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November 17, 2010 06:51 AM UTC

Owen Hill Concedes in SD-11; HD-29 Still Unknown

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE: FOX 31’s Eli Stokols on still-undecided HD-29:

In House District 29, Republican Robert Ramirez currently leads Democratic Rep. Debbie Benefield by 208 votes, the narrow margin by which Republicans are clinging to their new one-seat majority in the House of Representatives…

The Jefferson County Clerk’s office confirmed Tuesday that it has completed counting those remaining ballots, but that it won’t release the final results until Thursday afternoon or Friday.

…Republicans were quick to claim victory and to designate Rep. Frank McNulty as the next Speaker of the House two days after the election. McNulty, along with Majority Leader-designee Amy Stephens, have already appointed new committee chairs and even re-named some of the committees, irking their Democratic counterparts.


Updating a race that was temporarily thrown into question last Friday, after a significant number of provisional ballots were noted as not yet counted in El Paso County. With those provisional ballots counted, incumbent Sen. John Morse increased his lead slightly over GOP challenger Owen Hill, and the final tally is out of automatic recount range. From Morse’s Facebook page:

We haven’t heard any updates as of this writing from two Colorado House races still being tabulated, including the HD-29 race that Democrats are yet hoping might decide control of the Colorado House in their favor. Naturally, we’ll let you know as soon as we hear ourselves, though we’ve learned that Jefferson County may not release the final results until Friday.


15 thoughts on “Owen Hill Concedes in SD-11; HD-29 Still Unknown

    1. Hilariously.  I believe her exact words when I corrected her were, “What?  Oh, right.  Who knew McNulty was such a tool?”  (eye roll)

      I knew.  All she had to do was ask.

  1. He supported me during my run for State Treasurer and was a good friend during the entire process

    He has a very bright future in politics, should he decide he wants to run again – quite frankly, he’s very intelligent – he may catch his wave in the private sector, but either way, he’s on his way to great things

    I wish him the most luck and best prayers

    1. and I’ve know John for a few years and have a lot of respect for his views on things, even though we disagree here and there!  Maybe some of it is just good form and diplomacy, but I certainly think Mr. Hill sounds like a reasonable person.

      That said, I didn’t pay much attention to this race, since I knew how I was going to vote from very early on.

  2. If Benefield was up by 208 instead of the Republicans, Democrats would say the same thing that Rep. Stephens says.None of the legislative races settled late have flipped yet, so why will this one be any different?

    GOP has the majority, people. You need to just accept it.

    1. Fight every possible loss, even to the Supreme Court.  

      It will be accepted when all of the votes are in, not before.

      There was a candidate locally here that conceded her loss in the primary, then it turned out that she won!  She sued in court to be the winner, the judge told her it was too late.  

      1. A concession has no official meaning. It’s a polite formality, the certified votes determine the winner. Otherwise, Marilyn Musgrave would still be riding herd on the 4th.

        1. Concession don’t mean squat.  If Parse’s tale is true, it has to do with the candidate waiting too long to challenge something substantive, like whether mail ballots should be judged by postmark, etc., not election nite niceties.

    2. It’s you guys who are spreading stuff about the Senate District 16 race still being up in the air.  I heard from friends of Lennard this weekend that there are “lots” of ballots left to count, that the lead is in the 300’s (currently 537), that the provisionals will favor Republicans because they were cast by people trying to vote for Tancredo who had previously voted for Maes (the Morse race proved that to be false).  Since I had heard all of these things in other contexts, it is clear that this is a talking point being spread by the Republican Party.  So, GOPwarrior, when are you going to give up on SD 16???  Hypocrite.

      1. but when Gilpin County counted theirs on Monday, Nicholson’s lead grew from 127 to 160.  So much for conventional wisdom and Republican talking point bullshit.

  3. That the rumored waves of people turning in spoiled absentee ballots was more urban legend than truth.

    None-the-less, I’m sorry to hear that Owen lost.  I doubt we’ve heard the last of him down here in El Paso County.

    Congratulations to Senator Morse as he works with the Governor and the Republican House to better our state!

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