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September 30, 2020 06:49 AM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“The best liar is he who makes the smallest amount of lying go the longest way.”

–Samuel Butler


26 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

  1. Ken Buck is clearly out of his depth, and should know better than to engage in a battle of wits with someone who actually understands the law

    “Russia doesn’t have to worry about spreading election misinformation in Colorado,” Griswold wrote. Buck “is doing it for them.”

    “I’m surprised you haven’t tried to send ballots to Russians trying to register them to vote in Colorado,” Buck tweeted back.

    “Ballots aren’t sent to anyone ‘trying to register to vote,’ ” Griswold responded. “That’s the disconnect and why you’re spreading election misinformation @BuckForColorado. Happy to explain how Colorado elections work and voting qualifications — let me know.”

  2. Has Colorado's junior senator commented on his candidate's performance last night during the debate?

    Or will he claim that he missed viewing it because his head was too far Moscow Mitch's rectum?

  3. ICYMI:

    PSA: The #FBI and @CISAgov warn that cyber actors may spread false claims about hacked voter information to cast doubt on the legitimacy of U.S. elections. Beware of disinformation regarding cyberattacks on voter registration databases or voting systems.

    — FBI (@FBI) September 28, 2020

    Delete FaceBook
    Fire the Liar

    Interesting new web app:

          1. I've read through Harris' website and the OpEd that he wrote for NYT. It triggered a recollection of other 'luminaries' i've read up on who think that forcing FB and Google to pay us for the data that they steal from us or that we give them for free is a potential solution to inequality …. an ethical approach to surveillance capitalism (see The Age of Surveillance Capitalism by Soshana Zuboff).

            If you want to check that out (while I keep reading Harris' referenced articles:

            THE GREAT DATA ROBBERY You’ve been tricked into giving away your most valuable asset.

            Economist Glen Weyl on Three Radical Paths to Equality


            Not everything is roses:

            Getting Cash for Our Data Could Actually Make Things Worse

          2. Harris is such a lightweight. I can be much more supportive of Google employees when the protest the work that they are being given to support the police state.

  4. Tune: Maria.


    Oh way out here

    They have a name 

    For rain and wind and liars.

    The rain is Tess, the fire Joe

    And they call Don Trump the liar.

    The Liar.

    The Liar.

    They call Don Trump the Liar.


    Before we knew the Liar’s name

    And heard his endless whining.

    We had a real president.

    Obama’s sun was always shining.

    The Liar.

    The Liar.

    They call Don Trump the Liar.


    Then Trump lost by three million votes

    Which he claimed were all illegal.

    A slave relic election scheme

    let him steal the office regal.

    The Liar.

    The Liar.

    We call Don Trump the Liar.


    The Liar gave the Treasury

    To rich thieves who didn’t need it.

    He killed two hundred thousand folks

    With a pandemic that he seeded.

    The Liar.

    The Liar.

    We call Don Trump the Liar.


    But now we have real leadership.

    At a time we sorely need ’em.

    With Kamala guarding America’s back

    Joe’s fire lights our way to freedom.

    The Liar.

    The Liar.

    We’re voting out the Liar.




    (34 days before The Liar loses bigly.)

    1. I hope you've retained a collection of all these. The next Pols get together (by Zoom still, I preZoom) would be a great place to sing through all of these, perhaps with a little accompaniment – by someone. We'll either be cheering ourselves silly, or crying in our beers. 

      1. The only archive is pols itself.  I usually write and edit these things in the comment box on my Amazon fire before getting out of bed in the morning.

        Soros pays me 85 cents a song.  The wages of sin really suck!

  5. The Stock Market seems to be pleased with last night's event.  Hopefully, they take it as a good sign that Biden will win and right the ship of state.

    DOW 27868.02 +415.36 (+1.51%)

    NASDAQ 11232.43 +147.18 (+1.33%)

    S&P 3376.58 +41.11 (+1.23%)

    10 YR. T-NOTE 0.68 +0.37 (+5.74%)

    In fact there is serious talk of a "Biden Boom"

    What drives these conclusions is Moody’s belief — which I share — that the big problem we’ll face after the coronavirus recedes will be persistent weakness in investment. Trump’s 2017 tax cut was supposed to fuel a business investment boom, but didn’t. Biden, by contrast, is proposing large-scale public investment, which would take up the slack, while Trump’s repeated declarations of “infrastructure week” have become a running joke. And public investment is what we need.

    1. DOW futures dropped 300 points after the debate. They popped back up just in time for the open when Mnuchin pulled rumors about a new stimulus out of his ass.

    2. I use a variety of indices and metrics as leading indicators

      debt performance – commercial real estate

      price trends and velocity commercial real estate (excluding farm, raw land and residential units less than 5)

      Not looking good.

      My money is on DB and their Russian oligarch private placements . When it fails – it's going to hurt but more directly on the borrower and submarkets than the broader economy.
      South Florida and Vegas condos (yes, again) , vacation homes esp in Michigan, mobile homes everywhere, and boats.

      1. nah "no deal" is already priced in

        THe airline loans will help the airline execs (C-Suite) and shareholders but just short term

        Unless we all start flying again  – there will be haircuts and repricing

    3. I don't know what the stock market is thinking … but the last minute Senate vote on the continuing resolution and an assumption the *resident would sign before midnight means one source of stress is relieved. 

      Tomorrow, however, is another day. PPP protections end, and numerous large corporations were talking sizable layoffs.  Small businesses surveyed by Goldman Sachs said they would doing layoffs and reducing hours.  City and state governments are expected to begin lay-offs or extensive furloughs.  Brace for another poor "new unemployment insurance" report tomorrow.

  6. My conclusion on the shit show last night

    Joe Biden – damn close to perfect. Yes Trump pulls everyone down into the gutter with him but you do have to fight him and Biden showed he could go toe to toe with him while mostly retaining the gravitas of a president. And I think Biden’s folksiness helps here – he can call him a clown and it’s not a break from his persona. He also did a good job of running out the clock when he didn’t want to answer a question.

    chris Wallace – I think he did a superb job. Everyone is down on him for not controlling Trump. Even if they gave him a mic kill switch and cattle prod, I don’t think he could control Trump. He was fair, even handed, and was able to shut Trump up for short periods.

    Trump – He was focused, on message, coherent, and at his best. And he showed us what he truly is, time and time again. While he said a lot of things that will damage him with everyone but the base, I think his overall attitude was the most damaging part. It was 90 minutes of awful.

    i think the big result of this was two things. First many people were worried that Joe Biden was not up to take on Trump and by extension, not up for the challenges of being president. That worry is gone.

    second, there are a fair number of voters who prefer Trump’s politics, be it anti-abortion, blaming the political class for their economic situation, etc. But they dislike Trump the person. They wanted to see a normal reasonable man up there they could vote for. Instead Trump made clear to them he’s the last thing they want in a president.

    I’d say it was a very good night.

  7. 2020 General Election Early Vote Statistics from the US Elections Project.

    Last updated: 09/30/2020 09:08 PM Eastern Time — Voters have cast a total of 1,808,214 ballots in the reporting states

    Reporting states with party registration data: FL, IA, NC, NJ, PA

    Party ,,,,Returned ..Freq. .. Requested   .. Return Rate

    Democrats …272,984,, 54.1,,,,20,396,127…1.3

    Republicans 103,476.. 20.5 …12,165,599…0.9

    Minor…………2,943 .. 0.6……..  1,792,593….0.2

    No Party …124,750 .. 24.7….12,512,192…..1.0

    TOTAL …..504,153…100.0…46,866,511…..1.1

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