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November 12, 2010 10:08 PM UTC

Bennet To Head DSCC?

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE: CNN says Bennet’s answer is no.

All along Democratic sources said it was unlikely that Bennet would take the job. He just barely won a brutal battle to keep his Senate seat, and he has three young children.


From Politico’s Ben Smith:

A senior Senate Democratic source told POLITICO this afternoon that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has asked Colorado Freshman Michael Bennet to head the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Bennet, who won an uphill battle for election to his appointed seat, “didn’t say yes, and he didn’t say no” in the Tuesday conversation with Reid, the source said. Bennet has been on a “thank you” tour of his state in the wake of his bruising campaign, but will need to decide soon on the committee post…

This would be a big job for freshman Michael Bennet, but deserved recognition of the powerful fundraising ability he demonstrated this past election. It’s also a big validator for the efforts of Bennet’s senior campaign staff, some of whom you might reasonably expect to move over to the DSCC with him. There are reasons why Bennet might turn the job down, of course, like Colorado’s other Sen. Mark Udall has said he would–the time required beyond his duties as Senator. But Democrats could only benefit by repeating what happened here as many times as possible…


25 thoughts on “Bennet To Head DSCC?

      1. I think Bennet really wants to legislate. This would force him to split his time.

        OTOH, it would not hurt him politically if he did, and he would of course gain lots of clout from it. You can’t talk about a target on a guy’s back when he’s not up again for six years.

    1. Bennet is thinking about running for the White House. (Doesn’t every senator?)

      If that’s the case, no better way to build national fundraising contacts — and to collect national chits — than to run the DSCC. How many other Demo senators know more about raising money and hobnobbing with rich business guy than Bennet?

      Think that career advancement is too fast? I thought the same when Bennet went from City Hall to DPS superintendent, and then from Grant Street to the Senate. If you’re a rocket, then you’re a rocket.

        1. While I don’t necessarily think Bennet will or should take the post, I don’t think it makes him any less likely to be the recipient of another $25-$30 million in outside spending if he runs for re-election in 2016.

  1. He needs to focus on being a Senator. He got tossed into electoral politics with minimal experience, unlike Obama who won the presidency after one Senate term but had been preparing for a political career since young adulthood.

    Bennet’s doing well so far, but that’s been largely because he’s surrounded by people who really want him to develop and succeed. His skills as a speaker are still sub-par. His fundraising is extraordinary, but a lot of it is down to national determination not to lose Colorado’s status as a state with two Democratic Senators, and not to allow Ken Buck into the Senate.

    He’s got some growing up to do as a politician and some skill set gaps to fill in. I can see him in leadership in another few years if he buckles down, works, and keeps his options open. But if he takes this on now before he’s got big successes in legislation under his belt, I think he’ll trigger resentment and be perceived as a partisan who answers to a national organization rather than his constituents.  

  2. Bennet declined because he doesn’t relish the though of being blamed for the upcoming shellacking #2 in 2012. You got to give Bennet credit for one thing, he’s a conniving little punk.

    1. …you’re looking in a mirror, right?  I know Michael Bennet, and I read your posts, and only one of you brings the word “punk” comes to mind.  bj.

      Great visual – MB in a Marlon Brando leather jacket and slouch.  Or maybe with baggy pants and gold chains.  Think the Senator could pull it off?  

    2. You have no clue why Bennet declined because you have no clue how he thinks (thank god).

      We can only guess, but my guess would be Bennet has three young children and would prefer to spend what little time he has off with his girls rather than flying around the country fundraising.

      He’s young, he’s a rising star, and he can help Dems in other ways.  

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