September 11th, 2020 Open Thread

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  1. MADCO says:


    I don't think that word means what he thinks it means.

    Qustions I have not heard asked since the president admitted he lied about Covid 19, either because he wanted to avoid panic or because he thought the interviewer would blow the whistle if anything really bad was happening.

    What other Covid 19 lies have you told to protect the American people?

    What other lies not about Covid 19?

    If Americans would panic about your relationship with Putin or other foreign leaders, would you lie about that?

    If you lose the election would you resign prior to inauguration day so Pence could pardon you?

    Do you know who Dunning Kruger are?

  2. RepealAndReplace says:

    Declared the winner by whom?

    The most likely scenario for election night is that most states are unable to say who won because they are still counting into Wednesday, Nov. 4.

    Trump proclaims himself the winner because he is leading in some states which still have a lot of mail in ballots yet to be counted.

    Biden refuses to concede.

    The deplorables and irredeemables take to the streets calling Biden a sore loser. Like they did to Gore in Florida in 2000.

    None of the networks declare a winner except Fox.

    The vote counting continues into the following week with states slowly being declared for one candidate or the other.

    At some point, Biden is declared by the MSM to have the requisite number of EVs.

    Trump cries foul because he was leading on election night and all the mail in ballots were from: (a) dead people voting, (b) Mexicans voting, and (c) China and Iran printing them.

    The really interesting event is what happens on December 14 when the Electoral College is set to meet.

  3. Voyageur says:

    Tune of ‘Take me out to the ball game’


    Kick Trump out of the White House

    Vote him out, in 53 days.

    Find him a cell in Fort Leavenworth

    He’s been a crook from the day of his birth.

    Find a cell for Bill Barr too

    If those two aren’t in jail it’s a shame.

    We’ll end this farce in 53 days

    And stop Putin’s game!


  4. davebarnes says:

    Today is Make Your Bed Day
    Some of you may be in trouble.

  5. kickshot says:

    In preparation for the ongoing (and getting more intense) misinformation campaign season we are in: Can you Spot the Deepfake?

  6. davebarnes says:

    Voting begins in Colorado in 1 month.

  7. kwtree says:

    Mnuchin  withheld parts of 9/11 firefighter medical payments. For the last 4 years. Absolutely disgraceful. 

    Prezant said he was docked about half a million dollars each year in 2016 and 2017. Then it crept up to about $630,000 in 2018 and 2019. This year, Treasury has nearly tripled its extractions, diverting $1.447 million through late August, according to Prezant.

    “Here we have sick World Trade Center-exposed firefighters and EMS workers, at a time when the city is having difficult financial circumstances due to COVID-19, and we’re not getting the money we need to be able to treat these heroes,” said Prezant, the FDNY’s Chief Medical Officer.

    Long Island Republican Rep. Pete King intends 

    . . . to confront Vice President Mike Pence on Friday, when both attend the Tunnel to Towers event honoring the anniversary.

    “I gotta tell him,” King said. “Forget the politics. I don’t want to sound naive, but this is terrible, absolutely inexcusable.”

    This was after Trump held a big bill signing ceremony, promising that 9/11 firefighters and first responders would never run out of money again. Another Trump promise broken, and nobody is surprised. Look for Jon Stewart to ream him for this.

    • notaskinnycook says:

      Is that where the money for his monument (The Wall) is coming from? It wouldn’t surprise me.

      • kwtree says:

        Who the hell knows? ( Mnuchin does, presumably, and perhaps DJT or Jared Kushner, but few others). I think that this one bites deep because we as a country collectively experienced the trauma of 9/11, watching the video of the planes crashing into the Twin Towers, hearing the stories of the heroic first responders who ran in while everyone else ran out. And mostly died, when the towers fell.

        No doubt, Trump considered the first responders to be “suckers and losers – What was in it for them?”

        Update: They’re passing it off as “bureaucratic error”. Yeah, right.


        • kickshot says:

          And then he thought that he was a winner because he then had the tallest building in Manhattan. He celebrated with the rooftop dancers in NJ that he also imagined.

        • notaskinnycook says:

          Screw-up? Yeah…nope. “Suckers and losers” was the first thing that went through my mind. The guys who, as Bruce Springsteen immortalized them on The Rising album, ran “…up the stairs and into the fire..” ?

          • Duke Cox says:

            The Orange Abomination is not fit to lick the ashes off the shoes of such people.

            It has been another day of almost non-stop outrage, sorrow, worry, …with an occasional moment of hope and inspiration. It is stressful…wearisome, and heartbreaking.

            I can barely hold back tears for the people in California and Oregon. Our daughter lives near Oakland. We are very concerned for her.

            The level of stress in this nation is nearing the limit our social structure can take. We really need to stick together. 

            Donald J. Trump is an enemy of the people. He does not care for this nation, nor its people, nor its constitution. His goal is to be president for life and choose his successor.

            Anyone who doesn’t see that, is fooling themselves.

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