Wednesday Open Thread

“Hatred is an affair of the heart; contempt that of the head.”

–Arthur Schopenhauer


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  1. VoyageurVoyageur says:

    Ninety seven days until Trump's fall

    That's hardly time to blink.

    Live this day in a loving way 

    And we will end the stink!

  2. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    According to an article on Yahoo News this AM, the "Umbrella Man" in Minneapolis, seen creating damage at the start of the post-George Floyd death rioting, has been positively identified by police as a white supremacist. 

  3. MADCO says:

    I like that baseball is back… sort of


    New league rules;

    – batters with less than .290 batting average get 4 strikes

    – batters with less than .200 batting average hit off the tee, unless they are the DH. DH with batting average less than .200 has to wear a clown hat that says I SUCK and donate 75% of their salary to a charity chosen by the opposing pitcher

    – to keep it speedy – batters get maximum 5 foul balls

    – no team may have more than 3 infielders on the same side of 2nd base
    however, teams with a  losing record may add a 10th fielder who will not bat, not necessarily the DH


  4. itlduso says:

    We've moved from Voodoo Economics (HW Bush description of Reaganomics) to Voodoo Science ("demon sperm from alien DNA" !)

    GOP transformation in a nutshell.


  5. kwtreekwtree says:

    At least, he's not your ambassador to Iceland. Trump mega-donor Jeffrey Ross Gunter wants to carry a gun and wear body armor. He's gone through 7 Deputy Chiefs of Mission (foreign service officer, #2 diplomat). 

    Gunter sounds like a paranoid mofo. Perhaps Ms. Boebert can act as his security. They have a lot in common, including belief in conspiracy theories.

    Now he wants to work remotely from California. Problem is, an ambassador lives in the country they're sent to, by definition.

    Only the best people.

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