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July 05, 2006 08:00 AM UTC

Democrats Announce Special Session Legislation

  • by: Colorado Pols

Click below for the full press release, including the list of bills sponsored by Democrats…


For the special session on illegal immigration, Democratic House and Senate leadership have created a package of bills that is tough, practical, fair and in accordance with Governor Owens? ?call.?

?The meter is running and the people of Colorado expect effective solutions to this problem, not symbolic gestures,? said House Speaker Andrew Romanoff, D-Denver. “The proposals we’ve crafted for the special session are legal, enforceable, and affordable.?

?We must pass tough, fair, and practical solutions to Colorado?s illegal immigration issues,? said Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald (D-Coal Creek Canyon). ??The Legislature will address the employment that attracts illegal immigrants to Colorado and the services that are provided to them.

?There has been a chronic failure of the federal government to adequately address illegal immigration. ?The Colorado Legislature will make use of the tools at the state?s disposal to address the problem.?

Special Session Legislation listed with prime sponsor of the bill:

State services for U.S. citizens
? Sen. Hagedorn
? Prohibits state and local governments from providing services to illegal immigrants, except children, emergency services and K-12 education, which are mandated by federal law.

Fines for employers who submit fraudulent information
? Rep. Solano
? Imposes significant fines on employers who submit false or fraudulent employee documentation to the state regarding identification of their employees.

Prohibits tax benefits for employers who hire illegal immigrants
? Rep. Benefield
? Prohibits businesses from exempting taxable wages earned by undocumented employees.

Requires employers to withhold state income taxes
? Rep. A. Kerr
? Requires employers to withhold tax on compensation paid to an employee whose compensation is reported on Form 1099 and who has failed to provide a valid taxpayer identification number

Voter registration and voting requirements
? Sen. Gordon
? Requires a person to provide verifiable identification, in terms of citizenship, to register to vote, and vote.

Concerning human trafficking related crimes
? Rep. Borodkin
? Criminalizes coercion of involuntary servitude

Concerning human trafficking related crimes
? Sen. Shaffer
? Makes the act of threatening an individual with reporting illegal status to officials for the purpose of extorting money a felony.

Concerning human trafficking related crimes
Sen Williams
Criminalizes the act of extorting money in exchange for not disclosing illegal status

Timely Colorado Supreme Court responses for ballot initiatives
? Sen. Veiga
? Measure ensures a timely response from the Colorado Supreme Court concerning proposed ballot initiatives by changing the term ?promptly? to ?30 days?

Concerning age limits for common law marriages
? Sen. Boyd
? Raises the age of consent in common law marriage to conform to the statutory age requirements contained in the Uniform Marriage Act


10 thoughts on “Democrats Announce Special Session Legislation

  1. You need to remember, Coffman had over $60,000 in the bank to start with.  Gordon started his fundraising from scratch, and is out speaking to the voters and asking for individual checks.  Coffman is taking money from the big money bandits.

    I think Gordon is going to be able to raise money while turning votes his way, instead of relying on the Country Club Elites.

  2. Calling this special session was a major mistake by the R’s. As I am reading these bill titles I realized that we just handed the single winning issue for R’s this year to the D’s.

  3. I have not read the bill that Gordon is sponsoring, but as an election judge, I worry about anything that makes it more difficult for law-abiding folks (99.99999999999999% of all voters) to vote. Showing ID has already caused several issues, I’m afraid proof-of-citizenship will be a hard bar to jump over for a lot of people.
    I’ve been looking for my passport for a couple of weeks now and still have not found it! My birth certificate is not of any real help because I changed my name in 1996 so it does not match, I don’t want to have to drag all of my documents with me just to vote.

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