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October 26, 2010 05:32 PM UTC

New Cary Kennedy TV Spot Slams Stapleton over Hit-and-Run

  • by: Colorado Pols

That’s the latest ad on the air in the Colorado Treasurer’s race, from incumbent Cary Kennedy attacking opponent Walker Stapleton over his belated disclosure of a DUI accident Stapleton was involved in–an accident that drew an initial hit-and-run charge for Stapleton, and that court records indicate caused bodily injury to two victims. From Kennedy’s release:

“This ad calls into question the ethical choices Walker Stapleton has made,” said campaign manager Serena Woods.  “Coloradans need to be able to trust that the State Treasurer is honest and accountable.  When it comes to Stapleton’s criminal background, he has not been forthcoming.”

Walker Stapleton has made false statements in other circumstances during this campaign. Just last week, The Denver Post and 9News each determined that a statement he personally made directly to voters in his campaign ad is “false.” While the Kennedy campaign has repeatedly asked Stapleton to pull the ad, he has cynically refused.

This ad from Kennedy, on the other hand, is both not false, and more damaging than Stapleton’s. This could be turning into another race, much like the Senate race this year, where the winner of the GOP primary emerges as the less electable candidate. Stapleton’s primary opponent, J.J. Ament, was a solid candidate with good name recognition and party support, who simply couldn’t keep up with the out-of-state (and personal) money Stapleton was willing to lavish on this race.

Unfortunately for Stapleton, all the money in the world can’t make court records go away.


92 thoughts on “New Cary Kennedy TV Spot Slams Stapleton over Hit-and-Run

  1. …but JJ Ament lost the primary for a reason far beyond money –

    He was on record for wanting to invest Colorado money into Bail Out companies, despite having a HEAVY background of working with bail out banks

    JJ Ament is a very nice guy and I had a great time running against him, but he couldn’t run away from his bailout past, nor his past support of Ref C and D

    Again, there was a reason why Walker won that primary and money was quite the secondary reason, in this case  

    1. …but why did you lose to JJ?

      You opposed Ref C & D and spent quite a bit more than JJ.

      Your mom said you lost because, “(the) Republican convention was nothing but one big KKK event,except for the Wonderful Decent Civilized 20% of delegates that voted for Ali.”


      1. “Your mom…” “KKK.” Give it a rest. Hasan was providing some intelligent commentary on this story, and you’re engaging in a bunch of personal attacks and mean-spirited invective.

          1. is what Ali’s mom said, I have to totally agree, at least with the KKK part. Ali would have been a long shot in any case. And of course she thinks the only ones worth anything voted for her son.  That’s how moms are supposed to feel. I certainly hate all my kids enemies. That’s my job as a Jewish mom. That and nagging.

            1. My mother is my hero – and I will never disown anything she says

              Ultimately, JJ Ament and I both lost – the difference?

              When I run for office again, there isn’t a trail of bigotry behind me

              Can’t say the same for other campaigns

              You want me to delete my mothers FB comment? Never….

              Whose sucking the sour grapes now?

              (ps – I owe you a steak dinner, son – you never emailed me)

      2. Multiple delegates told me to my face that they would not vote for Ali solely because he was Muslim. They echoed the same sentiment to all of our campaign volunteers. In fact, they were so hostile to our campaign volunteers that our campaign manager asked security to get involved. Many of our signs were defaced with the words, “muslim,” and “terrorist.”

        There were other delegates who told us that they were told not to vote for Ali solely because he is Muslim.

        Jon Caldara mentioned on his radio show that he heard many people say they would not vote for Ali because he was Muslim.

        The KKK thought whites were supreme to any other race. If you don’t vote for someone solely based on their race/religion, doesn’t that mean that you thinking is aligned with the KKK?

        With all the anti-Muslim rhetoric that is now out there, I don’t think it should be a surprise to hear a majority of the republican state delegates are also anti-Muslim.  

        1. I’m sorry that happened.  And shame on anyone who wouldn’t vote for you because of your faith.

          And I’m certainly not the one making the party look bad, it’s the clowns that defaced your signs and said they wouldn’t vote for you because you’re a Muslim.

  2. eewww! Glad I already had coffee and a little light breakfast.   I guess reckless behavior, no sense of personal responsilbility and a childish, crude vocabulary run in the Bush/Stapleton family.  

