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October 19, 2010 06:23 PM UTC

Buck's Lead History, Confirms New Poll

  • by: Colorado Pols

Results of polling conducted this weekend by Pulse Opinion Research for Fox News–at the end of September, you’ll recall, all the pundits were confidently yammering on about GOP Senate candidate Ken Buck’s “pulling away” in polls from Democrat Michael Bennet. You remember this, ad nauseum, we’re just a silly biased blog and what the hell do we know–don’t you?

What a difference two weeks makes. Tracking closely to the recent Rasmussen poll showing the race–with Rasmussen’s much-publicized questionables factored–within two points, today’s Fox News poll has Buck up by only one point–46%, to 45% for Bennet with 4% undecided. Notable in the cross-tabs is the erosion of support for Buck among men (down to 50%), and growing support for Bennet among women (now up by eight points).

There’s no question that the recent negative press coverage of Buck’s handling of a 2005 date rape case has significantly damaged his candidacy, along with a host of other issues that have broken through to news coverage (and TV spots) in the last few weeks. As a result, where the pundits expected to be talking about this race being sewn up for Buck in mid-October, they’re wondering if Buck’s downward trajectory–not Bennet’s–can be stopped in the two weeks that remain.

This will, if the trend holds, be one of the greatest stories of the 2010 elections.


133 thoughts on “Buck’s Lead History, Confirms New Poll

  1. The 30 Democrats backing Ken Buck spotted at the Clinton event is a nice start.

    I’m sure the GOP folks have something special planned for the Unaffiliated and Repubs voters …or they’re just relying on the facts that Ken Buck will better serve Colorado.

    1. Seriously…

      Bill Clinton drew more than 1500 by Invitation ONLY.

      Rasmussen HISTORICALLY moves closer to reality the closer we get to Election day.

      You actually believe your own talking points. Crazy.  

        1. …so, got any proof of this? We can’t trust Ken Buck’s word on this, because in a week he’ll say it was a 1000 Dems or none, depending on who he’s talking to….

            1. it’s a solid fact.

              I think if you repeat the lie six or more times it becomes something we’ve always known. We have always been at war with Eurasia.

            2. ….V said there were maybe 30 people at the BUCK event last night. You should read a little more carefully in the morning.

              Eyes still a bit blurry from the all-night WoW session?  

              1. Libertard is Obviously still hung over and blurry from his all night circle jerk, suck and swallow party for Buck.

                He saw the Bumper sticker “FUCK BUCK” and hoped it was a literal invitation. Hoping BUCK would return the favor.

                what Libertad missed is, in the absence of a reach around… Is actually buck in true form. Without appreciation nor any respect for libertads constant Misguided support and willingness to be dominated.

                    1. Your policies are devaluing my citizenship and cheating those aliens that follow the law.

                      Have you ever lived outside of the US … you know on a permenant basis where the other country requires you to have a apply, obtain/pay for a permit and carry your papers … you know in a country where they don’t speak your native language?

                      Do you understand what legal aliens have put on the line just to come to the US to compete for the opportunity to get US citizenship?

                  1. It is really obtuse to argue and debunk the same points day after day.

                    Libertad, bj, gopwarrior WILL NOT ever admit when they are Clearly WRONG! and thus realistic discussion never has a chance to materialize.

                    Just goes to show just whom or what party is ardently opposed to compromise and reality based discussion.

                    Solutions will never materialize! Clearly Libertad and the republicans are NOT interested in solutions nor Discussion of any sort… ONLY interested in regaining power for powers sake. never mind the Plight of America.

                    1. Your political beliefs are no different than the political beliefs in Venezuela and Cuba.  Is Venezuela and Cuba your “utopia” or “reality?”  If not please elaborate on the ideals that you differ from leaders such as Castro and Chavez?

                    2. Chavez has done wonders with Education and Economy for the citizens.

                      Castro not so much.

                      but the difference between them is Castro is far more militant than Chavez. Castro self inflicted economic sanctions. (that I do not disagree with)

                      ya know No2. my REPUBLICAN friend is my ONLY source of Cuban Cigars. So much for adherence to sanctions.

                      speaking of Militant Chavez is less militant than the republicans in THIS country.

                      Funny but republicans only HATE Left wing Dictators… Right wing Dictators? are NEVER mentioned.

                      I hate Dictators with equal passion. Elections (with multiple candidates) tend to remove Dictators. what was that called? oh yeah Democracy! root word of DEMOCRATIC!

                    3. because do you honestly believe, can you factually assert what qualities of Obama’s democratic election to the position of US President correlates to a dictator’s rule.

                      It’s just too easy for tin-hatted fucktards to rant without understanding how our democracy actually works.  

