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June 25, 2020 07:02 AM UTC

Thursday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Truth is mighty and will prevail. There is nothing wrong with this, except that it ain’t so.”

–Mark Twain


16 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

  1. So, if the reports, my memory, and my reading over the past three days are correct, in the U.S. we’ve had, at those times, something like the third highest numbers of reported new cases, then the second highest, and now the highest . . .

    Coronavirus Live Updates: U.S. Sets Record for Daily New Cases

    . . . so much winning.

    Here’s hoping that the weather warms up real soon (so that this stuff miraculously just disappears) . . .

    . . . surely the President, or Jared, or somebody now realizes the immediate importance of working very hard, right now today, on making the tax burdens of ultra-wealthy white real estate moguls more bearable???

    1. Not to worry, Dio. If he forgets, Jared and his cabinet will remind him. The business of milking a disaster for profit is a fun and exciting pastime and he that is first to the trough gets fattest. Which I understand is a goal the Orange King has long sought. 

      1. The secret to immortality? . . .

        . . . Never go to the doctor! Duh!

        I’ll bet I’d never have to worry about getting a speeding ticket if the damn faceless gubbermint bureaucrats didn’t require me to have a speedometer in my vehicle? …

    2. They've been doing the research to find out if tax cuts provide either prevention or therapy for coronavirus … It's looking we'll be hearing the good news very,  very soon.

    1. I dropped mine off, too.

      I feel both candidates have a record as centrist/moderate Democrats. Romanoff is running as a progressive, which is different from his record; Hickenlooper is running as a centrist, which corresponds to his record, so I guess I trust Hick to have more consistent convictions than Romy. I also feel someone with a science background is more trustworthy.

      The decision point for me is that Hick is likely to graduate sooner than Romy to a more "executive" type position, like a cabinet post or something.

      Not that Colorado has a deep bench of super-progressives or AOC clones, but someone like Jason Crowe would be spectacular as a Senator. 

      1. “The decision point for me is that Hick is likely to graduate sooner than Romy to a more “executive” type position, like a cabinet post or something.”

        Agreed but Hick’s appointed successor would likely be Cary Kennedy, Jenna Griswold,  Alice Madden, or one of the many women currently sitting in the legislature.

  2. Just in case anyone was wondering…

    Democratic Socialists Will Have a Presidential Candidate in November

    Hawkins, who is also the Green Party nominee (my emphasis), could follow Stein's path in critical swing states where her number of votes was greater than the margin of Trump's win.

    Hawkins, who won the Green Party nomination Sunday and the Socialist Party nomination in October, has said the "democratic socialism" of people like Sanders and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who won reelection Tuesday, is modeled on the liberalism of the New Deal and depends on progressive taxation of billionaires to fund social programs.

    1. "History repeats itself, the first time as tragedy, the second as farce."

      While Biden's lead nationwide may be in the low double digits, he is uncomfortably close in places Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

      Will we really need to go through this ordeal for the third time since 2000? Stay tuned….

      Oh yes, I'll save La Pomposa the trouble. We will also have voter suppression and Putin to blame along with the Green Party.

      1. Well, at least you do admit multiple causes for (anticipated) Dem vote drop-off in the general election. Hopefully, the Green party candidate won’t get much traction. I know I’ve tried to snuff out whatever the bots and trolls put on my FB feed, having learned from 2016.

        But people are trying really hard to vote right now. In Wisconsin,  North Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, West Virginia, their turnout for primaries was way up even in the face of blatantly racist voter suppression.  (closing polling sites, “losing” absentee ballot requests, etc)

        So your friend La Pomposa, whomever that is, can rest assured ? that it’s SSDD in the voter suppression department, and we all still need to GOTV like our lives depend on it. (Because they do).


  3. I'll just leave this right here…

    Trump administration asks Supreme Court to invalidate Obamacare

    In the midst of a global pandemic with the presidential election just months away, the Justice Department asked the Supreme Court on Thursday to invalidate the Affordable Care Act, the landmark health care law that enabled millions of Americans to get insurance coverage and that remains in effect despite the pending legal challenge. 

    In a late-night filing, Solicitor General Noel Francisco said that once the law's individual coverage mandate and two key provisions are invalidated, "the remainder of the ACA should not be allowed to remain in effect."

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