  3. I’m glad that Cary Kennedy got that up on TV. I’d say it’s definitely a gamechanger now.

    But DAYUM, Cary Kennedy. Girl, you got some teef to run an ad like that.  

  4. I’m really disappointed in Kennedy.  I know her and her family and like her quite a bit, but this is distasteful.

    Nice to see such desperation on the part of Dems, though.  

            1. Your compatriots like Moonraker were suggesting Bill Ritter was an out-and-out murderer for an accidental vehicular death that happened in Africa.

              How quickly we forget.

              1. For Stapleton, the issue is that he didn’t bring it up – “doo doo sandwich” and all (do all the Bushes talk this way?). That alone, never mind the facts of the case, just the fact that he didn’t bring it up makes his judgment suspect because it means he has a habit of hiding his mistakes rather than owning up to them.

                Ritter brought up his accident of his own accord, in an Enverday Ostpay article no less.

                  1. Hickenlooper disclosed his DUI when he filed to run for gov.  hummm, don’t see that disclosure for Walker.  And by the way, what does Hickenlooper’s DISCLOSED DUI have to do with the treasurer’s race?

                  2. There isn’t anything bad to say about Cary unless you’re a Republican and believe being a Democrat is bad.  You’ve gotta admit that she’s done a great job so just use your best judgement and vote for her. She’s somebody we can all be proud of.  

          1. There wasn’t a “hit” here. No pedestrians involved. San Francisco police confirmed there were no pedestrians injured or involved in the accident, according to the DP. DUI only and “run” was dropped because he pulled over a block away to get out of traffic.

            I’d link to it but I don’t want to hang out in the Penalty Box by myself for 2 days.  

            1. It says he was charged with a hit and run.


              It says he got a DUI.


              The Colorado Independent interviewed a victim, who confirmed that Stapleton ran a red light, hit a taxi and injured at least one person.

              Meanwhile Stapleton’s ad has failed all truth tests.

              1. The ad is factual and doesn’t claim two pedestrians got mowed down, which is a hell of a lot different than someone getting injured in a cab, no?

                I have issues with the Pols diary which is making claims that the Denver Post has refuted.

                I’d read your link but I can’t get it to load for me.  

                    1. And seems to corroborate what the Guvs have reported. I believe they put up the blog that mentions “pedestrians” based on Strong Colorado’s release, and that was before Tim Hoover’s story on the Spot. Strong Colorado’s press release was based on the court records. And Hoover’s one line response in a blog post doesn’t clear this up enough to exonerate Stapleton from court records everybody can read.

                      Still not working?

                      Stapleton needs to clear this up, not Pols.

                    2. Their whole site was down for at least an hour but it’s working fine now. Maybe traffic overload on the link or something.  

    1. but your party is happy to wallow in it. If the Repubs want to run non-stop ads on how the stimulus failed (LIE) then it’s time to retaliate with this.

      1. Depending on whom you ask, either because Keynesian economics is a joke, or because it wasn’t big enough.

        That’s a far cry from this garbage.  I’m sending Stapleton money as we speak just because of this bullshit.

        1. We can argue about the success, and the Dems were stupid to say that passing the stimulus bill would make your teeth whiter and buy everyone a pony, but it didn’t fail.

          Case in point – you like your tax cuts, since you’re a Repub, right? So then 40% of the stimulus law worked, since that’s how much of the total went to tax cuts.

          We’ve recovered 70% of our GDP because of the stimulus – more than any of the global rival economies.

          But most importantly, we’re not in a recession.

          Stimulus – WIN

            1. that you have flat out said you refuse to read because he’s a Socialist loon? Your words, not mine.

              Interesting how you suddenly find him credible when it suits you.

              I’m paying $500 less a year now in payroll taxes, thanks to the stimulus and tax cuts. Sorry it didn’t work out for you but it ain’t all about you. It’s about the rest of us, too.  

              1. I also offered the school of thought that Keynesian spending is a fraud, and that’s where I come down.  

                I do think Krugman is a clown, and I do think that he believes that there is no solution that bigger government can’t solve.

                And as you well know, it is indeed all about me.


                1. He, like almost all economists, believes it made things better, just not nearly better enough. He believes the half hearted leap was the problem, not that there shouldn’t have been a leap. No stimulus would have been much worse.

