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July 20, 2006 07:41 PM UTC

When Attack Ads Attack Back

  • by: Colorado Pols

It looks like the CD-5 attack ad against Jeff Crank and Lionel Rivera is really hurting the campaign of Doug Lamborn. From The Colorado Springs Gazette:

A mailing accusing Republican congressional hopefuls Jeff Crank and Lionel Rivera of supporting the “radical homosexual lobby” may have backfired on its sender.

At least two volunteers have since left the campaign of state Sen. Doug Lamborn, whom opponents are trying to tie to the mailing. And Sen. Andy McElhany has sent a scathing e-mail message declaring, “Those of us who know Doug Lamborn best are not supporting him.”

The mailing was sent by the Christian Coalition of Colorado as a lobbying piece in the six-way GOP primary to succeed Rep. Joel Hefley. But the Crank and Rivera campaigns noted that Christian Coalition executive director Mark Hotaling is the brother of Lamborn’s campaign manager, Jon Hotaling.

Featuring a photo of two grooms locking arms on a wedding cake, the mailing notes that Rivera, the Colorado Springs mayor, signed a proclamation for gay pride week in 2003. It also says that Crank endorsed gayrights advocate and former Colorado Springs Vice Mayor Richard Skorman.

Here’s the attack piece (ATTACK AD – PDF) , which Colorado Pols first reported on Tuesday.


15 thoughts on “When Attack Ads Attack Back

  1. I read the article, and I know the Holte’s. Thing is, from what I understand, they were with the Crank campaign all along. I don’t know if they ever backed Lamborn, but as far as I know, they didn’t.

    1. You are correct my friend.  Pat Holte and her husband Chuck, initially supported Lamborn.  when Crank entered the race they chose to support Crank (i.e. Lynn Hefley).  The Front Range Republican women used to have their own identity.  that was when Lynn Hefley was running the Sunrise Republican Women.  When Sunrise disbanded several years ago, the folks went to the Front Range Republican group.

  2. Colorado Pols did not print the article in its entirety.  Crank and Rivera’s campaign did not respond well.  Further, Crank is using Rick O’Donnell’s excuse for not taking a hard stance – my boss told me I couldn’t. 
    Liston was in Crank’s corner anyway and McElhany is an establishment wonk.  He is not exactly endeared by the pro family base seeing as how he has voted against many pro marriage bills.  Plus, he is an Owens guy.  ‘Nuff said on the marriage issue there.
    This piece does nothing but solidify Lamborn and take votes from Rivera, his real opponent.

    1. “Christian Coalition of Colorado is a 501(c)(4), non-profit organization that is dedicated to educating, training, and mobilizing Christians for action in the public square.  After years of tireless work and dedication, we have been called “the most effective pro-family political organization in Colorado.”

      I know 501(c)(3)s’ aren’t allowed to take political stands or endorse a certain candidate.

      Can somebody explain the difference for a c4 to me?

      1. 501c4’s can lobby, which means they can’t openly endorse a candidate, but by writing the “Call Jeff Crank and tell him to stop….” in the ad, it makes it a lobbying piece, not electioneering.

      2. A 501(c)4 is able to take political stands.  Wikipedia has the scoop – they note that the AARP, NRA, Christian Coalition, and are all 501(c)4 organizations.

        Donations to 501(c)4 organizations do not qualify as tax-exempt unless they org is composed almost entirely of firefighters or veterans.

        Money sent to a 501(c)3 is, by contrast, is a tax-deductible contribution, and so their political activities are limited.

        Organizations like The Bell Policy Center and (IIRC) Focus On The Family have both 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 branches to handle different methods of advocacy.  The Independence Institute does not (it’s only a 501(c)3), hence the issues raised last year when they were spending money attacking Ref. C.

    2. Didn’t William Calley attempt to push the Mei Lai Massacre on his superiors??? For Crank to say that he had to take the stand he did because of his employers makes NO SENSE at all.

      After all, the Chamber supported REFS C & D.  And Crank claims that he voted against Refs C & D when the organization held a vote on the issue.  Which was it Jeff, YES or NO???

      If Crank really felt as he did, he should have resigned.  Are all of the tax increase votes by Crank because he was ordered to do so??? If so, why then did he vote “NO” supposedly on Refs C & D and keep his job????

      Now Crank is starting to exhibit a “Both Ways” sort of syndrome.  Since Both Ways is already being used by someone else, we’ll call it Paycheck over Principle Syndrome.  Is that whaT lobbyists do?

      “Its always hard to pass a tax increase. – Jeff Crank

  3. These nonbelieving heathens who left Lamborn should read Exodus 6:7 of the King Lamborn edition of the bible:

    “Therefore, say to the voters of CD-5: ‘I am the LAMBORN, and I will bring you out from under the yoke of the Liberals. I will free you from being slaves to tax raisers, and I will redeem you with an outstretched arm and with mighty acts of judgment. I will take you as my own people, and I will be your LAMBORN. Then you will know that I am the LAMBORN your God, who brought you out from under the yoke of the Communists. And I will bring you to the land I swore with uplifted hand to give to Reagan, to Bush and to Frist. I will give it to you as a possession. I am the LAMBORN.'”

    Only one will be left standing when the rest have secured their place in an eternal inferno. That one is Lamborn.

  4. Lamborn Campaign Volunteers Peeling… Supporting Crank 

    Colorado Springs Gazette:

    “A mailing accusing Republican congressional hopefuls Jeff Crank and Lionel Rivera of supporting the “radical homosexual lobby” may have backfired on its sender.”

    “At least two volunteers have since left the campaign of state Sen. Doug Lamborn, whom opponents are trying to tie to the mailing. And Sen. Andy McElhany has sent a scathing e-mail message declaring, “Those of us who know Doug Lamborn best are not supporting him.””

    “Largely because of the negative campaigning, Pat and Chuck Holte decided to leave the Lamborn campaign and support Crank, Pat Holte said Wednesday. The two had made calls and put out signs for the state senator, she said.

    And state Rep. Larry Liston, who had vowed to remain neutral in the race, backed Crank on Wednesday after he said he could no longer condone Lamborn’s tactics.

    “I don’t want to be part of a campaign that stoops to that, and it’s just unfortunate that the Christian Coalition would stoop to that tactic,” Liston said.”

        1. I think they’ve got the dosing just about right.  The parent poster is entertaining and much less bitter than a lot of the stuff I see around here; you might want to mentally add a </snark> tag after all of his posts, though.

    1. Funny how Crank, a supposed conservative Christian hasn’t really been on the radar screen all of these years in regards to issues such as Same Sex Marriage, Pro-Life, etc.  How many organizations over the years has he addressed as a staffer for Hefley or the Chamber on pr-social, pro-family issues?

      Can you say NONE!!!!

      As for stooping to low level of political tactics, how low is serving as a Party Officer (Vice Chairman) for the Republican State Party and actively campaigning for a Republican candidate in an open Primary Election???  Is that low enuff???

      Liston worked for Beauprez, Beauprez is supporting Crank.  Bill Sinclair is supporting Lamborn, that was the only reason Liston was saying he remained neutral.

      Liston lies so often it’s amazing he has any credibility at all.  Remember Larry Liston was the one who said he “Hardly Knew Randy Ankeney” the Campaign Manager for Bill Cadman who was prosecuted for sexual assault on a child. 

      When the article appeared in the Colorado Springs Independent, most Republicans could hardly believe what Liston had said.  Most do not believe it to this day.  Forget all those pictures of Liston, Ankeney and McElhany at the Lincoln Day Dinners. 

      Guess those never happened……NOT!!!!

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