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August 07, 2020 06:49 AM UTC

Friday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“No man should advocate a course in private that he’s ashamed to admit in public.”

–George McGovern


22 thoughts on “Friday Open Thread

  1. He’s raw-dogging a porn star while third baby-mama is nursing his newborn. Then he attempts to cover it up, posing as David Dennison, with a $130,000 check via his attorney who is now serving time.  He remains an un-indicted co-conspirator pending his exit from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Black Lives Matter Plaza. 

    The only thing that bothers White Prosperity Jesus in this entire charade is that he got caught. 

    1. President George W. Bush’s chief speechwriter, Michael Gerson, has a message for people who are excusing President Trump’s racism:

      “I had fully intended to ignore President Trump’s latest round of racially charged taunts against an African American elected official, and an African American activist, and an African American journalist and a whole city with a lot of African Americans in it. I had every intention of walking past Trump’s latest outrages and writing about the self-destructive squabbling of the Democratic presidential field, which has chosen to shame former vice president Joe Biden for the sin of being an electable, moderate liberal.

      But I made the mistake of pulling James Cone’s ‘The Cross and the Lynching Tree’ off my shelf — a book designed to shatter convenient complacency. Cone recounts the case of a white mob in Valdosta, Ga., in 1918 that lynched an innocent man named Haynes Turner. Turner’s enraged wife, Mary, promised justice for the killers. The sheriff responded by arresting her and then turning her over to the mob, which included women and children. According to one source, Mary was ‘stripped, hung upside down by the ankles, soaked with gasoline, and roasted to death. In the midst of this torment, a white man opened her swollen belly with a hunting knife and her infant fell to the ground and was stomped to death.’

      God help us. It is hard to write the words. This evil — the evil of white supremacy, resulting in dehumanization, inhumanity and murder — is the worst stain, the greatest crime, of U.S. history. It is the thing that nearly broke the nation. It is the thing that proved generations of Christians to be vicious hypocrites. It is the thing that turned normal people into moral monsters, capable of burning a grieving widow to death and killing her child.

      When the president of the United States plays with that fire or takes that beast out for a walk, it is not just another political event, not just a normal day in campaign 2020. It is a cause for shame. It is the violation of martyrs’ graves. It is obscene graffiti on the Lincoln Memorial. It is, in the eyes of history, the betrayal — the re-betrayal — of Haynes and Mary Turner and their child. And all of this is being done by an ignorant and arrogant narcissist reviving racist tropes for political gain, indifferent to the wreckage he is leaving, the wounds he is ripping open.

      Like, I suspect, many others, I am finding it hard to look at resurgent racism as just one in a series of presidential offenses or another in a series of Republican errors. Racism is not just another wrong. The Antietam battlefield is not just another plot of ground. The Edmund Pettus Bridge is not just another bridge. The balcony outside Room 306 at the Lorraine Motel is not just another balcony. As U.S. history hallows some causes, it magnifies some crimes.

      What does all this mean politically? It means that Trump’s divisiveness is getting worse, not better. He makes racist comments, appeals to racist sentiments and inflames racist passions. The rationalization that he is not, deep down in his heart, really a racist is meaningless. Trump’s continued offenses mean that a large portion of his political base is energized by racist tropes and the language of white grievance. And it means — whatever their intent — that those who play down, or excuse, or try to walk past these offenses are enablers.

      Some political choices are not just stupid or crude. They represent the return of our country’s cruelest, most dangerous passion. Such racism indicts Trump. Treating racism as a typical or minor matter indicts us.”

      ~Michael Gerson

      1. Gerson is a graduate of Wheaton College, former employee of Chuck Colson and Prison Fellowship, speechwriter for the "compassionate conservative" Bush 41, and life-long believer and active participant in Evangelical Protestant Christianity.

        Increasingly, he expresses his clear view:  there ought to be NO sympathy for either the racists within the Republican coalition OR the religious leaders who acquiesce and do not confront that racism.

        Thanks for posting this.

    2. I think Trump has been to Sunday worship at the church with the water hazard. We can expect new hats soon … Golfing for God.

      incoherent drivel … go ahead, try to reconcile a Biden able to "hurt God and the Bible" and "holed up in his basement."

  2. Eighty eight days 'til we vote Trump out.

    He's a liar and a lout.

    Live this day in a loving way

    Then eighty seven days drains this water spout.

  3. Black Prosperity Jesus Ye has spoken:  (I’m more of the opinion this is going to siphon votes from Ttump) 

    But when it was pointed out to him that his name won’t be on enough ballots to win the necessary 270 electoral votes to make it to the Oval Office and that his campaign looks designed to take votes from Biden, West replied: “I’m not going to argue with you. Jesus is King.”



    1. Kanye may take votes from both Biden and Trump, the way Gary Johnson did in 2016. Those repelled by $rump’s racism , indifference to suffering from Covid, and incompetence, and perhaps those “lost evangelicals” might vote for Ye, who at least talks as if he shares their beliefs.

      I think West will change his mind yet again close to the election, back out, endorse Trump, declare that he isn’t running, leaving it up to the GOP to try to spin it somehow. West is not the most stable of people.

      I’m worried about all the young people who suck up the latest conspiracy theories. They have been thoroughly brainwashed by constant ads that Biden is senile – the same attack leveled at Hillary Clinton in 2016. I think that they’re more likely to sit the election out, though. 

      1. "Kanye may take votes from both Biden and Trump, the way Gary Johnson did in 2016."

        Or he could simply pull votes from the Democratic nominee, the way Jill Stein did in 2016.

    1. That's kind of a bummer for a couple of reasons. First, though Jr. is undeniably a venal sociopath, his utter lack of self-control and inability to lie convincingly made for some first class entertainment.

      Second, and perhaps more important, in addition to all his other lovely qualities Jr. is the consummate slapdick, incompetent as the day is long. The powers that be at Liberty U. may select a replacement who's more like Falwell Sr., evil but competent and astute.

  4. Why on earth would we want to do anything to threaten the reign of Emperor Donald the Magnificent?  The new Postmaster General is gonna fix that!

    New postmaster general overhauls USPS leadership, displacing two top officials overseeing mail delivery

    Postmaster General Louis DeJoy ramped up his sweeping overhaul of the Postal Service, according to a reorganization memo released Friday. The shake-up comes as the agency has drawn fire from congressional Democrats for policy changes that postal workers say have slowed mail delivery and ensnared ballots in recent primary elections.

  5. Update on ACLU lawsuits, from today's Denver Post.

    ACLU has filed just under 400 lawsuits against the Trump administration thus far. In the first G.W. Bush term as president, the ACLU filed 13 lawsuits against the administration.

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