Musgrave Endorses Gardner in CD-4

Republican Cory Gardner, who is seeking to unseat Democratic Rep. Betsy Markey in CD-4, recently received the endorsement of former CD-4 Rep. Marilyn Musgrave in a fundraising letter sent out to supporters that also included the endorsements of former Republican Rep. Bob Schaffer and former GOP Senators Hank Brown and Wayne Allard.

The support of Brown and Allard, and to a much lesser extent, Schaffer, is nice for Gardner to have. But does he really gain anything from getting the vocal support of Marilyn Musgrave? After all, the two-term Republican Musgrave was so unpopular that she barely survived her 2006 re-election before getting pummeled by Markey to the tune of 12 points in 2008 (and then being named the “Sorest Loser in America“).

We don’t see the benefit of Musgrave’s endorsement, but what do you think? Vote in the poll after the jump.

On another note, we did get a good chuckle out of the fundraising letter containing Musgrave’s endorsement. The prose is gooey-thick and maybe a tad overboard on the hyperbole with lines like this:

When we see the “Gardner for Congress” campaign, it’s like something right out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

We weren’t sure which Norman Rockwell painting Musgrave and friends was referencing, but after a quick search online, we found it:

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  1. Voyageur says:

    I voted no, it didn’t help.  But if she had stiffed him, it would have hurt.  Image the D flyer “Cory Gardner is so far right that even Marilyn Musgrave won’t support him”

     Sometimes, you have to minimize the negative and Marily not on board is worse than Marilyn on board.

  2. colawman says:

    The headline needs to be edited. Marilyn Musgrave “supports” Gardner. I understand their is a very minor connotation but since we were petty earlier I think Coloradopols should be equally petty and deceitful regarding this headline.

  3. onebigrepublican says:

    Musgrave won every county handily except for two.  If that fundraising letter were sent out to some of those folks in the zip codes tha Musgrave won big in, it might be enough to keep some of the far righ’s from “going there” with the third party candidates.  From a strategic point of view it makes sense.  I’m not certain I would have sent that letter out to any zips in Larimer or Weld.

  4. bjwilson83 says:

    You thought she was going to endorse Markey?

    • onebigrepublican says:

      and concede her 2008 Congressional race to Markey on election night. THIS YEAR!  

      Then we won’t have to hear the sore loser comments anymore.  LOL

      I’m sure Markey will be making a concession call that evening as well.  Why not knock em all out on one evening? LOL

    • Voyageur says:

      But if you remember the buzz the media made when Norton did NOT attend Buck’s “Unity Rally”

      you can guess what would have happened if Marilyn had NOT endorsed Cory.

        She won’t really help him (few endorsements of one politician by another politician do) but appearing to diss him would have hurt him.

      Marilyn is much too smart to fall into that trap.

    • Colorado Pols says:

      The question isn’t about whether Musgrave would endorse Markey instead. It’s about whether Gardner benefits from Musgrave’s endorsement or if he would be better off if she just stayed quiet. It’s not like people are clamoring to know who Musgrave supports.

      • bjwilson83 says:

        People would question it if she didn’t endorse him.

      • Libertad says:

        … he wants to bring more market forces to bear in reducing the costs of health care. He also recognizes that the better way to rebuild the economy is to bring regulatory certainty to the private sector. He doesn’t believe in boosting employment through additional stimulus spending or putting government in the role of picking winners and losers in the marketplace.

        We think Gardner will be a thoughtful conservative in the model of Hank Brown, and ultimately will be a better fit for a district that stretches along the Eastern Plains and into Greeley and Fort Collins.

        We hope to see Gardner take his message of fiscal discipline to Washington …

        Read more: Gardner right for the 4th CD – The Denver Post

        We’ll see if they can use the same logic in their Senatorial endorsement.

  5. onebigrepublican says:

    The DCCC has shaved the size of its ad reservations in 6 districts where Democrats are running behind their Republican challengers in polls. These include CO 04, where Rep. Betsy Markey has consistently trailed state Rep. Cory Gardner (R). Similarly, the DCCC has moved its ad reservations a week later in NM 02, where Rep. Harry Teague (D) is facing an uphill fight against former Rep. Steve Pearce (R).

    I posted this earlier in the day, but this thread seems more appropriate.

  6. H-man says:

    It has been a bad week for Betsy.  The Dem cancel her ads for the last week of the campaign and now the state’s largest newspaper endorses her oponent.

    Too bad, so sad.

  7. Awen says:

    The sun rose in the east and set in the west today.

  8. bluto blutarsky says:

    If I were Gardner, I’d run from the venom spit forth from Musgrave’s maw.  Isn’t she the cow that wanted to steal benefits from our soldiers and then graduated to the repuke pig who was without enough class to concede to Markey a few years back?

    Hmmm…another big, blonde, bouffant know-nothing & do-nothing hairdo, hoofing about like she still really matters much.

    Go Cory – you must be so proud to have a sow like Musgrave giving you permission to slop at her old trough!

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