            2. Did you look at the figure you posted, LB?

              It’s a summary of people’s opinions.

              While assessing opinions is important for political reasons (people vote based on what they think is true) there is no requirement that general opinion reflect facts on the ground.

              Or was the world once actually flat and then became a sphere when public opinion changed?

            3. This specifically deals with Jobs and Job creation..and Dems deserved to get slapped for claiming that the stimulus would keep unemployment at or below 8%.

              There’s more to what the stimulus did than jobs – and I’ve posted that already.

    2. What’s shameful is that Walker cannot respond to the information in his court file because it’s true.  What’s shameful is that he wasn’t honest about the charges and didn’t apologize about it in the beginning.  What’s shameful is that he said in the debate that his punishment was “community service in the Tenderloin…” when that was not part of his sentence. What’s shameful is his inability to remember that his sentence was 3 yrs. of probation and attending AA twice a week.  What’s shameful is that this is the best the Republicans have to offer.  If you know Cary, as you claim, then you know that she’s a person of the highest integrity who has protected your money and has been completely transparant during her tenure as treasurer.    

      1. I don’t doubt her integrity.  Just her choice of dredging up crap like this for an ad.  It has nothing to do with this race.  At.  All.

        And of course her judgement in being a liberal Dem and supporting things like our horrible, job-killing Amendment 42.

          1. Have you, in your life, ever had cocktails and driven when you shouldn’t have?

            Do you really think that defines you in terms of your integrity, judgment and responsibility if it’s something in your distant past?

            1. upthread (and just a moment ago) I mentioned that it’s the nondisclosure that looks bad. But, to follow your line of thinking, I think that a) 11 years ago isn’t the “distant past” (maybe 25 years ago was), and b) what matters more is his age. If he was under 30, then maybe it was not so bad, but over, yeah, that’s bad no matter how far in the past it was. You can’t pull the “young and dumb” excuse after your 30th birthday.

              1. “Youthful indiscretion” was good enough for Henry Hyde

                Hyde, then 41 years old, was a lawyer and rising star in Republican state politics…

                “The statute of limitations has long since passed on my youthful indiscretions.”

                1. Not what I was talking about.  I was referring to non-marriage-endangering, dumb guy stuff.

                  Sorry, wasn’t making light of cheating on a spouse or anything.

                    1. And as I said, that wasn’t what I was referring to, and you know that.

                      Please- forgive me for making a joke at my own expense.  

            2. seems to have toward the damage their reckless behavior leaves in its wake. I remember when the Silverado smash up happened and the only one Babs expressed any sympathy for was her poor idiot son because people were saying mean things about him. Boy was she ticked off at anybody who complained.  As for all the economic losses suffered by non-Bushes, she couldn’t have cared less. The family motto must be “Let them eat cake as long as they clean up their own crumbs”

              It would be nice if Stapleton could at least pretend to be even slightly sorry for his crappy behavior but I guess its just not in the genes or in the Bush/Stapleton family values.

        1. 1. This “crap” was brought up by a debate moderator, not Cary Kennedy.

          2.  Walker was not forthcoming with information and did not tell the truth during the debate or during the time since.

          3.  Call me crazy but responsibility and integrity would seem to have something to do with the job of state treasurer which is what’s at stake in this race.

          4. Ahhh, we’re using the liberal Dem message….so what about the entitled Rep who believes his family money, name, and running a family business are sufficient qualifications for running for public office?

  5. This is total garbage, and I’m really disappointed you’d run with it so gleefully.  I’m sure you could give a shit, but I think there used to be a much clearer line between what’s ethical and what’s not demonstrated by the guvs.

    It’s your blog, though.  Post away.

      1. The SFPD confirmed that there was no pedestrian involved in the accident to the Denver Post.

        This is really lame.  Hit Stapleton on something that actually happened, or policy, not by making shit up a week before the election because you’re about to get your ass kicked.

        1. 1. Kennedy’s ad makes no mention of injuries. The court report does and it is fair game.

          2. The court records say what they say. A verbal contradiction reported by one newspaper does not invalidate the court records, though the police report might. The onus is now on Stapleton, who can get the report as a party to the incident. Why hasn’t he already produced it?

          Stapleton can clear this all up, but he is the one who is obligated to do so – not the Denver Post, and not this blog. In fact, attacking a damn blog shows how weak your whole case is.

