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July 21, 2006 09:33 PM UTC

Everybody Has a Mock Website

  • by: Colorado Pols

The mock Web sites are popping up all over the place poking fun at various candidates. Paccione on Immigration, though not as fancy as sites like Bob is Lost is nevertheless a quick and clever spin.


8 thoughts on “Everybody Has a Mock Website

  1. I already posted on this website on an earlier thread, but this is pretty funny stuff.  Who says Republicans don’t have a sense of humor?

    1. Stop it Rizzo, you crazy guy (or gal?) The Dems ‘have done nothing on immigration’? You are so right. More power to them. This issue was CREATED by the Republicans. It didn’t exist until a few months ago.  For years (Democrat years, Republican years) no one seemed upset about a cheap labror souce from Mexico or about the paucity of tax dollars that might go to their supporting them (how many dollars did you spend this year on a trumped-up war?) UNTIL some desparate Republican spin-artist figured out a new political story: the Mexicans are here!  Well, let them come, as far I’m concerned. Maybe they can spruce up my neighborhood with better gardens. As for you, Rizzo, tell me this: what did the macho Republicans ever do about immigration back when they figured Mexican-Americans were their next big voting bloc? Go figure.

    2. Rizzo, ROFLMAO. Good lord who let the Troll IN? The right wing nuts are invading faster than Latino’s. Rizzo, Liberalism is Dead. Someone flush these nasty American Hating creatures.

  2. I think Marilyn’s Muffs needs to move her ARMPAC acceptnace to top of it’s two dozen cites into Musgraves digraceful representation.  If the worst they D.C. Republicans can come up with is AngieOnImmigration they need to be worried.

    “She’s taken $30,000 from indicted Rep. Tom DeLay of Texas and refuses to give it back, unlike most other candidates who took DeLay PAC money. Her quote in the Rocky Mountain News: “I support Tom DeLay because of his success and stewardship in creating change, which, as a result, have made him a prime target for several slanderous claims.” See for details into this.

    How much was DeLay’s money laundering ARMPAC fined?  A lowly $115,000 (while still the most in American history) is not an approprate penalty.  He has broken law numerous times, while making each and every recepient accomplices(including Musgrave and Beauprez).

    It’s time to clean house, beginning with the Lady in Pink!

  3. Intersting how they go after Beauprez for the Fitzsimmons VA deal going bad. Are you serious? First of all, Beauprez is not, nor has ever been on the House Appropriations Commitee; that is just factually incorrect.

    Second, anyone who has had anything to do with that project is well aware that it has been in the works for the better part of 12 years, and Beauprez had very little to do with it, for better or worse. Claiming he blew it is just assinine.

    Lastly, this is pathetic, that is like saying “uh..don’t vote for Ritter because he is a jerk…oh and gay.” Please.

    1. BothWaysBob didn’t have anything to do with it, since he wasn’t there to vote in Colorado interests.  He completely skirted out of it to campaign on “how I should live my life” while taking in contributions from a Russion mobster, ARMPAC, pushing bills to directly personally benefit financially from his banks and playing dress up in a flight suit after skipping out on that call to service as well.

      To take part of the slogan of one Holtzman’s previous campaigns, If Bob wins, all of Colorado loses.

      1. Now what vote did he miss to take contributions for Russian mobster? Fitzsimmons had nothing to do with Congress for falling though nor was it voted on in Congress. The VA and CU blew this deal. Get a clue jackass.

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