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March 27, 2020 06:56 AM UTC

Friday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”

–Jim Elliot


43 thoughts on “Friday Open Thread

  1. What with Americans setting new records for collective stupidity on an hourly basis and all, more people approve of Trump's handling of COVID-19 than disapprove, and his overall approval rating is higher than ever. There is no hope.

    1. Please don’t despair, Genghis. There is always hope.

      But we may have to fight to get there.

      The history of this nation is a long story of hopeless moments, followed by heroism and eventual recovery and success. I am not ready to give up on America and emigrate to a more sane country. 

      I will be 69 years old this summer. I have lived almost the entirety of my life either in the racist south or the stupid west. I am tired of living among troglodytes, but have managed to survive them. Western Colorado is one of the safest, most beautiful places in this part of the world. I have persisted here in some measure because of a fierce determination to not let the “conservatives” believe it was theirs alone. 

      If the Orange Destruction manages to stay in the White House, this nation will become a full blown oligarchy, supported by a police state. I am already making contingency plans to relocate to somewhere. I think New Zealand would suit me.

      If we prevail in November, I will, of course, remain.

      1. Thank you for the encouraging words, Duke. I'm not far behind you in age, and I ain't goin' anywhere. Regardless of what happens nationally, I'll being doing everything possible to keep my family's little corner of Colorado the wonderful place it is. If all else fails, die-before-things-get-too-horrific is a foolproof tactic for one of my age and generally poor health. 🙂 

        1. Colorado has been home since 1973. I, along with thousands of others, fought for her a decade ago. With the help of Bill Ritter, we changed the rules. It made little to no difference because of the actions, I daresay betrayal, of John Hickenlooper.

          So, another generation of Coloradans had to do it all over again. Thanks to Gov.Polis, (and the price of oil) it looks like it may stick this time. I have been away from time to time, but my heart remains here. 

          I know I will never be able to shut up when it comes to excoriating RWNJs, There may come a day when being outspoken can become a threat, however, so I must consider my families’ welfare.

          If the Orange Destruction manages to reinstall his presidency and create his family dynasty, his namesake (who likes to kill things) will likely volunteer to spearhead the oppression effort…which will be modeled after the Putin Security Protocol. T***p has fondly mused about what a great president his daughter would be.

          If the Moron in Chief keeps his residency in the Whitest House, he will clamp down. The relative safety of left wing mouthpieces will likely diminish.🙁


    1. Not QUITE as bad as it first appears.  Snopes was asked if it was true, and replied:

      It’s true DOJ has proposed legislation that would grant nationwide authority to federal judges to extend deadlines and pause or suspend statutes of limitation, which are essentially court-case deadlines that afford the accused speedy trials. The DOJ, which consists of federal litigators, is part of Republican President Donald Trump’s executive branch. However, per a DOJ statement, these proposed powers would not be conferred upon the executive branch. The proposal would apply to federal district judges and would expire with the end of the national emergency brought by the pandemic.

      1. Thanks for that. 

        Even with those caveats, I would suggest it is wise to remember…it is much harder to remove a bad law, once enacted. These are not trustworthy people. 

  2. Duke's right about a second Trump term. Yet an oligarchy is likely coming regardless of who wins the White House. Senate Dems have proven they're not adverse to handing more of the Federal Treasury over to the oligarchs, so I'm less hopeful that even a trifecta Dem sweep would save us. 

    It's those that stay and fight that power who will save us. There is a revolution yet to come. I for one want to be around to see it.

    1. Seriously, though, Meiner. I have been fighting these fools since 1972…with some success. 

      But, I am tired. I might change my mind, but it sure sounds nice to be in a place where intelligence, science, reason, compassion…all those things we cherish…were universally supported.

      And then, there is Joann Windholz.

      The prosecution rests.

    2. People should already be storming the White House and Congress, IMO. But we are dutifully staying at home to avoid becoming very sick with a new virus and/or spreading it to our community. If "there is a revolution yet to come," it may suffer from the old adage – closing the barn door after the horses have bolted. I'm not sure we can put things back together after Trumpty Dumpty's war on our country, particularly if he is allowed to remain in office until January 2021 (a re-election would be the end of our country as we know it). 

      When I think about how I want to spend the rest of my life, the first thing I note is that I am also tired of fighting the cultists, the righties – just tired. Perhaps we need a new thread sharing relocation resources. New Zealand? A small island somewhere? How to do it.


      1. Willie has an island🌴, but it is too small for all of us.😄

        Michael might be able to put in a good word for us. (Just kidding) Truly, though, there will be persecution if he takes over. It never hurts to plan ahead.


        1. There's nothing I'd enjoy more Duke than living my days out with you, Willie and a copious supply of Willie's Remedy! (I will put in a good word!) 

  3. "Dr." Deborah Birx is a lying piece of shit.  She's denying that there's a ventilator and PPE shortage in NYC, and that the media is hyping the potential number of infected people.  I've been suspicious of her since the beginning, and yesterday she crossed the line from doctor to Trump bootlicker.  Now, only Dr. Fauci is the only reliable source of information, and even he pulls his punches when he's interviewed on Fox. 

    Trump must be removed from office immediately.  He's a clear and present danger to the US who will cause literally millions of American deaths due to his criminal incompetence.  We are so screwed.

    1. the media is hyping the potential number of infected people

      Riiiiight. If anything, the number of infected is severely underreported. In a just world, Birx would have her license revoke and would be laughed out of the limelight and into a career scrubbing public toilets. In the world we have, trash rises to the top.

    2. It was a “WAIT, something’s changed” moment when he started calling her “Debra” instead of “Dr. Birx”.

      Then when she made the statements about PPE and ventilator shortage that was drawn from about 2 inches in front of her face, dump-style, instead of professional, forward-looking preparedness it was pretty obvious that she’d been coopted; that he’d brought her down to her level.

      Will her colleagues slap any sense into her? 

      What’s in it for her?

      Is Fauci next?

      1. I think Fauci will just be pushed out the door. People like Trump have a keen sense of "smell" when it comes to determining if someone can be co-opted or not. I don't think Fauci will play that game.

        1. I didn’t see Dr Fauci in the crowd around $rump. Has he already been pushed out, or was he doing actual work coordinating the coronavirus response instead of stroking Dear Leader’s ego?

          Dr Fauci did do an interview with Trevor Noah, thus reaching a younger and more liberal audience than the Fox usual.

  4. He's a clear and present danger to the US who will cause literally on millions of American deaths due to his criminal incompetence. 

    On this, we could not more completely agree. 

  5. News from our northern neighbor.

    "In an obscure corner of the American physical oil market, crude prices have turned negative — producers are actually paying consumers to take away the black stuff.

    The first crude stream to turn upside down was Wyoming Asphalt Sour, a dense oil used mostly to produce paving bitumen. Mercuria Energy Group Ltd., a trading house, bid negative 19 cents per barrel in mid-March for the crude, effectively asking producers to pay for the luxury of getting rid of their output."

      1. fair question

        39 million aything would be a lot of boxes…

        5000 per box?

        Also – 20 million more masks a week

        Why didn't the US buy a few in… February?

        Forget January. January was Superbowl hype and impeachment hearings. Oh- and the exclusionary Iowa caucus fail.
        But after Kansas has their moment once again not being Missouri, someone could have bought a few.
        Well- someone did. Just not the US

    1. 1st Amendment solutions

      Barr's DOJ wants to suspend habeus corpus.

      These ass clowns want to repeal the 1st Amendment.

      The problem with Venezuela wasn't socialism, which most Americans like. It was corruption.


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