The “Buckpedal Files,” Bush Tax Cuts Edition

It’s been a tough few days for GOP Senate candidate Ken Buck. Beginning with a post last Saturday at this blog with video of Buck’s reversal of position on a national sales tax (once again picked up around the country), the week saw several major stories on Buck’s flip-flop on the Colorado abortion ban amendment, then more video with Buck expressing support for privatization of the Veteran’s Administration–that one landed Buck an ignominious spot on MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann as the “Second Worst Person in the World.”

Something is happening here, folks. We’ve complained, as have many others, that Buck’s wholesale reversals since his primary election win over Jane Norton were not being adequately covered in the press, or were even being openly whitewashed by editorial boards who don’t seem to read what their newsroom reports. An editorial from the major Denver newspaper this week, very candidly pointing out these reversals, is welcome evidence that this may be changing.

And it’s about to get worse for Buck. Last night, we were forwarded the two video clips you can see above. The first is from an interview with Buck by the Washington Post from late last month–in it, Buck is asked if he believes that the Bush tax cuts should be “paid for” or “offset” some way to prevent expansion of the deficit. Buck’s response? “I don’t think so.” Because, you see, tax cuts spur economic growth, and if we had just had some tax cuts instead of that awful stimulus, “people would be back to work.”

But wait, didn’t the stimulus cut taxes for 95% of American families? In fact, wasn’t the stimulus act comprised of over 40% tax cuts? We digress–and it gets better anyway.

The second clip is from an undated interview with 9NEWS’ Adam Schrager on Your Show. We’ll admit that this is a Ken Buck we have never seen before–Buck talks about the obligation to our children regarding the deficit, but says that we’re going to have to “look at our place in the world order,” presumably in reference to vast military spending in the last decade which has added to the deficit. And he says that we will have to–not a misquote, folks–“perhaps raise taxes.”

Now, we don’t know what it’s going to take to get the Ken Buck who doesn’t give a crap about the deficit in the same room with the Ken Buck who does, but we’d say they probably ought to figure out which Ken Buck voters are supposed to believe. As with all of these back-to-back clips coming out of the woodwork of Buck contradicting himself, only one of them depicts how he really feels.

And that sums up Buck’s emerging problem, problems with individual issues but also an overarching theme: you can’t trust Buck. He says whatever you want to hear.

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  1. dmindgo says:

    I can understand voters liking or not liking the candidates.  We all want to vote on the issues but we vote on personality.  It comes down to what would Buck do if elected?  He comes across as another conservative (D or R, doesn’t matter) who talks tough on immigration, health care, taxes, the debt, and other issues but will always vote based on the insider game.  It’s all about how he can twist the facts to make his votes seem different from what they are.  Honestly, I don’t have a clue as to how he would vote on any issue, except to vote no on anything the Dems support.


  2. sxp151 says:

    I don’t know why! But it is!

    There, now bj can relax a bit after church.

  3. MADCO says:

    That’s right campers, after he cut taxes, he saw that the debt was large and growing faster than GDP so the debt  was getting worse not better. And he did the right thing for America and the free world – he raised taxes.  ANd you know what – it worked.

    His main economic advisor on all things budgetary – David Stockman, inventor of “supply side* economics”  – has acknowledged that supply side is only true at the far end of the curve.  And if the US was ever there, it hasn’t been there in a long , long time.

    If Buck says whatever I want to hear I want to hear  this-

    : how should the US tax code work? Does he favor a consumption tax (regressive) or the FAIR tax or a progressive income tax?

    Why does he believe gay soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines should be second class citizens? Or even criminals?

    Why does he think it’s the gov’t’s role to decide who people can fall in love with and wed? or whether or not someone should choose to use birth control? Or whether and when a woman chooses to have a baby?

    When should the US invade a foreign country? occupy it? Depose their head of government? rebuild their nation?

    Why is  does N. Korea  having nukes not warrant an invasion (Bush) but if anyone else, especially Iran, even attempts it does?

    What would he advocate to secure the loose nukes in Pakistan, the other “stans” and Russia?

    Does he have any firmly held, positively stated, political position that has remained unchanged from his recent  primary? Even one?

  4. MADCO says:

    The recession is over.

    So is Buck more like Bush Jr?  All tax cuts are good all the time, especially for the top 1%.

    Or is he more like Reagan? When the debt is large and growing faster than GDP tax cuts are wrong – tax increases are required.

    I suspect he’s more like Wayne Allard- Stay quiet,  do what he’s told to do, the way he’s told to do it, when he’s told to do it.

  5. Froward69 says:

    as Buck keeps passing the buck.

    Buck says different things to different crowds, depending on what he believes they want to hear.

    This is just the latest example.

    Buck is a shameless panderer nothing more.  

  6. Gray in Mountains says:

    All the buckpedaling while at the same time trying to run a Family Planning Clinic

  7. JeffcoBlue says:

    You can tell how problematic a story is for the Buck campaign by how long it takes the Buckhead shill army to flood this blog after it goes up.

    Given that it’s been almost two hours, and not a peep from the H-man, the Beej or the GOPweenie, I’d say hearing Buck admit we might need to raise taxes after all has left them a bit dizzy.

    It’s alright, boys! Have some Kool-Aid and jump back in where you are. Let no facts come between you and TEH CERTAIN VICTORY!1!

    • Froward69 says:

      put up TWO puff pieces today. one for Buck and one for Bennet.

      the comments are predictable… with the republicans jumping all over the Bennet one with crap like “this leftist paper” “Propaganda!” Blah Blah Blah…  

      the usual hateful BS is flowing freely.

      Then the national Buzz going on over Bucks appearance on Face The Nation. nearly everyone is labeling Buck with what we here already know… “This Teabagger Buck is INSANE!”

  8. bjwilson83 says:

    He said “perhaps” raise taxes, among other things; now he says he “doesn’t think” raising taxes is a good idea right now. You twisted each of those statements further than they were meant to go.

  9. GOPwarrior says:

    Buck spoke in the second clip with conviction about the solemn responsibility we have to our descendants to not leave them in massive debt. The difference is I trust Buck to follow through with the spending cuts needed to make that happen. No one trusts Rubber Stamp Bennet.

  10. ScottP says:

    Could this be why Buck’s antics aren’t being reported as much?

    If the Post reported Buck’s inconsistencies half as much as this site has, there’s be a 24/7 Tea Party protest outside their offices.

    • EmeraldKnight76 says:

      was shown to be completely incompetent in a series of interviews, she managed to turn it around and vilify the media. From the first moment she uttered the ignorant “lamestream media” phrase (a child’s response) the media has run the other direction. They’ve overcompensated by handling all Tea Party candidates with kid gloves.

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