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July 06, 2006 08:00 AM UTC

Lamm Raises $243,000 in Q2

  • by: Colorado Pols

Democrat Peggy Lamm raised $243,000 in Q2 in her congressional campaign for CD-7. Click below for the full press release…

Peggy Lamm today announced her campaign has raised $243,000 for the second fundraising quarter of 2006.? This number reflects the highest fundraising quarter total for Lamm during her run for the 7th Congressional District. Recent polling shows Lamm is the candidate to beat in the August 8th Democratic Primary. This polling is consistent with four other polls made public this year.

?People are looking for a change in Washington,? said Lamm. ?That means someone who has the guts and spine to stand up to the special interests and bring a backbone to Congress. The voters are looking for someone who won?t sell them out or give favors to big oil and developers.? They?re looking for someone like me who has a record of standing up for people on the issues that matter to them.?

Lamm?s FEC report for the period ending June 30 shows that her campaign raised $243,000. To date Lamm has raised $650,000 in her pursuit of the open 7th Congressional District seat. This shows an upward trend in fundraising for the Lamm campaign and is obviously tied to the momentum Lamm is seeing from the people of the 7th Congressional District.

It is obvious that Lamm?s message of bringing change to Washington is resonating with voters.

?I want to go to Washington to make sure everyone?s voice is heard, not just the corporate special interests,? said Lamm. ?I will stand up and fight for the people of Colorado as their next Representative.?


12 thoughts on “Lamm Raises $243,000 in Q2

  1. Impressive numbers from the Lamm Campaign.  It looks like people are starting to realize who can really win this seat for the Dems…

  2. Does anyone honestly think Peggy Lamm can beat Rick O’Donnell after seeing her do that interview with John Ferrugia? How is that interview explained away? How is anyone going to get elected to Congress when she cannot even say where she lives?
    Get real folks this Lamm may have enough in the tank to beat Perlmutter but no way does she go to Washington

  3. Eh, I don’t have the figure in front of me, but I think her totals are still trailing what Perlmutter was at last quarter, meaning he’s still comfortably ahead financially.  I do enjoy how her press release is loaded with allusions to the line of attack her campaign is taking at Perlmutter.  I’m guessing that if they can get through the primary they’ll just carry over the same rhetoric to O’Donnell.  Merlino is darn good in this respect.  I haven’t checked the FEC yet, but I’m guessing that about $100K or so is from EmilysList, but I couldn’t say for sure at this point.

  4. Man, if she raised a $100K from Emily’s List, more power to her. After all, every single candidate from any of the other CD races is looking and hoping for the same thing.

    I tend to lean Perlmutter myself but I see zero sense in rehashing or bashing her EL contributions.

  5. Uh, I left out one very key phrase here, “every single candidate from any of the other CD races is looking and hoping for national money.” Saying “the same thing” sort of implies the boys are hoping for Emily’s List to start including men.

  6. I wouldn’t bash Emilys money, it’s a huge windfall for Lamm.  Generally EmilysList is a great PAC, but I was little disheartened by their description of Ed on their website.  That’s to be expected though.

  7. Here is how Emily’s List described Ed Perlmutter.
    Before she can face O’Donnell, Lamm must defeat Ed Perlmutter, a Denver attorney and former state senator with strong ties to the oil and gas industries. Perlmutter, who described himself as “a pretty conservative individual,” attended Promise Keeper meetings and voted to give $21 million in tax breaks to mining interests while making it harder to strengthen Colorado’s clean air laws; cosponsored legislation the Denver Post dubbed “an oil industry dream bill”; and belonged to the Colorado Gas and Oil Association, which supports the Bush administration’s plan to drill for oil in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

    Is this not 100% accurate?
    But, than how in the world can Peggy defend herself when Rick O’Donnell shows that John Ferrugia interview over and over again?

  8. Ed has less money on hand than Peggy.
    Ed raised a whole lot more money than Peggy.
    Where did the money go?
    How do you end up spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and having so little name recognition?

  9. Wow-This report is way above expectations.  It shows that Peggy has stolen the fundraising momentum from the past 6 months, along with leading in every single poll.  With this momentum, Perlmutter’s camp must be worried.

  10. I think Peggy can and will beat Little Ricky in November, unless Every Way Ed has a hissy fit and undermines her in the general election.  Poll numbers to date have been backing up my theory.

  11. Good luck to ROD if he plans on getting any traction from the KMGH interview. Rube Herbenstein’s folks had it in Kos and YouTube many months ago and bragged of tens of thousands of downloads with no effect. I think ROD will have a better plan, but I admit I’m a supporter of his.

    And don’t blame Em’s List or others for sinking Perlmutter. Every Way Ed’s record is the culprit there.

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