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October 29, 2010 02:47 PM UTC

Bennet's Secret Revealed

  • by: H-man

Michael Bennet has been keeping a secret from the people of Colorado.  No, we are not talking about anything that may have gone on while he was Superintendant of Public Schools.  Can you keep a secret?  Okay, here it is.  Michael Bennet is still really very close to Barack Obama and his agenda back in DC.  

How do we know it?  

Has Michael, the newfound fiscal conservative, admitted to this illicit relationship?  

No, he has been sleeping around behind our backs.…

We have found a tape of President Obama secretly calling Bennet.  One of Colorado voter’s friends happened to overhear the conversation.  She taped it and her lawyers have provided us with a copy. It will soon come up in the divorce proceedings.  

Here is a copy of it, if you promise not to tell anybody.  We don’t want the people of Colorado to find out yet.  Michael promised to tell them on November 3rd.


32 thoughts on “Bennet’s Secret Revealed

    1. If Bennet was going to run from Obama, why have the call so the Republicans have some last minute amo to highlight the obvious relationship?  

      Did they really think it would fly under the radar?

      Independents really dislike Obama.  Bennet knows that so he has kept his distance.  To me, this was a mistake.

      1. Bennet robocalled me days ago to say he was having a telephone town hall conference and that the President would be on the line.  You’re acting like he kept it a secret.  WTF are you talking about, and WTF is your point?

        Jesus, dude, get a grip.  It’s an election, it’s not Armageddon.

      2. I will have you know that the appointed Michael Bennet does have a spine. Remember he stood up to being called a rubberstamp by saying “when I agree with the president I agree with the president. When I disagree with the president I disagree with the president.”

        I just want to know when and where the disagreeing begins.  

  1. No one on the Democratic ticket is flying “under the radar.” That’s a maneuver reserved for radical right-wing Republicans, not dissimilar to lounging in the water treatment plant’s influx and calling It a vacation.

    Of course, your opinion on what  is or is not an effective tactic (see Open Thread) is about as enlightening as your request for extra Oreos. “Gimme more! Gimme more!”, aka the Republican agenda. At least it’s short and simple enough for party members to remember.

    1. People are tired of obama’s radical agenda after just two short years and the silent majority has been awoken. Obama forced Dems in congress to walk a plank for his radical agenda and they knowingly did so. Now we are here to punish them at the ballot box on Nov. 2nd.

      Tell me why Barry won’t come to Colorado in this “competitive” race?

      1. Just three Oreos with milk before lunch.

        If you think Obama has a “radical agenda,” as I gather you do, want ’til you see mine!

        Still and all, a political philosophy that fits on a license plate, leaving nothing out! Can hardly wait ’til “Leader Boehner” steps forth from the tanning salon.

  2. unfortunately I had to be at a community event.

    This is a positive occurrence in every campaign. I’m grateful for the support from President Obama for a really good senator to continue his work and help both CO and our nation.

    1. This whole diary is nothing but “Bennet’s gay!” It’s disgusting. The diary should be deleted, and at the very least the headline should be changed.

        1. You wrote:

          Michael Bennet is still really very close to Barack Obama …

          Has Michael, the newfound fiscal conservative, admitted to this illicit relationship?  

          No, he has been sleeping around behind our backs. …

          We have found a tape of President Obama secretly calling Bennet. … It will soon come up in the divorce proceedings.  

          Look, you clearly thought that using innuendo to imply that Bennet and Obama were gay lovers was hilarious, because shit like that goes over well in your homophobic tea-party neanderthal circles. It went over like a lead balloon here, where people don’t live in the stone ages. So you’re dishonestly denying the obvious nature of your “ha ha their gay im funnie!”

          It’s odd, you’re capable of being quite reasonable, but … well, I guess you can take the neanderthal out of the cave, but you can’t take the cave out of the neanderthal.

    2. You are Okay with Sarge Dan describing in lurid detail Buck’s private parts being located somewhere down my throat, but the suggestion that Bennet secretly loves Obama is out of bounds?

      Comparing the tape to a secret tape of an affair of couple getting divorced is taboo?

      It is only Okay for progressives to make fun of conservatives, but not the other way around?

      1. if you’ve paid attention you’ll recall that I’m the guy who posted a diary asking people to get out of the gutter.

        You’re welcome. Now please return the favor.

    3. As for the call – really?

      When is President Bush coming to Colorado for Buck?

      When is the other President Bush?

      How about Dick Cheney?

      I know Rove is in town…or just was.  But what about the top of the ticket?

      How about McCain or Huckabee?

      McCain is in Nevada for Angle – why doesn’t Buck have balls enough to bring him here?

      Hey, I know – DeMint could come back.  He was all over Buck in the primary, why not in the general.

      I could go on, but it’s Friday.

      1. I supplied a link to it.  I supplied a link to the front page Politico article on it.  What is the rumor I am spreading.

        When Bennet had a call to rally the troops in the primary with Obama, it was publicized. This time?  Crickets.

  3. I missed that call, and it was great hearing it. I love my President and my Senator.

    Oh, and the article itself is incredibly lame. Sane people are going to vote for sane choices. Republican candidates are ill-equipped to handle anything except perpetuating bigotry and small-mindedness, H-man. Face it.

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