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July 13, 2006 06:40 PM UTC

Thursday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

Like toast with extra butter.


18 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

  1. Hannity showed part of Herb Rubenstein’s ads ad on Fox News.  He is crying foul because we showed a flag draped coffins of our men and women killed.  God forbid the American people know the result of our Iraq policy.

    1. … ever watched Hannity, this would help Rubenstein out big. Publicity is publicity. Given that he’s so far behind, that he’s campaigning on one issue (yes, it’s big, but I for one have many other concerns on my mind), and that no one who might vote for him in the primary ever flips to Fox news (except those who like being riled up by neocons), this amounts to very little. There must not have been much going on that day, so the producers found this for Hannity to get all alpha-male over.

      1. Yeah, I agree that Herb is going to get lots of publicity from it now, but who are you to say that he’s behind in this race?

        In case you haven’t been keeping up with the current poll on this website itself, Ed Perlmutter is now the underdog.

        Herb’s upsurge in popularity is phenomenal and I commend his work.

        1. …if he is indeed coming up. But the polls on this site are hardly scientific. Indeed, it’s possible to vote, vote, and vote again as many times as you want. I’m sure his campaign interns are responsible for his showing there.

          My statement was based on the fact that Lamm and Perlmutter are slugging each other out. If they thought Rubenstein was a threat, they’d attack him as well. Their silence on this point speaks volumes about where he is in the race.

          If you can quote a very recent scientific (and preferably independent) poll showing Herb’s “upsurge” I’ll be glad to read it.

  2.   It looks like the albatross is coming to town next week to help Little Ricky in CD 7. 
      As if O’Donnell hasn’t been going poorly enough with the disclosure of the social security essay, now he has to deal with Shrub’s visit to Cherry Hills Village.  (Is Cherry Hills even in the 7th C.D.?)
      One solution for Ricky is to do what Tom Keane, Jr., the GOP candidate for U.S. Senate in N.J., did when Cheney did a fundraiser for Keane.  Keane was about a five-minute ride from the Cheney event venue but somehow managed to get lost for an hour in traffic!
      By the time Keane arrived, Cheney had left the building.  A potential disaster became a win-win situation.  Keane got to collect all the donation checks yet managed to avoid any awkward public appearances or photos w/ Cheney.

    1. … is indeed not in CD-7.

      And neither is the Polo Club area, which is where the Schiavo money trough is being set up for Peggy “I’m Not Dottie” Lamm.

    2. Queer dude, you just gave O’Donnell the idea on how to avoid being photographed with Bush. (OK, his handlers probably already heard the Keane story, but still.) Don’t you want him to link himself to 43 ? I’d like that!

  3. We are spending $8 billion a month in Iraq. That equates to $2 billion a week, or $267 million a day, or $11 million an hour.

    $11 million dollars an hour. And counting. What could we do with this cash instead of being in Iraq, had George Bush not made the choice to invade and occupy?

    Let’s see:

    $31.7 billion/yr Homeland Security budget FY 07 (4 months in Iraq)
    $10 billion (1-time) Equipping commercial airliners with defenses against shoulder-fired (5 weeks in Iraq) missiles

    $8.6 billion/7 years Shortage of international aid needed to rebuild Afghanistan (one month in Iraq)

    $5.2 billion (1-time) Estimated need for capital improvements to secure public transportation (3 weeks in Iraq) system (trains, subways, buses)

    This was touted by the right wing press as our MBA president who would manage our country better than ever.
    What a pathetic joke.

    He’ll leave the state of the union a mess to be cleaned up by future presidents and tax payers. Punk.

  4. Fox News has a large audience amongst Democrats.
    That is why Senator Schumer often appears. It is also why Kerry blew it by not going on. Ed’s ad is boring. Herb’s ad gets your attention and your vote

    1. SIB, How do you know this? Fox News large audience with Democrats. Neither Arbitron or Nielsen ask for political affiliation so what source are you using to say this? I always thought that if all the Democrats that listen and watch Bill ORiely tuned out his show would have not viewers because all the Dmocrats are tracking his lies. Is it the same with Fox News? Many Dems watching to catch the lies and tell about them on blogs on the internet?

    1. BMR, Please answer my questions.
      BMR, said “How long shall we continue to bear the cost…”. Another good question is where does the money come from to pay these costs? Does society just suck it up and say, “As a society this is part of what we will pay for?” or is there another answer?
      A question for you, my children are US citizens, born and bred in the USA, they are NOT white, should they be stopped at ANY time and made to prove their citizenship? (BTW their looks could be Asian, Russian, Arabian, Mexican, African, I am not applying race only physical appearance.)  Should it be assumed that they are here illegally and are therefore criminals?
      Another question for you, How do YOU tell who’s a citizen and who is not? Let’s put race and ethnicity aside, how do YOU tell?
      How should the enforcers tell? Everyone carries their “papers”? Everyone issued a USA Citizen ID card. Universal “papers” and ID cards are NOT my idea of the “land of the free and the home of the brave” USA.
      If my children apply to go to Community College how will someone be able to tell whether they are citizens or illegal immigrants. Should all applicants be required to show a birth certificate or proof of citizenship?

  5. “Two Colorado Republicans were among only 33 lawmakers who voted against reauthorization of the landmark Voting Rights Act.

    Reps. Joel Hefley, R-Colorado Springs, and Tom Tancredo, R-Littleton, were on the losing side of a 390-33 vote. They said their opposition stemmed from requirements for multilanguage ballots in some communities and extra regulations placed on jurisdictions with past histories of discrimination.”

    This really does not help Tancredo’s illegal immigration argument.

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