Perlmutter Presses Frazier Stimulus Hypocrisy

In Saturday’s lively 9NEWS debate between Rep. Ed Perlmutter and Aurora City Council Ryan Frazier, one big takeaway emerged–and no, we’re not talking about the silly hand-slapping stuff. Perlmutter’s campaign is pressing the attack against Frazier after it was disclosed in this debate that a charter school Frazier co-founded has accepted over $100,000 in funds from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, known in the pejorative by Republicans as “teh stimulus.”

From Perlmutter’s release today:

It’s been nearly 48 hours, and Republican candidate for the 7th CD, Ryan Frazier, still refuses to answer questions about the more than $100,000 of Recovery Act money his charter school accepted.  After a 9 News Debate in which Ed Perlmutter revealed Frazier’s hypocrisy about Frazier’s position on the stimulus bill, Frazier acknowledged to The Denver Post that despite being a co-founder and Vice President of the School Board of High Point Academy who is charged with overseeing its budget, he didn’t know anything about the stimulus money the school received.

Frazier agreed to provide information to the public on this  but the questions remain:

1. Did Ryan Frazier show up and vote on his school’s budget or not?

2. Did Ryan Frazier do his fiduciary duty as Vice President of the Board of High Point Academy and read and take action on his school’s budget – or was Ryan Frazier a no-show on this board too?

3. Considering Frazier has missed over 30% of his City Council votes over the past 2 years, what is Frazier’s attendance record as a School Board member?

“The people of the 7th CD deserve honesty and integrity and Ryan Frazier is showing neither.  Frazier continues to use the national Republican talking points of saying the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) was a “failed stimulus.”  Yet Frazier won’t acknowledge the benefits of the program to his own school that used the  money to hire teachers and paraprofessionals to teach disabled children; or the jobs created to work on the I-225 and Colfax interchange in his own city of Aurora; or the thousands of teachers, firefighters, law enforcement officers, private sector businesses and research institutions in the 7th Congressional District alone that were able to maintain and create new jobs as a result” said Leslie Oliver, Perlmutter spokeswoman.

Ouch! Stimulus hypocrisy is all the rage these days, but it’s a lot worse when you’re on the board that approves the budgets of a school that took ARRA money–Frazier’s response during the debate that this is ‘the first he’s heard of it’ is pretty much only believable if you accept that Frazier wasn’t doing his job. Of course, the real issue is that Frazier in all likelihood knew all about this money, but didn’t consider it a campaign-trail mentionable. Which, you know, figures.

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  1. Go Blue says:

    FRAUD. Frazier is just another far right politician running a “do as I say, not as I do” campaign.

    • DaftPunk says:

      I think I hear Ryan’s balls on your chin.

      • Libertad says:

        As I’ve said before had Ed known the damage his votes for bailouts, ARRP, TARP, cap N trade, Obamacare, crushing bank regulations …. would have done, he would not have followed Obama-Pelosi over the cliff.

        Daft, your comments only expose your weak positions … you react like Ed did by slapping at Frazier (H-man in this case).  

        • GalapagoLarry says:

          Like you said.

          “Obama-Pelosi” came straight from your Washigton think-tank talking points memo. No thought behind that from you, personally. Simply a reaction to the money-guys that are using you as their tool. Last I knew, my bumper sticker says, proudly, “Obama-Biden”, but your handlers have told you to link Obama and Pelosi in some sort of lame “your mom wears combat boots” childish chant.

          Darn near every economist in America judges the “bailouts” to have actually been “investments”. But you TeaPublicans never want to think of investing; that means you wouldn’t get everything for free if you had to put forth something of your own to earn it.

          “Obamacare” is so tired. And not nearly as apt as “Bushwar” or “Cheneyboarding” or “Bonertan”, which, for some reason, never caught on.

          “crushing bank regulations” may be the reason the banks are setting record profit marks, but, hey, you’re a Palinsmarts type of guy: look it up. Read something besides the Weekly Standard or Washington Post, though.

          You were spot on, though when you caught daft about balls on your chins. As you experience it, it’s actually “scrotum”, isn’t it? Fess up.

    • Leonard Smalls says:

      Perlmutter should have been more in control of himself and realized that the hand-slapping business would distract from anything he wanted to drop in the debate. He arguably blew this debate as badly as Buck blew his by tanking a potent line of attack and creating a silly distraction.

  2. Interlocken Loop says:

    Frazier has lied about his business which near as I can figure has its international headquarters in a MailBoxes Etc. store having offices in Africa and Asia.  How come the press gives Frazier a pass on this?

    Is this race close or is Perlmutter cruising to victory?  They should call Ryan Frazier the Great Wheatie because he is an All American Flake

  3. Interlocken Loop says:

    Charts are helpful as they show recent fundraising and cash on hand.  Frazier and Tipton have done well but don’t have much cash left.  Cory Gardner seems to have a lot of cash for a final push.

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