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October 19, 2010 12:37 AM UTC

Now THAT'S One Misleading Robocall

  • by: Colorado Pols

Can’t see the audio player? Click here.

This robocall, which apparently went out to registered Democrats only a couple of hours ago, could set a new standard for chutzpah–and maybe for slick deception as well. Amendment 62, as our readers know well, is the initiative to ban all abortions in the state of Colorado, as well as many common forms of birth control. Suffice to say, as was the case when the 2008 “personhood” initiative failed by over 70% of the vote, it’s not going to be very popular with Democrats.

How convenient then that the “Democrat” in this robocall doesn’t use the words “abortion” or “birth control” once, isn’t it? In fact, you’d never know from this call that Amendment 62 concerns reproductive issues: the caller only makes reference to “18,000 human beings [who] lose their lives every year because they are not protected by Colorado’s laws.” The message ends with the narrator imploring the listener, “as a fellow Democrat and human rights activist,” to support Amendment 62.

We assume that whoever paid for this (the recording does not appear to be identified at the end, as we thought was legally required) is hoping that some number of recipients will never check any other source, and will vote yes on 62 entirely on the strength of this robocall. Or, maybe they’re hoping to get Democrats who do know what this is angry about “fellow Democrats” supporting it?

Either way, somebody out there finds themselves very, very clever.


42 thoughts on “Now THAT’S One Misleading Robocall

    1. although I guess people like you mean we really have to remind ourselves that we support equal rights even for black people.

      Cuz you’re a racist, see.

    2. except drug dealers and casket makers.

      Of course, if you were truly pro-life, GOPper, honestly pro-life, look-yourself-in-face-in-the-the-mirror-and-say-that, pro-life:

      You’d have to be pro-life beyond birth, pro-healthy life, pro-life with civic equality, pro-good life, pro-life with financial stability, pro-veterans’ lives, pro-educated lives, pro-life unharmed by war, pro-compassionate life, pro-self-examined life, pro-life secure from rape, pro-life safeguarded against uncontrolled weapons sales, pro-life worldwide, pro-life with freedom of assembly, pro-life…. Get the picture?

      “Human rights” coming from you TeaPublicans? Ha. You’re not pro-Life, at all, GOPper. You’re a shallow ideological stooge for your rich Washington and Colorado Springs masters.

      However, want to know what I really think?

    3. Guppy, are you comparing yourself to a Zygote?

      Ok, maybe you do have something in common with a microscopic multicellular creature.  

      The brain cell count is about the same as yours.

  1. I had a “Republican” come to my door trying to get me to support Fischer and Bennet. Upon further questioning, I found out he was really a Democrat who just registers Republican to try to cause mischief.  

    1. infiltrating the republican party simply to cause mischief… NO one can be trusted. it flows from the TOP down! and I do mean from TOP people!

      Just look at Dick Wad-hams behavior? surely he has not done the party any favors.

      He is the best Operative Dems have ever produced.

      Suspect EVERYONE!

      You never know just who is a card carrying commie!

      McCarthyism is part and parcel of tea bag republican DNA.

      Stay vigilant bj!

  2. To ease the lines at the polls. Democrats will go vote first on Nov 2! so the high turnout of republicans will have all day Nov 3 to vote and voice their majority.

    (as well as not have to look at, smell or deal with all those Damned Liberal Democrats.)

  3. My friend thought the phrase “biological development” was quite obviously code language for abortion, but I suspected it wouldn’t be obvious to everyone.

    Just like Amendment 46 four years ago, where they tried to sell it as an equal rights measure without specifically saying it would eliminate affirmative action, right-wingers again seem to think we’re all as stupid as they are.

  4. None of these initiative campaigns has a whit of respect for the law. Is it any surprise that they don’t identify who paid for the call? What’s the inconsequential fine for that, anyway?

    Lawless situation…

  5. They can lie, deceive and cheat all they want and it still won’t pass.

    Let them do everything in their powers to skirt every legal law and requirement because when it fails again it will be really really demoralizing to them that they tried everything in the book and the majority of voters in this state told them NO they don’t support their ultra-extremist social engineering experiment.  They will try again in 2012 but the more they lose the less likely they’ll change opinions next time.  This ploy to enslave women will be even less likely to pass next time.

    The problem is that a issue that is close will be susceptible to this kind of election fraud.  We need to fine these organizations with something like 60% of their funding when they engage in fraudulent electioneering.  That would get some attention.

    1. Almost certainly they’re spoofing the number. If you call someone using Skype, for example, I think it assigns a basically random area code to the caller ID, so it can’t be all that difficult.

      1. and we had an additional, 206 area code number related to my wife’s job (she had worked for a Seattle company when we moved back to Denver) for a while. I’m not sure if there was a way to set it up to show as the number we were calling from on Caller ID, but it goes to show that there are other ways to get an out of state number while not actually being here in Colorado.

    1. The message is recorded and auto-dialers are used to place calls and then replay the message to either answering machines or humans if they get on the line.  It is extremely cheap because the call center doesn’t have to hire humans to repeat the message.  It is a cost effective way to place a lot of calls and not have to pay for any human help.  No wonder Republicans are in love with this telemarketing technique.  Republicans/evangelical extremists are all scam telemarketers are heart even when they are trying to obtain votes with fraudulent promotions.

  6. Amendment 62 has been well-publicized, esp. with the crossover with the Senate race. My opinion is that this was meant for some number of Dems to receive and think it’s Conservadem pandering. Not that many, but some. Sounds crazy to us junkies, but I could see some Democrats (looking at you, Romies) believing it to be “official” and using this as another excuse to stay home.

    That would also explain the lack of ID.

    1. as an attempt not to get caught in election fraud.  Federal election laws might get triggered if the calls are being made across state boundaries and lying, rat stinking scum like the evangelical extremists wouldn’t want to have their little hypocrisy of being dishonest Christians exposed.  Of course that is just the perspective of a conspiracy theorist.

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