                      N2D is still one of the most idiotic toddlers on the playground that doesn’t understand the world & cries a tantrum when it doesn’t go his way.

                      How about if you & the other shrill RW fucktards shut up for a week if Buck & Maes/Tancredo lose?  Think you could do that or are do you have an inability to STFU of deal with reality?    

                    4. ’nuff said.

                      If it isn’t something you’d say in person, you probably shouldn’t write it here.  

        2. It never happened, Libby.  You’re delusional.  I was there, remember.

          If you misread my post to you that “You had probably 20 or 30 people for Buck” I obviously meant Republicans showing up at the Buck Rally.

          There were no Democrats for Buck at the Clinton rally.  Not one.  Zero, Nada , zilch.

            So either cite a source, or admit you made a mistake.  

          That’s the difference twix you and bjpsycho–he makes things up and clings to his lies.  You usually cite and source and when you’re wrong, as you were this time, you admit it.

  2. Is it eroding support for Buck, or is it Rasmussen “coming home” because election season is on us and they want to maintain/rehabilitate their reputation for accuracy?

    If Rassmussen (which runs FOX’s POS polls) says Buck is up 1-2, then assuming Ras has gone into “reality” mode, the race is probably Bennet up 1-2.

    1. Bennet is having a really hard time explaining why he was helping Pelosi and helping Obama move the country to the left.

      The people are so fed up with 18% unemployment, higher-taxes, new-taxes big-government policies, and out of control spending.

      1. The more voters find out about him, the less they like him. Maybe he’s just not a good candidate. Are you starting to think picking the most dishonest right-wing hack candidates in all the primaries was maybe not such a great strategy?

    2. Buck is doing fine.

      He is up. Bennet is still behind.  The crosstabs are the key.

      Who is winning independents? Buck 46-38

      If Buck wins independents and the turn out is as I expect, he will win by 5%.

      1. Roe v. Wade is not up to a vote, so “Buyer’s Remorse” Buck’s troglodyte views on choice are irrelevant, as Buck would be just one Senator.

        Oh, wait:

        Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) has placed a hold on President Obama’s nominee for the Pentagon’s top health policy position in objection to the nominee’s responses to questions regarding a provision in the 2011 Defense authorization bill (S 3454) that would allow some abortion services to be performed at military facilities, CQ Today reports.

  3. Hold on a second. I have it on good authority that Buck’s failure to prosecute a rape (because he thought the victim was experiencing buyer’s remorse for an abortion) is a silly story that won’t have any impact on the race whatsoever. Therefore this can’t possibly be true. There must be another explanation for his sudden drop in the polls.

            1. Frodo apparently speaks for you.  Is SXP’s and Fro’s viewpoints shared by the main stream of the Democrat party?  Is this what the party has become?

              1. I will take that as a yes then. Look these are the type of people who support Bennet and Hickenlooper and hate patriots like Buck and Tancredo.

                Is this who voters want to associate with and choose to lead them? Maybe in Berkley, or SF, or even Boulder, but not Colorado as a whole.  

          1. Buck treated an alleged rape victim poorly, got caught doing so, and backs up his treatment of her in a live debate.

            Buck’s treatment of the alleged victim appears to have been biased based on the suspect’s claim that she had an abortion.

            Buck believes that abortion should be illegal with exceptions only if, essentially, he can try the would-be-mother and find her life was threatened beyond a reasonable doubt.

            Buck wanted to repeal the 17th Amendment allowing direct election of Senators.

            Buck wants to reduce peoples’ right to vote, does not appear to want to give some women equal justice, and wants to control womens’ bodies.  It’s not a difficult thought to begin to wonder what other rights he thinks women shouldn’t have…  

            1. “(Buck) is very, very compassionate and understanding about these issues, and that’s why it’s so hard to see these harsh comments being made, because I know how he sees these cases,” Kimberly Corban (rape victim) tells me, adding that she plans to vote for him.”


              1. Buck is NOT understanding NOR compassionate towards women who “might” have enjoyed having sex.

                Buck is a NO even in cases of Rape or Incest. also supports 62!

                the word for Buck is


          2. I don’t know if anyone agrees with me or not on any given subject. Some people do sometimes.

            We Democrats don’t get our talking points faxed out in the morning. We say what we think. Sometimes it’s not the exact same thing everyone else is saying. And that’s OK.

            When you are following the party line word for misspelled word, it must seem very strange that not everybody does that.

  4. I love how you guys are getting excited over polls you are still losing.  Everybody I heard says that Bennet needs to be up 2 or 3 to win.  He still isn’t!

    Buck is still up after all your attacks and how many are really left to decide.  You have taken a chunk of supporters and successfully deceived them, but who and what is left to bring more over?

