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October 02, 2020 03:14 PM UTC

Trump Moved to Walter Reed Hospital

  • by: Colorado Pols
President Trump (10/2/20)

UPDATE: Trump has arrived at Walter Reed Hospital. He was seen boarding (and disembarking) from Marine One.


As NBC News reports:

President Donald Trump, who has Covid-19, is to be taken to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Friday afternoon in his helicopter as a precautionary measure, the White House said Friday.

The move was recommended by the president’s physician, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said, and he is expected to remain at Walter Reed for several days. He will work from the presidential offices there, McEnany said.

Three people familiar with his condition said earlier Friday Trump has a low-grade fever. The president’s doctor said he was administered an antibody cocktail, along with vitamins, and is fatigued, while Melania Trump has a mild cough and headache.

Obviously we’ll update whenever we know more.


23 thoughts on “Trump Moved to Walter Reed Hospital

  1. Double posting from earlier, even if admission to Walter Reed is precautionary:

    Question of the moment:  Who in the GOP is marshaling his political resources right now to become the candidate if Trump is incapacitated on November 3?  
    Mike Pence?  He doesn’t seem to have a legion of supporters.

    Mitt Romney?  I don’t think so.

    Louis Gohmert?  (I was imagining the worst possible Trump ally).

    Seriously, there’s a good chance that Trump cannot be the GOP candidate.

    1. If he's alive, they dare not replace him. Because whoever voted to do that would be pushed out of the party if Trump recovered.

      If he dies, I think they have no choice but Pence. There's no obvious successor and Pence wins as the default. And my guess is no V.P. announced before the election because again, there's no obvious selection. (or maybe Ivanka).

      1. The voters choices are set. Ballots are being printed. Millions of votes have already been cast. Trump is the GOP nominee, dead or alive. Now, should he win, could the Electoral College pick Pence? Sure. It's either that, of the EC elects Trump, and then Pence automatically becomes President at 12:01pm on Jan. 20. 

  2. Seems his “mild conditions” are similar to Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov and Konstantin Ustinovich Chernenko.

    If Fat Donnie from Queens dies before finishing out his term, then he was not a real President and therefore should not get a state funeral. Just saying.

  3. There are rules for who does what.
    I don't trust the current administration to follow them – but they exist.


    Things I've heard today

    – My thoughts and prayers go out to the virus.

    – What to underplay it.

    – 930 this morning
    Later today Marine 1 will take him somewhere.
    He will make an appearance – we'll see the video after. (likley not 1st take)
    He will run the gov't from someplace- then Sunday afternoon or Monday morning he'll take Marine 1 back to the WH.
    Ratings will be YUUGE.

    – He will exercise the 25th- Pence will issue a bunch of pardons in this difficult time. Then he'll sign the second letter and demand Biden resign.

    – The smoke here is horrible – probably worse than California. Climate change is still false, or if true beyond our ability to control.-

    – The Cubs could still win it all… next year.

          1. Write your city council person urging them to preserve the conservation easement on the 155 acre parcel of open space (currently mature trees and grass, ideal for a new city park) in NE Denver that used to be Park Hill Golf Course!  Naturally, a developer and the city want to pave it over and ignore the imminently redevelopable commercial spaces literally next door.

            It is perfectly located in the area most desperately in need of scrubbing pollution in the air and offsetting the heat island effect of oceans of asphalt and concrete that dominate this section of the city.

    1. “probably worse than California”

      Find out for sure at

      Maps and Data -> Fire and Smoke Map (turn on the Smoke Plume Extent layer)

      The Mullen fire is pouring crap directly into the Denver metro; has been for a week and will continue (only 6% contained). Cameron Peak fire is also contributing to the hazard (38% contained and is predicted to burn through Oct.).

      This past tuesday denver air quality spiked into the Unhealthy level.

      Stay indoors and just post your parody lyrics on pols.

  4. It's not serious … really

    Regeneron confirmed it provided a single, 8-gram dose of its REGN-COV2 treatment for use by the president, whose coronavirus diagnosis was announced just before 1 a.m. ET Friday. Regeneron’s antibody drug is still experimental and has not received emergency use approval from the FDA, but it was provided in response to a compassionate use request.  …

    “I will say that in no case have I heard of a patient, especially of the importance of the president, getting an experimental infusion of an antibody cocktail,” added Seattle-based pulmonologist Dr. Vin Gupta on MSNBC, who also pressed for more information from the White House.


  5. IF the reports are accurate, Trump was diagnosed, hospitalized and received REGN-COV2 and remdesivir (two agents never  systematically studied together), all in less than 36 hours. Even assuming he was symptomatic on Wednesday, this is an exceptionally rapid progression even by severe case standards.

    Remdesivir works best in patients who receive supplemental oxygen but are not yet ventilated. He's sucking oxygen through a tube while the docs try to manage the interplay between COVID-19 and  comorbidities we don't know about. (Although, given the rather significant jugular vein distension, heart disease exacerbated by booger sugar use would come as no great surprise.)

    If he lives, he'll probably be released before election day. But how far will he be able to walk and how long will he be able to stay awake?

    1. thanks for the informed opinion.

      So far,

      Wednesday: Trump said he was tired so he would have a shorter than usual campaign rally speech, had a staff member be symptomatic and then get tested with positive results.

      Thursday:  Trump went on with his public schedule, including a "round table" with the special donors and a more general event with about 100 donors.  He went back to the White House and apparently got tested. 

      Friday:  got the positive results (middle of the night).  Had some symptoms. Went from "being in charge" to "some fatigue" to a helicopter flight to Walter Reed "out of an abundance of caution."  Had enough time in the day to take a maximum dose of Regeneron's antibody "drug cocktail" that is "still experimental and has not received emergency use approval from the FDA." Apparently, it was provided in response to a compassionate use request." [Drug company CEO is a member of Trump’s golf club in Westchester County in New York.]  Then, when he got to Walter Reed Hospital, he started Remdesivir, which does have FDA emergency use approval (but no one seems to know if it has been tested in conjunction with the antibody "drug cocktail."

      Am I missing anything?  “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

      1. Trump’s medical team, which includes about a dozen doctors, anesthesiologists, etc, had a press conference today, reported on MSNBC. Dr. Sean Conley implied that Trump had been on oxygen on Thursday, wasn’t now, and had had no fever for 24 hours. He is on a 5 day course of Remdesivir.

        He also said that for men of Trump’s age and condition, that the 5th -10th days into a diagnosis were most critical. ( so he’s def not out of the woods yet). 

        1. What do those quacks know?  They just need to give him a squirt of Clorox up the nose twice a day and a taco salad, and he’ll be up and about in a couple of days!

    1. Well, that is what the trio might have looked like 20 years ago … there's a great deal more paunch and strain on the belts which would need to be factored in.

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