More Fun With Press Releases: Bold, Italicized and Underlined Lies

Rachel Boxer, the spokesperson for Republican Cory Gardner’s campaign for congress in CD-4, might have put out this press release a tad too quickly. It’s always a good idea to read these things over again, or else you end up with headlines like this:

Betsy Markey resorting to bold face lies

We’re guessing she meant to say “bald-faced lies” but perhaps correct grammar is just another one of those tricks that Rep. Betsy Markey uses to fool her constituents. Or maybe Markey really does lie in darker colors (you can always tell if she is telling the truth if she speaks in a slanted tone like this).

The full press release is after the jump (and no, the whole thing isn’t bold faced).

Betsy Markey resorting to bold face lies

Congresswoman Betsy Markey outright lies and completely disregards the Colorado Constitution in her latest negative ad attacking Cory Gardner.

“Rep. Markey should be embarrassed and ashamed of her latest attempt to save her political career,” said Rachel Boxer, spokeswoman for the Gardner campaign.  “The only candidate in this race that has a record of higher taxes is Rep Markey-she supported the government takeover of our healthcare system, a national energy tax and the $787 billion stimulus bill.”    

House Bill 1158, which is the subject of Markey’s latest attack, was designed to protect private property rights and keep the courts from voiding private sale contracts.  It had absolutely nothing to do with taxes.  The Taxpayers Bill of Rights requires voter approval of any new tax or taxing entity.  Clearly there is no TABOR question presented in this bill.

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  1. Voyageur says:

    It’s much better to be someone like bjwilson83.  He usually tells his lies in italic type.  Much easier on the eyes.

  2. bjwilson83 says:

    Tancredo has “bumberstickers” on his site. Why don’t you go spend some more time attacking a grammatical mistake rather than doing something like, say, focusing on the issues facing Colorado.  

  3. Did Markey have to resort to bold face because she ran out of larger font sizes and bold’s the best she’s got left?

    Or do I have it backwards, and the old lies were in italics or hiding in plain text and she’s had to upgrade to bold to make her point?

    Maybe it’s a Google search optimization thing…  I hear bold face is good for that.

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