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June 09, 2020 07:01 AM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Men are apt to prefer a prosperous error to an afflicted truth.”

–Jeremy Taylor


32 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

  1. Tucker Carlson just found out that George Soros put Tucker’s name on the FEMA reëducation camp list.

    1. Heritage and history?

      I've been to a lot of air bases and other other military installations in the world.

      I always never wondered why there was no US , Allied or NATO air Force based named Göring AFB.

          1. Draft dodge donnie and gorka together don't amount to one of mattis's used shoelaces.  I was a soldier (e-5) and on the staff at West Point.  We may have a friendly rivalry with the Marines but we respect them.

          2. Gorka, you may remember, proudly wore a medal linked to Hungarian Nazi sympathizers.  [“Gorka has said the medal merely honors his father.”]  PolitiFact did some research on the medal and say … well, maybe the group wasn’t explicitly Nazi by the time it gave the medal to his father.


            However, “The Forward also reported that from “2002 to 2007, while he was active in Hungarian politics and journalism … he had close ties then to Hungarian far-right circles, and has in the past chosen to work with openly racist and anti-Semitic groups and public figures.”

  2. Hooray for Bernie.  He’s come out again the dullard “Defund the police” movement, arguing that we need adequate funding to assure intelligent and well trained cops.

    Amen, bernie.

  3. Check out the Hickenlooper – Romanoff debate here. This is so short, it’s like a highlight reel. There are few in depth answers.

    Zelinger asks the best questions.

    The camera angles and lighting are not flattering to either candidate, to say the least. But Hickenlooper evaded most questions, while Romanoff at least tried to answer them. See for yourself. 
    Hickengroupers, you better be glad your guy has name rec and lots of money, because really, he did not do well for himself here. 

    1. Agree, the half-hour format didn’t work well, wasn’t much of substance that came out of the questions and answers, and no back-and-forth was allowed. But there was a clear difference between Romanoff and Hick – Romanoff had specific answers to questions, and in the short time allowed made clear who he is and what he stands for. I can’t remember any solid answers from Hick – he evaded issues such as oil and gas and his drinking fracking fluid folly. Yes, the at-home lighting and staging remains in the hands of amateurs but Hick’s camera angle, lighting, and slicked-down hair made him look like a lost boy coming out of the woods.

      And I’ll add, I don’t think Hick helped himself at all on the ethics commission Q&A – he didn’t have a good or direct answer on the contempt finding, and didn’t handle the topic well as to why he felt he was above the law in accepting gifts beyond what Colorado law allows. By now he should have good answers for both – he didn’t. His answers (in my opinion) conveyed a kind of Trumpian “I’m above the law” attitude.

    2. Those of us who know both of these gentlemen have already made up our minds. My opinion is well known (I take some pride in seeing the moniker “Frackenlooper” applied to the former guv., f’rinstance).

      I do not worry about the Dem vote in the primary. I think the Democratic vote will easily go to Andrew, while John has to count on the Unaffiliateds, and whatever crossover vote Cory has lost from the GOP for being a mini-me to the OD. If our favorite fracking fluid taste tester can use his NR and corporate lucre to convince Colorado to stall its forward progress toward that Colorado we know we can have, we all lose.

      John is not a bad man. His weakness is that he can’t see the substance behind the show…the forest for the trees. The jet trips to important functions, the speeches, the cute commercials…that is what John loves and is pretty good at. But John Hickenlooper has lived too long in the house of privilege and influence. He will never see the man behind the curtain. He will never understand the corrupting influence of the corporate profit imperative. 

      Those of you who know Andrew know that he was made for this moment. We need the man that Andrew Romanoff IS to be our next senator. We need his clarity…we need his honesty…we need his humility…and we need his experience as a listener and “understander”. The nation needs him, too.

  4. I watched with a small group of  under 25 year olds who dislike Trump and lean left in this cycle


    they liked the format
    – no applause lines
    – no crowd distraction
    – focus on Q&A

    None felt like anyone "won"
    ANd all agreed they heard of Hickenlooper more

  5. I give the edge overall in the debate to Romo but he erred badly by demanding "Defund the Police." Hick rightly argued to reform and improve the p olice.  Black lives matter and they are being slaughtered by the thousands in gang wars and drive by shootings.

    Hick has a good record of improving police accountability while reducing the violent crime that disproportionately victimizes blacks.  Even Bernie Sanders opposes defunding the police, recognizing that we should spend more to recruit and better train our police.

    Joe Biden also opposes defunding the police.  Cory Gardner will flay Romo mercilessly for his demands to defenestrate the police if Romo wins this election.

      1. True, but Gardner is going to brand either Hick or Andrew as a “Radical Left-Wing Socialist” in a pathetic attempt to cover for his mendacity, hypocrisy and Trump ass-kissing.  Cory’s used-tractor salesman smile is not wearing well any more.

        I think Colorado voters have had quite enough of the con man and will gladly vote for Andrew if he becomes the Democratic candidate. 

        1. Andrew's problem is money. He's not a good fundraiser. Will the national Dems be able to bail him out given his self-imposed restrictions?


          We know Gardner will have boatloads of money.

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