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June 04, 2020 10:20 AM UTC

The Turd Ferguson Hearings

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE #3: The Denver Post’s Justin Wingerter updates as the battle between Gov. John Hickenlooper and a technologically-challenged Independent Ethics Commission rages on:

“John Hickenlooper has made clear he will testify in person. Today’s debacle of a hearing has made clear that WebEx doesn’t work for a legal proceeding like this,” said Melissa Miller, a spokeswoman for Hickenlooper, referring to the video conferencing program. “We will be opposing the motion to enforce the subpoena.”

…Thursday’s hearing followed a weeks-long dispute between Hickenlooper’s attorneys and the Independent Ethics Commission in which Hickenlooper announced he would not testify, was subpoenaed by the IEC, fought that subpoena in court, then lost his court fight late Wednesday, 11 hours before the hearing.

It’s far from resolved as business comes to a close Thursday, but the considerable technical trouble encountered in today’s hearing certainly helped underscore Hickenlooper’s argument that due process would not be served. We’ll update as the creaky wheels of COVID-addled justice continue to turn.


UPDATE #2: State Sen. Bob Gardner has been talking for nearly an hour now. #TurdFergusonHearings


UPDATE: Whoa, boy…

The Colorado Independent Ethics Commission is today conducting — via something called WebEx — an ethics hearing into a hamhanded complaint against former Gov. John Hickenlooper made by an organization called Public Trust Institute that is basically a dark money-funded hit group. Hickenlooper did not want to appear at this virtual hearing because he was concerned about the glitchy software and buggy operation of the online hearing process.

He was not wrong.

As Marshall Zelinger of 9News Tweets:


Justin Wingerter of The Denver Post caught the absurdity early:

But don’t take our word for it. You can login yourself and watch the shit show.



19 thoughts on “The Turd Ferguson Hearings

  1. If you have the facts on your side, pound the facts. If you have the law on your side, pound the law. If you have neither on your side, pound the table.

    John Hickenlooper refuses to comply with subpoena and court order in ethics case: Colorado Attorney General’s Office says it will enforce subpoena

    “I believe our subpoena was very clear,” said Commissioner William Leone. And Hickenlooper, he said, was “currently in contempt of that subpoena.”

    The commission voted 5-0 to have the Attorney General’s Office enforce the subpoena. After the vote, commission Chair Elizabeth Espinosa Krupa said, “The Attorney General’s Office says it has a team on its way to enforce the subpoena.”

    1. I’m no Hickengrouper, and the ethics charge seemed to me to be pretty small potatoes, but his not showing up means that he is now the guy who defied a subpoena. 

      Not a good look when people are sick of “Law and Order” Republicans who don’t respect the rule of law for themselves.

      1. Yep … hard to imagine what could have emerged in the testimony that would be more damaging than becoming a politician who doesn't seem to want to attend, was subpoenaed, appealed to a court, lost, and chose to not show up

        Not long ago, some of us thought poorly about politicians who didn't respond to a subpoena — even BEFORE taking it to a judge.

        Taking that approach as primary ballots will be appearing in mailboxes within a week is — I guess — a bold move.   If there isn't a very clear explanation, I'm one voter who will be joining Team Andrew.

  2. The courts of Colorado have been functioning for several months on the Webex platform. There have been advisements, dispositional hearings, sentencings, and many other kinds of hearings – just about everything except jury trials. But Hick doesn’t think it’s fair for his ethics hearing to be held on Webex?

    I hope he has a better reason for defying a subpoena. 

      1. Not ideal of course. But it has been good enough for the courts of Colorado so that justice is not delayed. Why is it not good enough for Hick? I have yet to hear a good answer to that, and I have yet to hear a good answer re: why the "little people" have to obey a subpoena but Hick does not. 

  3. Oh my, Hick's attorney has miraculously decided that his client is now ready to comply with a subpoena and appear, on WebEx, at a hearing at another date.  Case must not be going well.

    The offer was to have Hick appear, over WebEx, on the 16th.  The commission is disinclined, after having experienced Hick's middle finger. "We've had assurances before that he would show, and he didn't"

    And, the commission unanimously finds Hick in contempt– they are very unhappy with him.  The hearing is continued until tomorrow when they will decide what sanctions will be levied against the ex-governor.  These could include a variety of things: financial penalties, assessing costs, deeming evidence presented as proven against him, his defenses stricken.

    For anyone shitting on WebEx, the problems were largely the commission staff being overwhelmed by the interest in this case and the usual muting and talking over each other.  Some idiot typing in a joke name isn't the hearings.  These have been no worse than any business meeting and are no more than we've demanded of our civil and criminal justice systems.

    Regardless of the merit of the charges, Hick done fucked this shit up. Incompetence on the part of his advisers, or arrogance.  Absolutely amazing. Personally, I was stunned that his lawyer didn't have Hick in another room ready to go on when this started going down. I genuinely thought that would be the play.

    Peace, all. See you in November.

    1. Regardless of the merit of the charges, Hick done fucked this shit up. Incompetence on the part of his advisers, or arrogance.

      That last word.


  4. Hick's senate campaign is getting as clownish as was his presidential campaign. I can hardly wait to see what he does next to further Gardner's reelection.

      1. Truth! And, after all, it's not reasonable to expect deftness from the senate campaign of a fellow who's "not cut out to be a senator."

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