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September 30, 2010 08:17 PM UTC

Frank McNulty. Not Helping.

  • by: Colorado Pols

The further response of Rep. Frank McNulty to revelations this week of numerous legislative candidates with criminal and legal problems in their background, as reported by FOX 31’s Eli Stokols, really needs to be seen by every voter in the state of Colorado.

“Certainly there are some offenses that are more serious than others, but, speaking broadly, I believe that most Coloradans are forgiving as long as you’re up front with them,” said Rep. Frank McNulty, the Highlands Ranch Republican overseeing the GOP’s effort to win back a majority in the statehouse…

“You’re seeing normal people [Pols emphasis] stepping up and running for office,” McNulty said. “You see folks who are ordinary people, who face the real challenges that families in Colorado face and that have the real problems that people in Colorado have.”

…Now that he has the fuller story, McNulty doesn’t think it will be devastating to Webster’s campaign. “Even though you have folks with blemishes on their record, some more serious than others, this is something people should recognize as being a slice of Colorado,” McNulty said. “These are honest, everyday folks who want to go out and serve their neighbors in the state legislature.” [Pols emphasis]

In the case of Clint Webster, the Republican nominee for Rep. Sue Schafer’s HD-24 seat, it’s now been established that he wasn’t “honest” about what happened at all. Webster, contrary to what he told two reporters, actually fired two shots at his ex-wife–not merely threats, folks.

But that’s just a sideshow to the real problem here.

Reporter Lynn Bartels of the Denver paper, as well as our own post on the research into these candidates, very clearly establish that Republicans recruited numerous candidates with violent criminal backgrounds, including confirmed cases of battering women, assaulting police officers, and child abuse. There are very few voters out there who will, with the full facts of these cases in view, agree with McNulty that a guy who takes shots at his ex-wife, or records Youtube videos wearing a wrestling mask and posing with assault rifles, represents “a slice of Colorado.”

In fact, it could be the most self-destructive rejoinder since “it’s all Rolly Fischer’s fault.”


45 thoughts on “Frank McNulty. Not Helping.

  1. Posing with weapons and shooting at your ex-wife certainly does not represent me. But since the Co GOP has advanced these people to the lead, it is fair to say that they represent Colorado Republicans. And if these type win at the local, state and national levels, it would be reasonable to assume that they also represent the people at large.

    It would sadden me personally, but just maybe, that is what America wants.

  2. It’s ridiculous that I have to repeat myself like this.

    THIS IS OUR YEAR. We could nominate Mickey Mouse and the voters would give us Rep. Mickey Mouse. Nobody even knows what legislative district they live in. They are going to the polls to oust Bennet and vote Republican down the ticket.

    You’re just making it harder for good people to serve, because they are going to win.

        1. in the assembly and primary who preferred Mickey Maes, in spite of the obvious flaws and stink of incompetence.  

          But you set the bar pretty low, eh?  Felons, wife beaters, and the like are just ‘good people’ in your mind if they have an (R) after their names.


        1. What about the article was a lie? Isn’t it a FACT that Webster fired two shots at his ex-wife? Or are you saying that’s a lie – and if so what’s your proof?

    1. “You’re just making it harder for good people to serve, because they are going to win.”

      Can anybody explain just what (h-e-double-toothpick) this statement means?

            1. Basement warrior’s writing style is more coherent than Libby’s.  But he is a 99 percent psycho (I will concede one post of his was gracious and on point, it talked about a good clean fight in the weeks ahead.)  Libby is an inchoate writer, but at least he tries to back up his ideas with facts, charts, etc.  I used to war with libby like Steve Harvey did with the Beej, but we’ve sort of made our peace.  T least, he’s a family guy who actually cares for this state, however warped his politics may be.  One of these days, when we find the time, he’s going to share a beer with me.

              1. I dont take the time to communicate the written word well … run on sentences, no spell check …

                Its like government … effective message = effective delivery like less taxes = better ROI or something like that.

      1. These candidates are going to win, and all you’re doing is smearing and demotivating them. I would rather have them enter the legislature with their heads held high.

        As I said before, and Jesus before me, let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

        1. Glad to see you never engage in anything like that, GOPwarrior. As you say, “Let him who is without sin…”

          But seriously: a person who attempted to murder his wife shouldn’t be serving as a representative. Some of the other stuff in the article was small potatoes – and lumping in people who had to file for bankruptcy sometime in the distant past was ridiculous – but Webster is a horror show.

          Or do you really consider Websiter a fine candidate who deserves to hold his head high?

        2. This character should never be allowed to hold his head high. His name should be changed to Attempted Killer and if he wins when they call the roll for votes read that name.

        3. nor is it a smear.  People who use guns in anger should not be elected.  Party makes no difference here.  

          I have committed many sins, but none would kill a fellow Coloradan.

        4. you might’ve said it before but there’s no factual evidence that this supposed Jesus ever said it … so why go crediting fictional characters, unless y’all like them fairytales  

    2. you would vote for a turtle with an “R” painted on its shell. (you do not fool anybody)

      I am glad to see the tea bag republican party so accurately represented with all the Wife shooting, shoplifting, bond skipping, stalking, pill popping, court order ignoring alcoholic, Arsonist, felons this year!

      All these and more (regular folks) make up the tea bag republican party. “woo-hoo.”

    3. You’re saying that you consider Webster totally qualified to serve, even though he tried to kill his ex-wife?

      You’re fine with someone like that being a legislator?

      I just want to make sure I understand your position correctly.

      I’ll tell you that as a Democrat, if my candidate had a record like that revealed, I’d be renouncing him and either supporting someone else or not voting at all. Kind of like what you’re doing with Maes.

    4. You may have to look that up.

      Here’s the short version.  Non sequiturs cause a listener to respond incredulously, “Say wha’???”


      1. It’s about you Dems, not us. The anger at Democrats is because of how badly they have screwed up. Republicans know we have a lot to prove, and we will.

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