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June 29, 2020 10:00 AM UTC

Andrew Romanoff Leaves State to be with Dying Father

  • by: Colorado Pols

MONDAY UPDATE: Our sincere condolences.


As The Colorado Sun reports in “The Unaffiliated” newsletter:

A week from the primary, and just as his stock is rising, Andrew Romanoff is taking a break from the campaign.

He said his father, who has suffered a series of falls and strokes, is dying. He’s flying Tuesday to be with his family with no return date in mind. [Pols emphasis]

Given the virtual nature of the campaign trail, Romanoff may not miss as much as he would otherwise, but his family’s situation is consuming his time. He learned about his father’s faltering condition just before the final debate, during which he gave a less spirited performance than the first two.

The real world does not always pause for election deadlines. We’re sure this was a difficult decision for Romanoff, but we can’t say we would have made a different decision in his shoes.

Please join us in sending out our best wishes to Romanoff and his family.


11 thoughts on “Andrew Romanoff Leaves State to be with Dying Father

  1. Good choice by Romanoff, in my opinion.  A few of my greatest "I shoulda done something different," moments easily recalled now, involve not finding ways to spend more time with a 96 year old grandmother, a father-in-law, and a couple of mentors who changed my life for the better. 

    The stuff I was doing instead?  Well, it was stuff that was expected, but now nearly entirely forgotten, and certainly didn't make a huge difference in anyone's life. 

  2. Noted: Pols has something positive to say about Romanoff. All it took was his leaving the state to be with his dying father to do it. 

    I agree that it was the best choice for Romanoff, and join in sending good wishes for his father.

  3. Agree with JiD above, but I also know one of the toughest things about a competitive political race is wondering what you might be able to do down the home stretch. Who could you still call or text, who might respond to an additional ad, who still needs mailers, which constituency could you still target, etc. This is a rotten time to need to make a tough choice about how to use limited time, especially since most people still haven't turned in their ballots, but I respect that Andrew will devote time to family and I wish him and his the best.

  4. Best wishes to Andrew in this time of sorrow.  My father died in a tractor accident and I always regretted not being able to say goodbye.

  5. So sorry, Andrew, to hear of your Dads' condition. Of course, you know what is important. We send our best to your family and our love and prayers to you.

    Be Well….

  6. This whole election is going to be about decency and doing the right thing, from The Screaming Yam down to school board elections. Andrew’s doing the right and decent thing. Anyone who dings him for it is dirt.

  7. Such a broad spectrum of people responding to Andrew’s tweet about his father’s death with care and concern.  Good to see caring human relationships not being limited by partisanship.

    4 years on from losing my Dad, I continue to think of  him daily, benefit from his example, and wish I could learn more from him.

    1. Andrew had a Zoom gathering Saturday with Jim Hightower, AR doing his part from the hospital with his father.  It was a special edition getting to observe one’s humanity while your father in his final hours.  

      I’m lucky that I still have my dad with me.

      30 minutes from the heart – very special. 

      He is a good man. 

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