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September 15, 2010 01:45 AM UTC

Suthers: "CaldaraCare" Great (If I Win, and Nobody Needs Medicaid)

  • by: Colorado Pols

An interesting exchange from a couple of weeks ago, between conservative commentator Jon Caldara, chief proponent of this year’s Amendment 63–the initiative that would attempt to exclude Colorado from federal health care reform provisions–and Colorado Attorney General John Suthers, who in addition to running for reelection has also joined a number of other state attorneys general in filing suit against the federal government over the same health reform bill.

As you can imagine, these two had quite a lot to talk about. When the conversation turned to Caldara’s initiative in relation to Suthers’ lawsuit, here’s how it was explained:

Basically, Suthers says that if his lawsuit fails–as most legal experts think it will–the federal government can assert its authority to ensure compliance, and both his lawsuit and Caldara’s initiative are meaningless. That’s the most likely result. But according to Suthers, in the unlikely event his lawsuit should succeed, then Caldara’s initiative would “end the route” of an alternative federal government option to tie health reform compliance to state Medicaid reimbursement.

Except that would mean no Medicaid money, wouldn’t it? That doesn’t actually sound like a great outcome, and the federal government could certainly do it–just like cutting off highway funds for states that don’t keep up with DUI thresholds. More likely, “CaldaraCare” would just be another layer of stupidity to quietly strike from Colorado’s bloated constitution before it embarrasses the entire state–or worse, actually hurts people–and in that regard it would be far from unique.


29 thoughts on “Suthers: “CaldaraCare” Great (If I Win, and Nobody Needs Medicaid)

  1. Coloradans want choice and A63 provides the solution.

    If you support exchange monolopies that will direct and select the level of care they believe you need then … you’re predetermining your fate and opposed to personal freedom.

    1. Except the point of this post is that Suthers’ lawsuit is in all likelihood meritless, and that means A63 is too. And the only thing A63 could do is make health care in Colorado immeasurably worse, and then only if Suthers wins, which he won’t.

      But I see I’ve interrupted another one of your mental masturbation sessions. Maybe you should get GOPweenie to help with those, you’d enjoy it more with a partner!

      1. To focus the money on where its really needed …. like saving a Congressman or two.

        Then again, they maybe recklessly spending your electioneering $s the way they’ve overspent our nations future tax receipts.

    2. I hadn’t thought about this race yet, but thanks for the heads-up.

      On the basis of your endorsement, I’ll be supporting Garnett.

      Thanks again.  Keep up the good work, Libby.  Your endorsements will help your party to the wet-dream landslide you imagine.

  2. Caldera promotes the Independence Instiute’s agenda.  This is free airtime.  He does not have to give time to any opposition or alternate perspective on this or any of the other amendments/initiatives pending.

    A free ride courtesy of US taxpayers and the Democratic party and its “blueprint” colleagues….I don;t think this is fair.

      1. How can people “make up” their minds if they only hear one side?

        You know that the airwaves are public and belong to all of us.  But Caldera, etc., have a government guaranteed monopoly on their use.  Why do you think that is fair?

          1. But, you knew that, right?  Plus PBS in its reporting has to be balanced.  That is why the Independence Institute pays for the time on PBS.   Am/Fm commercial radio does not. Talk radio is is propaganda 24/7 and it is controlled by conservatives, who do NOT HAVE TO PAY for the time and do not HAVE TO allow any other point of view to be aired.

              1. No, my original comment was about commercial  talk radio. not PBS.  You made the comment about PBS and I just followed up on it.

                Caldera is on the air on KOA at night for approximately 15 hours a week.

                1. I rant about commercial talk radio all the time; I just assumed that reference was understood.  I should have been specific with my comment about “free air time.” Sorry for the confusion.

                  For the record, there is about 80 hours a week on local am commercial radio which is controlled by republicans/conservatives.  

    1. whose society is engineered by Caldara and Suthers. I much preferred the Colorado engineered by people like Dick Lamm and Tim Wirth. At least Lamm and Wirth had the public interest in mind most of the time, instead of narrow, ideological interests cooked up in right-wing think tanks.

        1. just like most of the current gop, they support their narrow minded bigoted interests and evryone else be damned. Repugs are great at being fake patriots – look at bush and cheney.

          1. Anyone with a brain, has to realize we have two bankrupt parties, one is in Chapter 7, and one is in Chapter 11.

            The scary part is the brainwashing, the brainwashed, and the military.

            I’m encouraged by Secy. Gates. He may be one of the main pivotal influences in modern history.

            It’s not only watching the money….its watching the power. America has a tiger by the tail…..and the question is, How much do economic interests control the military?

            Ofcourse, I’d love to hear from the readers here on this notion.

        2. It was founded on the principle of self-government, and (then only) men were free to create their own destiny.

          It NOTHING to do with do whatever you want.  In fact, unlike the current crop of morons spouting this freedom shit (check mirror), they understood far better than you buffoons the responsibility that comes with freedom.  

          1. They throw the word around like John Boehner throws taxpayer money around fancy golf courses.  When you ask what they mean, they change the subject.  When you ask them how they’re less free than they were two years ago, they change the subject.

            And they care nothing for the “freedom” of those less fortunate than they.  Yeah, you’ve the got the freedom to sleep under a bridge!

            To die alone at 80, in 100 degree weather in your apartment with no air conditioning–because you had to make a choice between food and the elecricity bill and your medication!

            Their freedom is selfishness personified.

        3. I still fail to see how letting insurance companies refuse sick people (because the underwriting department thinks they’re too risk) constitutes freedom.  

    2. Their fighting for the freedom of insurance companies to issue deny policies to the sick and revoke insurance when someone racks up large medical bills. How is that freedom?

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