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November 24, 2010 12:52 AM UTC

Protest TSA Body Scans Legally

  • by: John H Kennedy

I have been urging any would be TSA Body Scan protesters not to get carried away.  The screening line is not the best place for obnoxious protests. Subtle is best.

The Safe and Legal Way for Airline Travelers to Protest TSA’s Genital Grope & Scan Is To Just “politely” Opt for the Pat Down (don’t make a fuss, be silent).

It is the Airline DELAYS that will change policy. And because you are accepting the TSA’s own Option, you aren’t liable for fines, Indefinite Detention or Torture.

Don’t be a Hero, just quietly take the Pat Down. The TSA won’t fault you for selecting the option they give you.

Be polite to the TSA officer-They are just doing their job.  

Don’t pass up this opportunity to be a patriot and defend everyone’s right not to be body searched without prior “probable cause”.

If they don’t suspect you of having committed a crime, the Search is Unconstitutional.

There are protests scheduled for Wed. Nov. 24

and Wed. Dec. 1st



28 thoughts on “Protest TSA Body Scans Legally

  1. A thorough “pat-down” is at least as much of a search as a scan wherein nobody’s touches you — at least to my Victorian sensibilities.  I opt not to be groped and grabbed like farmers’ market produce.

    1. to Jambalaya:  But opting for the Pat Down creates a delay without exposing the passenger to fines or other penalties.

      Do it right and no one can prove you are protesting anything.  The TSA gave you the option so there is no risk, it still creates a delay, and that is the goal.

      1. it took 8 months for the government to start implementing these procedures because of the risk of bombs being put in people’s underwear, something tells me this is going to have about as much effect as “undervoting”.

        1. A man traveling with his wife TOOK A STAND!!

          She’s with the rest of her family.  He’s here with his pride.

          All kidding aside, John; if you don’t want to do it, don’t fly.  I’ve had an issue with scanners for years.  Never made a big deal of it.  I just go out of my way to limit my exposure to twice a year (flight there and back).

          Flying is not some divine right.  It’s a private service with government regulation attached.  The profiling bothers me (too close to refusing service because of religion or race for me), but “Won’t be Groped” is not a protected class.

          1. Are you saying that you think getting on a jumbo jet owned by United Airlines is not among my constitutionally protected inalienable rights?  

            You must be some looney socialist, or a communist or some other thing that’s really bad.

          2. While I don’t believe these new security procedures are all that effective, I think it’s absurd to say that people’s civil rights are being violated. If you don’t like it then don’t fly. It’s unfortunate that the airlines will be the ones to suffer if people stop flying, however. But pressure from the airlines will probably be more effective in changing these rules than a silly protest.

          3. …I’m forced to agree with you!

            In my view, these new procedures are probably too much and are certainly a huge pain.  But this particular proposed protest is preposterous.  It will accomplish nothing but grief for innocent travelers (if there be any).

        2. How much more inconvenience, expense, embarrassment, and general nonsense do you think should be tolerated before you say “boo”?

          Have you ever considered that the biggest security hole in this whole kabuki dance is the near-minimum wage TSA agent?  The vendor employee driving the soft-drink truck to the plane?  The tons of unexamined cargo in the hold?

          Tell those stories to your “fellow passengers” you’re so concerned about . . . because I’m not buying the line that feeling up grandma is really doing anything to make anyone safer.

            1. Maybe we should just go all the way and combine TSA and universal healthcare:

              Breast and testicular cancer screening, for a small additional fee (hey, we’re talking the airlines here . . .), for all domestic flights.

              Prostate enlargement examination for all eastbound flights.  Gynecologocial exams for all westbound flights.

              Full colonoscopies for all flights in and out of La Guardia, George Bush, and Reagan (seems fitting).

              (PS.  “Perv” is just a hobby.)

  2. I’d just offer the following article on radiation from the scans. If you believe the TSA saying it’s no biggie, cool; on the other hand, if you believe the scientists from the University of California, who say there is a risk, so be it:

    At least you’ll be informed.

    1. I mean, we are talking about rather slight risks of terrorism; why not take this small precaution against a less rare occurrence?

      If they are, they should be telling people.  If not, well, they should be.

      And LOL, I just double checked the article for some mention of any kind of precaution and caught this:

      Rez agrees the odds of getting cancer from the scanners may be low. But he calculates it’s about the same as the chance of being on a plane blown up by terrorists.

      Stupid diary, but a sort of issue.  If we live in constant fear and then all die of cancer anyway, will that win the War on Terrorism?

        1. You have a better chance of surviving if your disabled plane lands in water.  Who the fuck needs Kansas anyway?  And the drive across it would be much more interesting.

  3. Everyone, take your Viagra 30 minutes before arriving at the airport.  Let’s make this a day they’ll never forget.

    And don’t forget to tip the TSA agent if you get a really memorable grope — these people are working for peanuts.

      1. Improvise.

        For example, bananas are cheap . . . and delicious.  (And, there’s no law that says you only have to limit yourself to just one.  Like I said before, “let’s make this a day they’ll never forget.”)

        Besides a banana (or two) could lead to the following exchange — (with apologies to Groucho) — :

        TSA Agent:  Why do you have a banana stuck in your pants?

        Frequent Flyer:  I’m sorry, I can’t hear you.  I have a banana stuck in my pants.

        – or – ,

        TSA Agent:  Is that a banana in your pants.

        Frequent Flyer:  No, I’m just happy to be leaving Denver.

        1. and throw a couple of canteloupes in my bra too.  Between that and the cucumber in the pants (bigger than a banana… and everybody knows that bigger is better) it’ll make some TSA geek’s day.

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