        1. Is in Bennet’s favor, but I think it stops soon.  At what point will all the hate speech stop affecting people?  Or in other words, who is left that is going to buy into the deception of Bennet that has not already and we are still up in the polls.  

          Generally speaking overall momentum is on our side.  Gallup says that 55 percent of Americans are self identified conservatives.  Bennet is struggling with Get Out The Vote efforts and is resorting to having to pay “volunteers.”

          And with people like Froward69 supporting you Americans realize what you are.

          1. You’re ability to talk out of both sides of your mouth is impressive. “Momentum is in Bennet’s favor… Generally speaking overall momentum is on our side…”

            Remember, you’re too hard right to speak for “Americans.” Only honest to goodness middle of the roaders can do that.

              1. You just made the most unAmerican claim possible – that only some citizens are actual Americans. I certainly didn’t make any agreement with that.

                No, where I was driving at is that those of us who are firm in our convictions aren’t in much position to speak for “Americans,” like we’re all the same. When you said “Americans,” you meant the swing voters who sometimes vote for one party, sometimes the other. You, OTOH, would vote Republican even if your candidate was Joe Stalin and the Dem was Jesus Christ.

                    1. It goes to show our Democracy is on the road to ruin! Finished! Kaput!

                      As should that happen I will finally (once and for all) loose my belief in the intelligence of Colorado’s Electorate to Elect the intelligent SANE candidate.

                      instead of some Extreme political hack that is Buck! who has not a very firm grasp on reality nor Any empathy for the Plight of regular (non white) Americans.

                1. First amendment only provides protection for your speech from punishment from the government.  Last time I checked Pols is not the government, so they could ban your post.  

                  I love how you libs think you know stuff and the best part is how you are so confident in your knowledge it makes you look even less intelligent.

                  1. that’s YOUR problem. not mine, nor polls.

                    if ya can’t stand it move on. no one is forcing you to stay here and be offended.

                    or is punishment a desire of yours?

                    1. There are just things I would like to say to you, but know I can’t.  I am just curious if Pols is okay with your post and they think that it is productive for their site?

                    2. fat chance.

                      ok so you weren’t offended… the number and tone of your posts suggests otherwise.

                      It is ok to be honest once and awhile. just because you are a republican hack trained in Lying to the Electorate, is by no means reason to lie all the time.

                    3. Do you believe that SXP and yourself think “normally?” Do you believe that you represent views shared by the majority of Coloradans, or even Democrats?

                    4. that’s bjwilson’s job.  He has now demanded that six of his critics be banned.  He’d love to try to ban me, but he knows how much we’d all laugh at the little psycho.

                    5. and I seriously believe Froward’s comment needs to be removed and it wouldn’t hurt if he got a temporary suspension from this site. That comment is just vile and it’s a 100 times more disgusting than anything H-man said and H-man got suspended. What’s fair is fair.

                      If Froward can’t learn to control himself, then it’s up to the owners of this blog to do it for him, I guess. He claims he was banned from commenting at the Denver Post. Well, if he made comments there like he does here, I’m not surprised. Mostly, I’m just surprised he’s still here and if I were him, I’d stop pushing my luck.

                      And it would be nice to see some FPer’s stepping up and calling this kind of crap out, too.  

                    6. But if it annoyed you, it must have been rather serious, as you’re not normally one to take easy umbrage.

                    7. I’m personally not offended by it, but I do think it represents a new low for the quality of discussion at Colorado Pols, and it would behoove us all not to let it become routine.

                    8. I don’t think we need to devolve to this level about the other side’s candidates or their supporters. It’s just disrespectful to a level that is unacceptable.  

                    9. It’s out of bounds and demeans the quality of an admittedly robust exchange.  When the likes of Motr, Ari and ajb are offended, well, then its offensive.

                    10. But I agree – Pols needs to figure out how to be even handed in meting out disciplinary actions. They promised some clarification on these matters back when they sent H-man to the woodshed but I haven’t seen anything since then.

                    11. are not those that disagree with.  I am offended by those that post stuff that is sexual in nature and gross.  I also wish ColoradoPols did do something to cut down on that.

                    12. are not those that disagree with.  I am offended by those that post stuff that is sexual in nature and gross.  I also wish ColoradoPols did do something to cut down on that.

                    13. Sure, we disagree more than we agree.  But you post facts and sources and have a good heart and spirit.  I’m proud to count you in the fellowship of this board.

                        Of course, I still sacrifice a Pabst Blue Ribbon every night to put a curse on your predictions!


                    14. But once again, you have the opportunity to explain how they’re the same (which you will pass up, because you can’t).

