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July 20, 2006 07:04 PM UTC

The Salazar Campaign, Part II

  • by: what?!?

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

As reported in the Denver Post today, the Centrist Democrats (DLC) believe they have the ‘silver bullet’ of elections. In 2006, they say, Democrats need to replicate the Salazar v. Coors race.

“Salazar placed special emphasis on his law enforcement experience, his national security views, and his mainstream cultural values.”

What are the chances Ritter wins the race on this very same model?  He’s got the “law enforcement” background as well as “mainstream cultural values.”

Add to the equation the fact that Bill’s a like-able guy while Bob’s just spinning his wheels (proof being the lackluster fundraising numbers), and we’ll most certainly all have that feeling of deja vu this fall. 


8 thoughts on “The Salazar Campaign, Part II

  1. Ritter certainly isn’t going to run on what some people would call the “loonie left” platform.  I don’t think we’ll see him out campaigning with the SAFER crowd…

    Of course Ritter campaigns on his “mainstream cultural values”.  His main strength as a General Election candidate is his “centrist” credentials.

    Sometimes I think Both Ways Bob is spinning his weels because he’s got one set driving in one direction and the other set driving in exactly the opposite direction.  He hasn’t done well at balancing his appearances here in Colorado vs. his appearances in Congress, IMHO; he’s stuck trying to decide what he’s supposed to be doing right now, and as a consequence he’s not doing anything of value for his candidacy.  The “hand of God” quote might have looked good if he were running for the GOP nomination for President in 2008, but I don’t think it’s going to bring passion to *this* race…

  2. It seems that the Colorado Republican party has adopted the model that if someone claims membership and has the money to run they should be a shoe in.  They tried it with Coors and now are following along with Beauprez.  Neither guy seemed willing to actually stand for something other than, “I’m a Republican, thanks for your campaign check.”  Say what you will about Holtzman but at least you knew how he felt about things.  You get the same feeling about Ritter.  I am sure lots of Dems aren’t happy about his stance on abortion but at least they know he is principled.  I have trouble thinking of one issue that Beaprez has championed that makes me think, “Gee, I could vote for that guy.”  He must be hoping for lots of Coloradans to blindly fill in a Republican ticket, good luck with all that…

    1. What is this about Democrats not being happy with Ritter’s stance on abortion?  What is his stance?  The right to abortion is a constitutionally protected civil right and Ritter is faithful to the oath of office he has taken and would hope to take again to uphold the Constitution. He personally doesn’t believe in abortion.  His is a classic “pro-choice” position. Democratics are pussy whipped and priest ridden on abortion and usually conflicted and confused,  trying to deal with ..two powerful opposing sides…Ritter has managed to appease both without pandering or compromising.  Interesting.
      Everybody in the Dem party has basically shut up on the issue. For that alone Ritter  should be elected.

  3. Bob does a workman like job when he appears before like minded folks, and I suspect Bill does as well.

    The question is, how will their stump speeches play in front of TV cameras, radio microphones and bi-partisan Rotary clubs?

    So far as I can tell, both are pretty talking to their parties and not to the rest of us. I need to hear Ritter a few times, but I don’t know where he’ll be speaking. The candidates’ web sites used to be linked here, but I don’t see them on the new site.

    Guess I should listen to talk radio instead of XM’s CNBC.

    1. I think you will find that it it the moderate/swing voter that will be attracted to Ritter.

      Ritter has really staked out the middle ground in Colorado and Both Ways is going to have a hard time finding room there.

      Both Ways has really been catering to his right wing, but Ritter has not felt compelled to pander to the far left.

      He is very comfortable with who he is and his very commonsense positions.

      I know I sound like a supporter, but of course I am.  Part of the reason I am a supporter is I like Bill’s very commonsense approach to governing.  It will resonate with the swing voter.

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