Who Are These Guys and What do They Want from Ken Buck?

Or why are they afraid of Michael Bennet?

American Crossroads , aka “Karl Rove’s Superpac”

is a Political Action Committee incorporated as a 527.  

The reference to Karl Rove is accurate, but he is just the most recognizable of many advisors and officers,  (Mike Duncan, Chairman,  Steven J. Law, President, Jo Ann Davidson,  Jim Dyke,

Carl Forti, Karl Rove, Ed Gillespie)

As a 527, America Crossroads may spend as much as they want on behalf of any candidate they choose.  So who are the funders? It’s not exactly transparent, though the past two months a pattern is beginning to emerge.  

It is useful to also understand that America Crossroads is affiliated with Crossroads GPS  which is incorporated as a non-profit and is not required to disclose donors.

Now that America Crossroads is putting up nearly another million dollars in the CO Senate campaign on behalf of Senator Buck or against Senator Bennet, depending on how you look at it, it would be helpful to know who the money comes from and what they want from Ken Buck.

So, as reported in by Justin Elliot in Salon and Rachel Maddow, the past two months America Crossroads has received more than 91% of it’s funding form just a few billionaires.

Trevor Rees-Jones – Dallas oil and gas lawyer/investor (not the body guard)

Robert Rowling – Texas lawyer whose family fortune started with oil and gas and who has since acquired Omni Hotelsand Gold’s Gyms

Carl Linder – Ohio billionaire and Chairman of AMerican Financial Group (AFG)

Jerry Perenchio – tv, movie and entertainment executive who really hit the big money when he sold Univision in 2006.


Yes, these guys have a track record of donating to R candidates. Yes, there is no law against it.  Though there ought to be a more transparent  disclosure requirement about who they are, and how much they spend on behalf of candidates.

Oh, btw, recall the America Crossroads affiliate, Crossroads GPS?  AP is reporting that a complaint has been filed with the IRS claiming that Crossroads GPS has violated their non-profit incorporation by criticizing political candidates and making donations that would void their incorporated status.

So, despite shills here on CoPols claiming otherwise,  it is incumbent Republic  Buck’s campaign receiving millions in support and media from a few individuals, who don’t live in Colorado. What do they want form him?

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    • dlof says:

      The better question is “why are we letting big-moneyed interests from out of state dictate Colorado politics?”  Or, did we answer that when they convinced Republicans to nominate (rhymes with) Buck?

  1. ajb says:

    So the rest of us have to pay more.


  2. H-man says:

    Come on.

    Mikey still goes to sleep with the light on.

  3. JLD says:

    Seems like the obvious answer is that they support a Republican majority.  Assumptions that include conspiracy theories generally fall flat because you’re looking into it too much.

    The group expects to get votes for conservative policies more often with buck as senator than if Rubberstampman is senator.  Since they want to push that type of policy ultimately, they throw money at winnable races to get their preferred candidate in office.

    Seriously, quit the med pot, it’s making you paranoid.

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