                    15. You swear in every post you make, smirking that it’s not really you.  There is a beej in every high school locker room.  Most outgrow it.  You never will.  But as several posters note, you actually refute yourself with every post!  That’s what happens when you devoutly believe that the sun rises from and sets in your ass, as you so fiercely do.

                  1. NO one has a right, to NOT be offended. republicans forget this and Ban/Burn Books.

                    (Texas school board and textbooks)

                    Being “Offended” is one of a plethora of emotions one can get from words. Your emotional responses to Words like Laughter, Joy, suspense, dread or whatever are not my problem. Part and parcel of the written word is to elicit emotional responses.

                    What ever I should Type in an angry state (As I did) are indeed intended to offend, However never to threaten.

                    As if I were to threaten… Pols, Toss my ass, as because of the tea bag republican intentional ignorance served up Daily. I would have truly finally snapped and lost my mind!

                    until then I am actually proud of eliciting an emotional response with My writing. As a teacher once told me my writing never would.

                    I know I can be offended by reading others words. but I would never wish them to be removed because I was unable to control my Own emotional response.

          2. Generally speaking overall momentum is on our side.


            Gallup says that 55 percent of Americans are self identified conservatives.

            and 33% independents  

            Bennet is struggling with Get Out The Vote efforts and is resorting to having to pay “volunteers.”

            why not? you have no link and no proof? as well as republicans PAY “volunteers” every election.

            And with people like No2Dems supporting Buck Americans realize what you are.–> constant propagandist shills illustrating what is Absolutely Wrong with our country.

            For a fleeting moment there I saw an Opportunity to have a reality based discussion with Republican36.

            then No2Dems chimed in and ruined it.

            1. Pay Attention or just be quiet and let the grown ups talk.

              Nothing wrong with it, just desperate like everything else..

              Coloradans for US Senator Michael Bennet 2010

              If you are looking for paid campaign work between now and November 3rd, please contact Susie McMahon at or 303-@@@-!!!!. Please share this opportunity with progressive/Democrat friends. Thank you!

              Tell her Nancy Cronk sent you.  

          3. Bennet is struggling with Get Out The Vote efforts and is resorting to having to pay “volunteers.”

            Not a bit, shill boy.  I just came from a phone bank morning.  We’re charged and connecting with voters.  And, yes, we’re all volunteers.  

            1. Michael has a lot of Republican support, especially in the business community.  He mentioned that same one-point lead to me at a fund raiser Friday that quite a few Republicans attended.  Fox, today, has Buck with a 1 point lead.  Rassy had Buck at two, down from five a couple days ago.

                This is called too close to call.  I always figured this one for a cliff-hanger and I don’t think we’re gonna be disappointed.

                 Who was it that said politics is the most fun adults can have with their clothes on?

                (I thought chess was, but, then, I know some whacky people.)  

        1. … but No2Dem made a different, bullshittier assertion: “Bennet needs to be up 2 or 3 to win.” Nate Silver recently demolished the “incumbent doesn’t get the undecideds” theory, if that’s what No2Dems meant.

        2. It’s going to the wire.  I know that, Bennet knows that, Buck knows that.  bjwilson thinks buck wins by 80 points , but as I said,

          Only an idiot feels comfortable in this race, Ralphie.

  5. Romanoff had a lead with two weeks to go and a late surge by Obama supporters resulted in an eight point victory for Bennet.  Bennet has a significant funding advantage so he should be able to chase votes all the way to 7pm November 2nd.  Buck is the one who has been parading his stupidity and making gaffes that get recorded as negatives.  Bennet hasn’t made any campaign blunders and wasn’t constrained because of party loyalty so he was aggressive early with his negative campaigning.

    The Denver Post endorsement is another one of those thousand cuts that Buck might not be able to withstand.

    The bottom line is that Bennet has run a better campaign and in a year of discontent has Buck in his sights and is in position to take him out.  Yes we can.

    Shill-man is going to be puckered between now and the 2nd because it is going to get real tight.  He should have been out doing GOTV work instead of sitting around bragging about what bad asses Republicans are.  Too late now.

    1. Bennet is clearly being outspent when the anonymous right-wing death squads are accounted for.  But they can’t be legally coordinated with the Buck campaign.  Michael is spending wisely on GOTV Sure, we’re volunteers manning those phones, but you still have to pay for phone banks, etc.

        Two weeks out, I’ve love to be ten up and pulling away.  We’re not.  But we’re neck and neck, the momentum is going our way — and we have a candidate who doesn’t spend all his time disavowing what he said to win the primary and announcing on national TV that homosexuality is a choice.

         I can live with that.  In short, I’d rather be in our place than Buck’s.

  6. will drive many to the polls. This amendment is so harmful to women’s rights that it’s defeat is at least as important as any candidate on the ballot.

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