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October 27, 2010 11:05 PM UTC

"Democrat" Bail Bond Initiative Guy's Got Some 'Splaining To Do

  • by: Colorado Pols

We wanted to briefly note this bizarre little story from the weekend, involving the spokesman for Proposition 102, the “bondsman bailout” initiative and an alleged shoving match with Attorney General John Suthers. To briefly recap, Proposition 102 spokesman Bob Trucker accused Suthers of assault after a League of Women Voters rally. But Trucker’s little attempt at drama appears to have backfired, as KMGH-TV reports:

A lieutenant investigated the allegations and interviewed both Trucker and Suthers as well as several other witnesses at the rally, including one person who came forward with a detailed account after reading about the incident in the paper…

“Neither the video recording nor any of the witness statements supported Trucker’s allegations,” said Eloise Campanella, spokeswoman for the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office.

Suthers was cleared and Trucker was issued a misdemeanor summons for false reporting to authorities, Campanella said.

…Trucker is the vice chairman of the Adams County Democratic Party and spokesman for Safe Streets Colorado — the organization supporting Proposition 102. Suthers is a Republican running for re-election as attorney general and he opposes Proposition 102.

So, we never thought this “scuffle” with John Suthers was on the level. For one thing, Bob Trucker is a pretty big guy, and Suthers isn’t. Whatever faults Suthers possesses, he just doesn’t strike us as the physical type. And then there’s Bob Trucker–represented everywhere as a “Democratic activist,” and he does indeed appear to hold a position in the Adams County Democrats.

But here’s something we don’t get–the donations of Robert Trucker, vice-chair of the Adams County Democrats, to Tom Tancredo, and Rep. Kevin Priola (R-Adams County).

So, after Trucker gets done with the false reporting charge, maybe he can explain why Proposition 102 hasn’t filed the required disclosures for money spent getting the initiative on the ballot, promotion and advertising costs, office expenses, Trucker’s salary, etc.

After that, he’s probably got some questions from his fellow Democrats to reckon with.


15 thoughts on ““Democrat” Bail Bond Initiative Guy’s Got Some ‘Splaining To Do

  1. And more are making the switch every day. Maybe it has something to do with rural blue collar Dems being called backward by the feeble mayor of Denver.

      1. And just who are these people who want the Colorado border secured?

        Or maybe until you can figure out what “honest” means and which office you’re talking about you should stfu.

        You’re welcome.

        1. Mass deportation as well?  Cut of all communication… that would be so nice.

          I am sick to death of them coming into our state and using our higher ed to post partisan drivel.  It’s disgusting.

  2. Especially to the Adams County Dems.  Is he making calls for Tank and Priola when they think he is making calls for Hick and Huerta?

    He should be removed from his Adams County party office, immediately.  I believe that that is in the rules somewhere.  Maybe someone has the rules memorized?

    Robert’s position with the Adams County Dems is relatively new.  It might be interesting to see who he has donated to in previous years.

    Maybe there needs to be some background checking before people can take a party office, like who they have donated to etc.

  3. the Tancredo folks may have a problem with their reporting.

    I had 57 pesos left over from my last trip to Mexico that I sent to Tancredo, that donation got reported as $57.00.

  4. on the Adams county Dems web page about RESTORATION FOUNDATION, INC. I Googled that and couldn’t find anything remotely like what it is described as on bid bio page. Sounds strange to me…

    1. ID Number:    20051360342

      Name: Restoration Foundation Inc.

      Registered Agent: Robert Michael Trucker

      Registered Agent Street Address: 253 Beldock Court, Brighton, CO 80601, United States

      Registered Agent Mailing Address:

      Principal Street Address: 253 Beldock Court, Brighton, CO 80601, United States

      Principal Mailing Address:

      Status: Delinquent

      Form: Nonprofit Corporation

      Jurisdiction: Colorado

      Formation Date: 09/26/2005

      Term of Duration: Perpetual

      Periodic Report Month: September

      Don’t know what it does, though.

      And there’s no financials in Guidestar.

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