Trump To Somebody, Kidding We Hope: “They’re All Going To Die”

Here’s a clip from Fox News Channel prime-time propagandist Laura Ingraham’s interview of President Donald Trump, which aired last night. Although this video is being widely scrutinized today for its many baffling and outrageous moments, such as the “plane loaded with thugs” Trump claims evidence-free was headed to Washington to bust up his superspreader event Republican National Convention acceptance speech, there’s a particular bit of word salad at 7:15 into the interview that has left us genuinely stumped:

It’s not only the Democrats, it’s the media, the fake news. The news is so fake. Like I told you with the mayor, where they make them look like it’s a great unity thing, when actually they were cursing at him and they would’ve done big numbers on him, but they don’t show that. They just show the mayor standing with these very tough thugs, and he was gone, OK? They saved him. But NBC shows it like it’s unity with the people. I don’t get it. I don’t know why they’re doing it. And I say — I will say this, at some point I will not be president. Hopefully, that’ll be in five years from now, but I will not be president. And they’re going to die, they’re all going to die. [Pols emphasis] Can you imagine if they had to cover Sleepy Joe Biden? It won’t be very much fun. But much more importantly, our country would go to hell; our stock markets will crash as sure as you’re sitting there. We will have problems like you’ve never had…

Help us out here: “they,” as in the people are “all going to die”–that’s the press, right? If Trump is talking about the press, we could give him the benefit of the doubt that he means “they’re all going to die” some kind of metaphorical sense, perhaps of boredom from having to cover “Sleepy Joe” Biden instead of Trump’s bull-in-a-China-shop presidency. But the part right after about the country going to hell makes it seem, once again, less metaphorical?

And aren’t the press “the enemy of the people?” Or was that a metaphor too?

We realize we may be trying too hard to derive meaning from the actual words of the President of the United States. It’s just that when the President says “they’re all going to die,” we feel like it’s important for Americans to know who, you know, “they” are.

We’ll presume the best and say a fair number of people in 2020 would welcome a little boredom.


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  1. RepealAndReplace says:

    Maybe it's time to get out that test and make him draw another clock.

    Person, woman, man, camera, television.  Again.

  2. unnamed says:

    This is your mind on Covfefe, people.

  3. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    Donald Trump is a fake president. Almost everyone on Colorado Pols knows that. But few people on Colorado Peak Politics are willing to admit it.

  4. Meiner49erMeiner49er says:

    "In the long run we're all dead." (John Maynard Keynes). In the meantime, most of us wish our strident opposition would hurry up and get on with it. I for one would not shed a tear if Trump croaked in his sleep, rather than tweeted.

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