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September 13, 2010 08:30 PM UTC

Gardner One Of Only Four in House GOP Not On Anti-60, 61, 101 Letter

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE: According to the Ft. Collins Coloradoan, Gardner really does oppose 60, 61 & 101, but he, uh, was too busy to sign the letter?

“Cory also opposes the measures. Not sure why they didn’t ask him to sign. Probably just because we’re so busy,” campaign spokeswoman Rachel Boxer said.

Uh, okay. We suppose it would take a lot of time to sign a letter and Republicans didn’t want to bother him. Although if we were Gardner’s spokesperson, we might have chosen a more plausible excuse, like “Cory’s dog ate it.”


The big Denver newspaper reported today that a huge majority of Colorado Republican lawmakers have signed on to a letter opposing the “Evil Three” measures on the 2010 ballot (Amendments 60 & 61 and Proposition 101). The campaign of Democratic Rep. Betsy Markey was quick to point out that Republican State Rep. Cory Gardner, her main challenger in CD-4, was one of just four House Republicans refusing to sign the letter.

We’re more than a bit confused as to why Gardner would not openly oppose these measures. As the press release from the Markey campaign (after the jump) points out, there is widespread opposition to 60, 61 and 101, and we don’t see how this could really benefit Gardner’s bid to unseat Markey. Again, it’s not like opposing the Evil Three is really a bold position, since most Republicans and traditional Republican allies don’t even like them. We can’t understand why Gardner would want to align himself with far-right extremists like Sen. Kevin Lundberg here, and we certainly don’t see any strategic benefit to this stance.


Rep. Gardner one of just four House Republicans absent from letter

FORT COLLINS-State Representative Cory Gardner earlier this year refused to sign a letter from 23 of the 27 Republican members of the Colorado House of Representatives, urging fellow Colorado Republicans to oppose Amendments 60 and 61, and Proposition 101, according to the Fort Collins Coloradoan.

Reported by the Denver Post, the Republican lawmakers wrote that, “this reaction is so far overreaching that it will ultimately kill Colorado jobs and strip local governments’ ability to provide police and fire protection and to educate our children.”

“Representative Gardner refused to sign the letter opposing three of the most disastrous ballot measures our state has ever seen,” said Markey campaign spokesman Ben Marter. “He either supports these initiatives-that even his colleagues in the state House admit will kill Colorado jobs-or doesn’t have the guts to take a stand against them. Representative Gardner says one thing during his primary, then tries to pretend it never happened. He’s playing politics with our economic future, and Coloradans just can’t trust him.”  

Here’s what people are saying about these three ballot measures:

Greeley Tribune Editorial Board: “We believe the three amendments on this fall’s election ballot will kill economic growth in Colorado, cripple services provided by state and local government, and doom education funding at a time when it already is dismally low.” [Greeley Tribune 09/05/10]

Denver Post Editorial Board: “The operating language within each one is a virus that would cripple the ability of our local and state governments to provide the most basic of services – from building schools for our children to supplying clean water to our homes.” [Denver Post 07/07/10]

Loveland Chamber of Commerce President: Amendments “Will Do More Devastation than Good.” On September 12, 2010 the Coloradoan reported that Brian Williams, president and CEO of the Loveland Chamber of Commerce said, “We are opposed to wasteful spending, we are in strong support of TABOR but in this case the initiatives that are trying to address wasteful government spending are going about it the wrong way. Ultimately, they will do more devastation than good.” The chamber board ultimately voted to oppose the three measures, as did the Fort Collins and Greeley chambers. [Coloradoan, 9/12/10]

Local Republicans Pledged Opposition to Measures. On September 13, 2010 the Denver Post reported that, “A flood of Republicans at the local government level have pledged their opposition to the initiatives, including more than half of Republican county commissioners in Colorado.” [Denver Post, 9/13/10]

Business sector strongly opposes ballot measures: On September 12, 2010 the Coloradoan reported that “Opponents, including many local business owners, say the measures threaten jobs and could result in a voter-approved recession exacerbating an already slow economic recovery.” [Fort Collins Coloradoan, 09/12/10]

Republican Senator Greg Brophy: Amendments Go Beyond Limited Government. On September 13, 2010 the Denver Post reported on the ballot initiatives that would “slash billions in state and local taxes.”  Republican State Senator Greg Brophy (R-Way) said he couldn’t support the initiatives, saying “I consider myself an advocate of limited government and these could very well go beyond where I’m comfortable.” [Denver Post, 9/13/10]


21 thoughts on “Gardner One Of Only Four in House GOP Not On Anti-60, 61, 101 Letter

    1. Democrats’ spending habits have all but aborted TABOR. Heck the mayor strongly supports TABOR and the peoples right to vote on tax increases.

      The mixed messages from certain Democrat leaders may confuse the voters. As an example, the mayors no. 1 goal is to cut spending.

      1. knows revenues will be down and recognizes that the law requires spending be cut. As does Ritter, as does every member of the leg.

        I like voting on taxes and believe we need a liberal definition of “fees” so those may be legitimately raised as needed.  

          1. Mayor Hickenlooper Knows how to implement Conservation into government. he did it with Denver and Denver’s misuse of Colorado’s limited water supply Reducing consumption by 20%.

            reducing spending by Conservation.

            I realize the word conservation causes allergic spasms with rightees and the Idea of republicans reducing spending is redundant.

            but you must attempt to understand these two concepts work hand in hand. It is a Democratic means of governing.  

    2. The latest polls have the initiatives failing.

      The only one that seems to have traction is Prop 101, which is unfortunate since 101 is very deceiving and detrimental for the state.

      The others, 60 and 61 are not polling well, except for hardcore Republicans.  

      1. realizing that these measures could actually pass, turning pale and slamming on the breaks, the money for no ads will be endless. The grown ups may play along with a lot of crazy fringy stuff to fire up the base but they aren’t going to stand by and let the entire state economy crash.  Especially if they hope to be in the legislature where they’ll have to deal with the disaster. I think the gubernatorial disaster has been quite enough of a sobering lesson for the Colorado GOP for one election cycle. I think we’re all steering away from the cliff on all three.

          1. 62 shouldn’t do much better than the first personhood for fertilized egg attempt and it would have to do a lot better to pass. 63 probably won’t hold up even if it does pass, though defeat would save everyone a lot of trouble. On general principle I’d prefer to vote no on anything that ought to be the business of the legislators we elect to be our representatives. You know.  The way it’s supposed to be under our form of government.

        1. is that Gardner is beholden to the teabaggers and is afraid that being honest with them would piss them off. Besides, if he goes to DC why would he care about CO? After all, he missed a meeting about water in his district so he could go to DC months ago to get $.

  1. Gardner’s refusal to oppose Amendments 60,61, 101 confirms my recent diary arguing that a vote for Gardner is a vote for economic insecurity. After all, he is also part of the Young Guns campaign, whose soon-to-be-printed book includes across the board cuts Social Security and Medicare benefits, as well as the privatization or partial privatization of both. It would end the programs as we know it.  

    Gardner has gone way passed the line between fiscal restraint and insanity.

  2. she is willing to point out that Cory didn’t sign a letter, but she won’t debate Cory toe to toe.  

    Come on you p-nk ss btch Betsy…let’s see what you have?  


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