Media “Doing Everything They Can to Suppress Our Vote,” Gardner Tells GOP Activists

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U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner told Republican supporters last week that the “media does not want us to win” and “is going to do everything they can to suppress our vote by deflating our hopes.”

Gardner made the comments during a virtual meeting with GOP activists after last week’s primary election.


“We need to make sure we get this turnout to happen,” said Gardner. “We can’t let people get depressed by the media. I know I’m going to shock people. I know you have not heard this before. The media does not want us to win. And they are going to do everything they can to suppress our vote by deflating our hopes. And so, we can’t let them do that.”

Gardner’s office didn’t return a call seeking to know what type of reporting is unfairly “deflating” Republicans and which media outlets are doing it. Is it being done through polling? Unfair questioning? Too much attention on Hickenlooper? Improper emphasis (e.g., too many queries on Trump, pandemic, economy, racism).

Also left unanswered is the question of how he knows the media doesn’t want Republicans to win.

Gardner appeared to be trying to buck up members of his Republican base, who may think, like many political experts, that Gardner is unlikely to retain his seat in November’s election.

Gardner has ratcheted up his attacks on the media recently, saying last week that he needs to skirt the media’s “pre-approved filter” to win re-election. This comes on the heels of accusing 9News of bias.

Gardner faces former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, who scored an overwhelming victory over his primary opponent last week.

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  1. JohnInDenver says:

    Jason — you appear to be in good company.  You didn't get a reaction from Gardner's office.  Neither did Dana Milbank of the Washington Post, when he wrote about Gardner in his column today, summarizing What 11 Republican senators had to say about Trump’s racism

    Noting that Republican members of Congress have been privately fretting about Trump’s racism, I invited each of the senators to comment on statements Trump has made in recent weeks: …

    The others — Tillis, Perdue, Cornyn, Ernst, Gardner, McSally and Daines — responded as Republicans generally do when asked about Trump’s racism: with crickets.

    They think their silence protects them. But it does something else: It turns them into the handmaidens of white supremacy.

  2. davebarnes says:

    Cory "knows" that Jena won't mail ballots to registered GOPers.
    All GOPers will have to vote in person on Wednesday, November 4th.

  3. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    What media is that, Cory? The same media that's running your campaign ads?

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