me. Same with recollections of sitting in a pool of hot water, or getting a brand new puppy dog (Ahhhhh), or for that matter, personal emotional reactions upon coming face to face with an everyday reality without offering any thoughts on how to avoid such phenomena, or how warm and cozy certain people felt when Michael Bennet recognized them, asked how they were, etc. Nor did I find the expert literary criticism available here to be of much any utility, to say nothing of the penetrating psychoanalyses and personality assessments, which sounded more like 8th grade lunchrooms than $80 an hour cheap professionals.

    Nor do I find comments such as “You suck” (MADCO), or “+1” to be especially interesting, although that language reflects a way and level of thinking that permeates the site more and more, even in an official capacity now.

    So, in the spirit of New Years Resolutions, I decided awhile ago to enroll in the Six Step Program in hopes of curing myself of the impulse to type in the address line.

    1. Ask yourself: what are you wanting to get out of this experience?

    2. Ask yourself: am I getting what I wanted from this experience? Are you sure there’s not some other site that might be more interesting, more rewarding, more interesting? How often do you read a comment on a diary of your own that is to the point, or challenges a point you made, or enhances the argument? Versus “You suck” or “+1,” with or without the mandatory fuck(ing).

    3. Ask yourself: how many minutes or hours are you spending trying to contribute some ideas that you aren’t reading here.

    4. Ask yourself: Isn’t there a more productive use of your time? After all, you are (sometimes) paid for writing on current events; why not spend your ColoradoPols time on something that might pay?

    5. IF #4 leads you to think of an alternative way of spending time, resolve to do it in 2011. (This step is sometimes summarized as “If you don’t like it, don’t bother with it.”)

    6. Tell the world that you’re dropping out, in order to make it harder to change your mind and pretend you’ve been out of town for a few days or weeks or months.

    I was waiting for the new batch of front page editors to take over to take the last step, but since the proprietors of the site couldn’t wait, why should I? Moreover, I could enable MADCO to do two good deeds on his first day: save me time, and save everyone else from skipping over what I write!

    So, voila! Step 6, and many thanks in advance for the time saved.

    1. you have been posting here for a long time now. In the past few years, it’s mostly been to complain about how much you dislike the people who post here.

      Instead of continuing to post your passive aggressive diatribes here, why don’t you start posting somewhere like DailyKos? They love to have clashes of the egos at Kos, and that’s something you’re very good at. You obviously have very little interest in talking about local stuff (aside from Bennet, and of course his old boss LoopDeLoop) and you mostly want to talk about stories that have national and international implications (again, aside form the Senate race) like WikiLeaks and your top stories of 2010 diary. You might occasionally post on someone else’s diary, but when it’s not you voicing your disgust with the person who wrote the post, it’s to try to link it to a big picture idea, and not anything more than tangentially related to Colorado. Usually your most violent bouts with nausea–which we all know ends with you vomiting out bile like this–occurs in those threads. Or when FP editor elections roll around.

      Or better yet, start your own blog. I would read it. Pols isn’t the only game in town–they just happen to be the biggest and best, which is why you keep coming here.

      Or keep posting here. I really don’t care. It’s up to you whether or not you want to take my advice (or your own.)

    2. given that you have already provided the POLosphere with

      two [widely acknowledged] good deeds on [your] first day

      I’m going to relent on the recall campaign  . . .

      until tomorrow.

  2. Uh, could you have picked a better headline?

    ‘Let a thousand flowers bloom’ was Mao-Tse Tung’s slogan for his encouragement to the people ‘to freely exchange ideas’ – commonly implicated as the pogrom to flush out and eliminate dissidents. Oops!

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