        2. because the WRITTEN REPORT FROM THAT TIME says two people were struck.

          Why would they SAY now that that’s not the case?

          I can think of a possible reason.

          BTW, in answer to the above, let me say that I noticed not. one. word. from you on the open thread about the incident at the Rand Paul rally where the volunteer got stomped. I assess your anger here in light that you have nothing to say to that, despite your long record of posting every lefty “outrage” you hear about.


          1. You can assume my outrage at any illegal act.  As long as they actually happened, but you wouldn’t know what happened if you just took Pols word for it, rather than reading the response from the representative from SFPD.

            I actually haven’t even looked in the open thread today.

            Did you read the Enverday Ostpay’s article from October 22nd?  

            1. Just get the headlines from online sources. If they take me to the Post, great, but otherwise if it’s important then it’s being discussed here.

              In truth, I haven’t watched this video yet either, but do I really have to come up with an example from the right? You know that there are nasty ads and both sides do it. Right now, I’ll reserve my judgment on this one because the documented fact is that Walker was in a hit and run. I trust the old report more than the current word of a cop who might not even have heard of the case til someone contacted SFPD seeking comment.

              My outrage has to be reserved for lies and distortions because dragging people through the mud they themselves made is an old tactic; I’d be angry all the time if I had to expand it to mere negative politics.

                1. and I have to say, your anger is greatly out of proportion to this ad.

                  Maybe you’re the kind of person I said I wasn’t, that is, the kind that finds all negative campaigning awful. But maybe you just don’t like it when it’s against a Republican.

                  IF… the hit-and-run thing were not true, I could see it, because then it’s a lie. But there’s no good reason to say it’s a lie, at this point.

                  1. In the above comment I was referring to the video of the MoveOn person getting stepped on.

                    Kennedy’s video is weak, but Pols sliming in the commentary on it is the real problem I have.

                    It was initially classified as a hit-and-run because he left the scene…to get out of San Francisco traffic, which makes sense to me, and to the DA who dropped it.

                    DUI is not good, but it was 11 years ago, and he didn’t hit any pedestrians, according to a spokesman from the SFPD in her email to the reporter from the Post.

                    Pols is being extraordinarily shitty by inferring that WS drunkenly hit two pedestrians and sped off.

                    And yes, I think crap like this is bad no matter who’s doing it.  It’s like a fistfight when you’re a kid – perhaps momentarily satisfying, but serves no good purpose for anyone involved.

                    1. It’s more fun to respond to a person who is fully informed.  Obviously, you are not one of those people.

                    2. I can dig that. Although I don’t think the video is weak at all, and deep down I don’t think you think it is, either.

                    3. We’d all love if electoral campaigns were a competition of ideas which put the most qualified candidate in office.

                      Unfortunately, in an environment where the barely literate (“Helicopter Garcia”) make up a large chunk of the electorate, whatever works to elect your candidate is what’s necesary.

                      Negative ads are prevalent because they work.  Cary Kennedy has made money for Colorado’s investments every year in a down economy.  Stapleton has  no experience in public finance.  Bottom line, Kennedy’s re-election is good for Colorado.

                      This is not nursery school where we get to sing “Kumbaya” and eat cookies; it’s politics.

  6. I didn’t KNOW IT until I saw this ad at 7:00 am this morning.

    Cary’s internals clearly show what everyone else is seeing, as well: She’s a Dem who raises taxes.  

    And she can’t run from that.  


    1. Stop proving you are an ignorant moron.

      Her position doesn’t allow her to raise taxes.  Only the voters of Colorado can do that, and there have been no tax increases proposed since the passage of TABOR>

      Are you that fucking stupid?

      The answer is obvious.  

        1. You’re not an ignorant moron, you’re just a liar.

          For some people, politics isn’t a game and discussion boards don’t exist just to be trolled. Facts matter.  

        2. It’s not a matter of my belief or party versus your belief or party.

          It’s a matter of one person (me) having the facts correct, and the other person (you) making shit up that makes no sense to any person (third party) who know jack shit about our government.

          I do not suffer fools gladly. Or at all. Fools like you.

  7. And now – my friends – we begin the final six days… what can we possibly throw now?

    And what statewide Dems ALSO have DUI’s in their past?  And don’t forget that little issue with Buescher, too…

    You can thank Cary when it’s all said and done.  

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