Who Will Win the U.S. Senate Race?

Remember, we don’t want to know who you are voting for or who you support. If you had to bet everything you owned on the outcome of the U.S. Senate race, who would you choose?

Who Will Win the U.S. Senate Race?

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  1. SSG_Dan says:

    The Buckpedaler managed to blow a race that ANY other Repub candidate would’ve had wrapped up by September. That gave Bennet the chance to steal the win today…maybe.

    This one won’t be decided tonight, tomorrow or next week. It’s going to be a long, ugly recount….

  2. Gray in the mountains says:

    Betting or hoping for Buck is hoping against CO’s interests and the interests of ouf nation

  3. Aaron says:

    Buck is Red.

    Bennet is Black.

    Green is…. uh…. Charley Miller?

    • Jack Burden says:


      • Apparently, Buck n’ Bennet camps are discovering they only have 15-20% of those who pre-voted as “secured voting for them.” The “Unaffiliated Voters” will not save them.

        For a wide variety of reasons, as I have always said, tomorrow, the lame duck Senator Michael Bennet will have to face tens of thousands on 16th street mall asking him to get his crap out of their office, for the people of Colorado will not let the US Senate be sold, bought, or displaced.

        Good Luck, go Vote! and as I always said.

        This POLL, reflects all of the Major polls,

        Will you Vote for the Buck n’ Bennet Circus?


        So, its none of the above.

        • Jack Burden says:

          Just impeccable timing, if I do say so myself.  

        • MADCO says:

          I never heard of a rabbit with such red or angry teeth.

          If, and I mean, IF, the Colorado voters skate to the tune of a different orchestra, it will be Lennon & McCartney, not Beethoven.

          When the day is cooked, the shoe will be on the other foot. Or the floor.  Either way, something or something else entirely.

  4. buckfan26 says:

    and I wouldn’t be the only one.  On InTrade.com the majority of people are betting on Buck as well.

  5. rdawkins22 says:

    From my election prediction post on my own blog:

    This race between Michael Bennet and Ken Buck is one of the most closely watched in the country.  Even though most polls have Buck ahead by an average of 2 or 3 points, many analysts–including Charlie Cook on Sunday’s Meet the Press–view this as the race most likely to require a re-count.  Indeed, in a year incredibly favorable to Republicans, Buck has run an entirely mediocre campaign.  Nevertheless, I think Buck will likely squeak out a narrow victory.


  6. Ray Springfield says:

    The % of Democrats not supporting Bennet are probably voting 3rd party. That’s 15% of the Dems. Most Republicans not supporintg Buck are voting Bennet.

    I don’t know who will win.

    I can tell you who caused 15% of the Dems to vote independent or under vote.

    • I am seeing (Predictive Results) only 15% of both Dem and Rep reporting “Clear vote for Party Canidate, .i.e. “I voted for Buck n’ Bennet,” 43% indicated they Voted but that was, “Not disclosed which could indicate a vote on party lines.” “18-22% indicate a deviation, a direct NO.”

      I feel confident the shift numbers I will be getting from Dem and Rep will be at a conservative 18-20% of votes cast by those party voters.

      Right now, I am getting over 41% of those who are “Unaffiliated” indicating I have their Vote.

      Unfortunately, I am also seeing a huge number of young people, under 30, who are dissatisfied and are indicating they will not vote…hence my efforts at massive outreach at all the colleges and Universities to change that trend! Will see if those efforts prove fruitful!

  7. State Line says:


    – last week’s RBI poll appears to be an outlier;

    – unaffiliated Colorado voters will break more R than usual due to national gestalt;

    – unaffiliateds who want to vote ‘balanced’ will reject Tanc (who loses to Hick by +7%) as ‘too extreme for Colorado’. Can therefore justify their vote for Buck b/c they’re pissed at Obama;

    – energized R base means more R voters;

    – disaffected Dem base lowers Dem turnout.  

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