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November 02, 2010 06:40 AM UTC

Epic. Fail.

  • by: bjwilson83

You guys seriously thought you could foist this joke of a senator on us? Bennet on Boyles:…

Even a two year old could answer questions better. It appears Bennet himself has finally given up.

And the hits just keep coming… Silverman endorses:…


19 thoughts on “Epic. Fail.

    1. from either the left or the right. If you could pull your head out of those partisan blinders for a second you might agree. I suspect it will pull a lot of weight with undecideds. And you must think it important too – Pols doesn’t usually comment on my diaries, not to mention being the first comment.

        1. He wants all the candidates to pander to him. But, OTOH, I would say he thinks through what both sides have to say and represents those right in the middle of the partisan divide.

      1. His bottom line was that he votes against Hick and Bennet because they wouldn’t come on his show.

        No policy analysis.

        No real character analysis.

        He admires prosecutors, didn’t like Bennet’s ads, and thought Hick was wrong to avoid the show.

        His endorsement sways no one.  Low information U’s don’t listen the show and generally aren’t going to care about what some failed candidate had to say.

        R’s can crow about it – but it doesn’t persuade any of them either.

        So you’d have to make the case it affects some D voters. Go ahead.  But when you do recall too that you and others dismissed the Denver newspaper’s endorsement, but you wanna crow about this one?  WTFE.

  1. Did Bennet sound drunk? Who is running his campaign? I guess that is why they prefer to have the questions prior to the interview.

    What a bad candidate! There just wasn’t much for his team to work with. Bennet was and is lacking in all areas of a successful campaign other than the smear campaign.

    Pols are you sticking with your prediction in this race?  Way to stick with your standard operating procedure. All news for Buck is either end of campaign or does not matter. Any news for Bennet is totally wonderful or does not matter if it is bad news.  Will this site finally have balance after the election or will you continue with falling to the left?

    1. Oh never mind. Win loose or draw that would be tomorrow. That is why no one listens to your bull shit. Mr. Chestnut God bless him will be lonely again by next week.

      1. Buck doesn’t have to pay people like Bennet does, he has volunteers who are actually enthusiastic enough about his candidacy to donate their time.

        1. I would spend a lot more time on here if I was making money doing it.  I actually educate you drones for free. That is how much I hate liberalism and what it is doing to our great country! It also helps to have such a great conservative like Ken Buck to fight on the behalf of.

          Sorry you are stuck with the dynamic duo of the Bill Clinton and No2Dems for years to come. This is just the first step and we will be even better in 2012 as more and more people join with us in saying “No2Dems!”

  2. Not surprising coming from Mr. Chestnut. This is the last minute crap endorsement we’re supposed to be threatened by?

    Wow. How frightening.

    Big Fucking Deal.

      1. Is that all? No wonder he’s getting his ass kicked!

        Really, two things-

        1. What wasn’t he out in front of this Tsunami a LONG time ago limiting the damage by actually communicating about all that has been done since 2008?

        2. Why didn’t the current Congress at least TRY to tackle a jobs bill before recess? That would have done SO MUCH to limit the damage, and the political windfall to have the R’s filibustering a jobs bill with this unemployment rate would have been priceless!

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