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October 09, 2010 06:08 AM UTC

Diaries of a Rubber Stamp #6

  • by: bjwilson83

It’s football season, and Rubberstamp Man wants to get in on the action. He sets up a play to try to get to Michael Bennet. Can he pull it off?

Bennet thugs 1, Rubberstamp Man 0  


16 thoughts on “Diaries of a Rubber Stamp #6

  1. If “Rubberstamp Man” is supposed to be Bennet, why is he in opposition to his own supposed thugs?

    Mommy really did skip the whole Critical Thinking Skills 101 portion of your “education” didn’t she?

    1. Bennet has been running from his record the entire campaign. The fact he is nothing more than a Rubberstamp for Obama and Reid certainly provides the need to run from his record.

      Now he is not only running from his record he is sacrificing staff members personal welfare to beat back his record. You have to admit watching the lady falling to the ground in her feeble attempt to hold Bennet’s record at bay was worth at least a giggle.

        1. She was the agressor. Nice attempt at altering the facts. You will go far as a propagandist! Memo to “blockers” You are engaging in activity that requires balance, strength, agility, and a sense of your capabilities.  

          1. You call people “socialist” but don’t even know what socialism is. You can’t even spell, although I’m sure you supported “official English” initiatives 20 years ago. And if you’re a “colawman” (which brings up images of rural deputies who pin badges to denim shirts rather than a uniform), you’re probably abusing your access to databases and running background checks on people who don’t agree with you via their IP addresses.

            A real American hero, aren’t you? Shit.

            1. The comment about about running backgrounds certainly speaks to your paranoia. LOL. I apologize for calling you a Socialist. I see now you are just a progressive who hears voices in your head and believe people are tracking your IP address. Pathetic!

              1. But at least I understand what I’m talking about, because I study issues before forming opinions about them, rather than trusting daddy figures in the media to tell me what’s what.

                I’m called Aristotle because I’m guided by a philosophy that embraces morals and ethics. What guides you? Fear? Avarice? Hate? I know it’s not love of country or your fellow man. It’s not a desire to see America be the best it can be. So tell me what you believe. I’m all ears.

                  1. Your signature line is pretty funny as your signature line.  

                    I am sure your use  and my amusement are mostly unrelated.

                    However, just a thought – when a poster suggests that you might say of yourself “I’m a senseless maroon”  you should snag it.  It would be funnier by one – it would go to 11.

          2. Let’s see…..

            1) guy planning to assault US Senator

            2) guy hiding in bushes

            3) guy runs at Senator

            4) woman intervenes, guy evades her and she falls

            5) woman gets up and rengages guy

            You guys are idiots. Your candidate is a liar – and if he wins you’re going to find that out the hard way.

            But this costume dude is just stoopid. It doesn’t motivate the base. It doesn’t persuade anyone. It doesn’t present a media moment.  It’s nothing.  It would be less than nothing, except then it becomes something again.  ANd it’s really nothing.

  2. That’s what my mom always said about the boys who threw worms at girls on the playground in grammar school.  

    She also said that when they do that, it means they’ve got a little crush and want to get you attention.

    Maybe BluffJob has some closet affections and doesn’t know a grownup way to show them…

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