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August 19, 2020 02:55 AM MDT

Lauren Boebert And Tom Hanks And "QAnon," Oh My!

  • by: Colorado Pols

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: 9NEWS’ Kyle Clark with a few choice words last night:


Republican CD-3 nominee Lauren Boebert, like President Donald Trump himself, keeps up a steady barrage on Twitter of personally authored commentary–sometimes giving her thoughts on subjects far afield from her mostly rural and mountainous Colorado hinterland district. Yesterday evening, Boebert was speechless (see above) over the news that Joe Biden’s campaign is hosting an online fundraising event for small donations featuring actor Tom Hanks.

And we’ll be fair: it came as news to us from Boebert that Tom Hanks is apparently now a citizen of the Hellenic Republic, a.k.a. Greece! There’s a whole backstory about this development in the life of one of America’s favorite actors you can Google if you’re interested.

But as USA TODAY’s Jessica Hill reported last Thursday, you’ll want to Google carefully:

You knew where this was headed, didn’t you? And you were right:

A QAnon conspiracy theory making the rounds on social media falsely claims Tom Hanks became a citizen of Greece because it classifies pedophilia as a disability…

QAnon supporters have also alleged that other celebrities are tied to child sex trafficking, such as Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres and the Clintons. USA TODAY has rated those accusations as false as well.

When Hanks first was in quarantine back in March after contracting the novel coronavirus, some posts alleged he was arrested for pedophilia. Those were also reported as false.

Tom Hanks’ dual Greek citizenship reportedly came about after years of travel to the country where he owns an island home, and was offered by the government of that country after Hanks helped in the recovery effort after a major 2018 wildfire. Anybody who knows how dual citizenship works (we have no reason to assume this includes Lauren Boebert) knows that Hanks didn’t lose his American citizenship, and is entitled to fundraise for Joe Biden any time he pleases.

And now we have to ask, yet again, why Lauren Boebert is so exercised about a subject that just happens be part of the QAnon conspiracy theory she’s been associated with since before she won the CD-3 Republican primary? For someone who wants general election voters to believe she “doesn’t follow QAnon,” Boebert is not doing a good job convincing anyone.

Like fellow “Q-bert For Congress” Marjorie Taylor Greene, maybe just own it and be proud.


28 thoughts on “Lauren Boebert And Tom Hanks And “QAnon,” Oh My!

  1. 2020's metaphors are a bit too on the nose for me. The 3rd is burning down and this loon has a legitimate chance of winning. 

    But seriously, could we get social services over to the Boebert house? You don't spew this kind of crazy without committing it yourself…

      1. That reminds me of a video I watched just yesterday of one of the Republican house candidates in California. She was speaking to an audience about how her daughter had went to Cal State or somewhere, and she started talking about gay marriage being fine and black lives mattering. So of course this woman pulled her out of that school and sent her to a more Jesusy institution…

        …and the crowd cheered.

  2. It will really suck have an incompetent racist asshat in Colorado's congressional delegation (well, another one).  Where is DMB and what is she doing to stop this?  

    1. There was a welcome sign of life of DMB in today's Grand Junction in a story by Charles Ashby. Paywalled, of course. Turns out Boebert has an arrest record.

      1. Is the paywall down now? I got to it prob.

        Quite a rap sheet for someone who wants to be elected before Congress.

        She wasn't underage but somebody there was:

        She was once arrested for disorderly conduct at a Country Jam event in 2015 for harassing police officers who were responding to an underaged drinking call.

        And who was providing the beverages? It's certainly a lesser crime than providing a gun to an underage employee to use as schwag.

        1. Looks like Ms Boebert may have a drinking problem:  disorderly conduct arrest and a careless driving arrest.  I wonder if social services has made any trips to her house?

          1. These are the things that a lowball whisper campaign are made of. It would take someone of Newt Gingrich's or Karl Rove's or Lee Atwater's or Roger Stone's ilk to indulge in it as a campaign tactic. Hopefully DMB stays above board on this.

            But it certainly doesn't keep political junkies from chattering about it.


              1. Lauren Opal Roberts had a tough childhood and youth. Single mom, possibly multiracial ( at least that’s what she told edailybuzz) , moved from Florida, raised in Aurora, met and dated a 23 year old man at 17, moved to Rifle, graduated high school there in 2004, became pregnant,  married Jayson Boebert in 2005, had 3 more kids, helped him start two businesses in a small town. 
                Tough breaks, resiliency, choices.

                Plenty of women have those same tough breaks and hard choices, yet do not become right wing, conspiracy theory spreading, immigrant bashing, gun promoting, lying threats to public health and democracy.

  3. First off, this is reaching on Q-bert's part.


    Anybody who knows how dual citizenship works


    Forget knowing how the process works, even just having a concept of what the phrase "dual citizenship" means.  Understanding that is not hard.  It's exactly what it says on the tin.


    Obviously, Biden has lost the Q vote.

    I don't see how he can win without it.

    Wait.. yes I do.

    He will need to win all the states Clinton won in 2016 plus a few more.

    The few more I am hoping for are PA, MI and one other – any other AZ, WI, NC, FL, TX, AK – or any others would all be great.



  5. Gee, I wonder if Boebert objects to others with dual citizenship.  Like:

    • former "deputy White House chief of staff Christopher Liddell …. who has dual citizenship, handles policy coordination at President Donald Trump's White House."
    • former Deputy Assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka, who has triple citizenship:  British (1970–present) Hungarian (1970–present) United States (2012–present)
    • or Republican consultant Liz Mair.
    • or (until outed) Sen. Ted Cruz and former Rep. Michelle Bachmann.
  6. This clueless, classless, ignorant teabugger woman clearly did not compose this tweet.

    Does anyone here (other than MuddyAnus) actually believe CO’s dimwitted little Q cheerleader is even aware of, much less able to correctly apply in a sentence, the term “newly minted”?

    Please. Not on Yosemite Scam’s best day.

    1. Ms. Boebert is now being handled. She apparently is ambitious and dedicated enough to listen to her handlers. It will be interesting to see how far she will go along with their instructions. 

      Laura Bradford didn’t work out so well for them.

        1. That is the one. She did not take the subsequent scolding very well and an already strained relationship fell apart.

          Gertie knows more about it than I.

          1. Bradford wasn't handled. Who would be for a state legislative seat? She was recruited by the Mesa GOP to run what looked then to be a losing race against Bernie Buescher, who would have been House speaker if he'd won reelection. Bradford fully expected to lose. She had no plans to go to Denver, let alone acquire the wardrobe expected of legislators. But some $2 million in O&G against Buescher carried the day. Bradford was so shocked she demanded, and paid for, a recount. As far as I know, she's the only winning candidate in state legislative politics to do so. As they say, the rest is history.


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