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September 13, 2010 04:22 PM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“It’s hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head.”

–Sally Kempton


112 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

  1. I haven’t read Hoover’s likely trashing article in the ghost … but there’s the title.

    Come on pollsters, time to start trashing the GOP at the drop of the hat.

    1. Well ‘tad, it seems that the majority of Repub State Lawmakers think the Unholy Trinity are bad, BAD ideas.

      From the Daily Prophet article:

      Twenty-three of 27 GOP lawmakers in the state House and five of 14 GOP state senators have signed a letter addressed to all Colorado Republicans urging defeat of the measures.

      And this gem:

      Rep. Cheri Gerou, R-Evergreen, a member of the legislature’s Joint Budget Committee and a signer of the letter, has been a continual critic of state spending. But these ballot measures go overboard, she said.

      “Those (initiatives) are actually more anarchy than they are fiscally conservative,” Gerou said. “If those pass, I have no idea what we will do.”

      I’m actually impressed – with all the nutjob proposals coming from Colorado Repubs, it seems that on rare occasions, even they see the need not to bankrupt the State in order to make a few extremist idiots happy…

        1. But then, that’s the MO of you and your ilk.

          I have had my disagreements with Dan on some topics, but those will never, ever interfere with the respect that I have for what has happened to him while defending your right to make insulting, cowardly comments like the above.

          You know, you’ve been a better citizen here on Pols for awhile, even using – gasp! – links, but I see the leopard hasn’t changed his spots.

          Go slink away with your other slime life forms, bud.  

        2. Let’s be clear, L: we don’t hate you because of your views (most of us have no issues with LB and Barron); we hate you because you’re an asshole whose posts show no respect for others, between the gay-baiting, your oh-so-conservative bashing of a (gasp) actual military man, and your general penchant for trying to ruin every thread with irrelevant or repeated youtube or talking-points spam,

        3. ….you just find a way, every time, to show what a low-life web troll you are.

          Calling the Colorado Repub Party’s nutjob ideas what they are does NOT make all Colorado Repubs nutjobs.

          I’m glad to have worked with Rep Marsha Looper on the Vets Court bill, and I can only hope that SOMEDAY she decides to kick that waste of space Doug Lamborn out his “job” as a Congressman.

          BTW, the head is fine. My feet are completely screwed, but I can still walk and ride a bike thanks to Socialized Medicine (aka the Veterans Administration Health Care system.)

            1. ‘tad, you’ve insulted me and my injuries. Lower than whale shit, but nothing I would put past you and your ilk.

              But this site has seen worse verbage, so I can accept that crap like this being posted.

              Besides, at the end of the day, you’re not even a shitstain on my drawers. I see you pathetic attempts at insults, and I just LAUGH.

              BTW, I still have not forgotten your low-life insults to my wife.

              So, FUCK YOU.

              1. Sure’d be nice if Pols had an ‘ignore’ feature but in light just don’t waste any amount of energy is explaining or responding to ‘tad.  He wants to be a spoiler.  He screams for attention with his insults & posts but he doesn’t add anything to the discourse.  

                Ain’t nothing but aggravation you get when you feed the beast.  Just let him rot & wither and blog among his kind.  

                Keep posting SSG_Dan, great insight and always a good read.

              1. Its interesting, Dan jumps in with his first comment [a cut and paste of quotes fro the DP], then must conclude with some nutbag comment about the GOP.

                You’ve all pissed yourself when a perfectly good opportunity to discuss the downside of 60, 61, and 101 was right in front of you.

                Will they have a negative affect on the  Democrat spending habit? Sure. But you can’t even articulate the message you support. Its really sad.

                1. it has to do with your astounding lack of empathy

                  I’m not at all surprised. Now, if Dan were a multi-millionaire wanting a tax cut I’m sure you’d be there for him

        4. When the discourse on this site is heated politically, polsters sometimes lower themselves to namecalling, and we chuckle and look the other way.

          However, a comment this low should cause us all to stop for a second, and decide whether or not we should put up with it.

          I don’t think we should.

          Libertine’s comments are beyond crude and insensitive.  I’m pretty sure SSG doesn’t care a bit, but it lowers the whole level of discourse.  I don’t know that anyone should be banned from this site for their political views.  However, Libertad should be banned for being a complete asshole.

          1. Do you need a cranial wash for that headwound caused by that 5 inch policy abscess between your ears?

            I don’t support economic policies that divert private sector investment to feed a government spending habit only a meth junkie can appreciate.

            1. … when you wrote to SSG DAN, “danno, have you had your headwound flushedout recently. I hear those internally growing zits make a mess when they explode.” I’d say “nice try,” but it really isn’t a nice try: (a) your “joke” was too obvious, and (b) you’re too degenerate to know that the only way to backtrack is to apologize — not to keep digging the hole deeper.

              1. I didn’t know he dropped a gun (or it fell or whatever) on his feet. I couldn’t spell carbuncle and abscess is a fancy doctors word.

                Face it your policies are abscesses on America and they need to be popped, and flushed:

                * 10%+ unemployment

                * 17%+ real unemployment

                * 13 dirty tax hikes, Obamacare

                * 166,000 Colorado jobs gone

                * corrupt and cash draining Fannie Mae out of control

                * … need I continue?  

                1. that it’s just a remarkable coincidence that the guy you targeted with a “headwound” insult just happens to be the injured veteran? And you want us to believe yiu just happened to use the word “headwound” not like it sounds (grievous injury) but as a bizarre reference to having policy positions you disagree with?

                  Your effort to pretend you didn’t levy an offensive and disgusting insult to Dan is laughable, L. There are just some gaffes too plain to escape with a bullshitastic effort to claim it meant something else. But you’re far too stupid, and (now I see) far too low-class a human being, to know when your only options are (a) apologize immediately and sincerely (which other folks have done on Pols when they say something over the top), or (b) be viewed as a degenerate by virtually everyone here, the tea partier equivalent of the proverbial 60s radical who spit at returning vets.

                2. I can give a shit how ‘tad tap-dances around his comments. I’ve already commented on it, and refuse to give any more oxygen to his pathetic ember of stupidity he keeps trying to spark on this site.

            2. at least 100 hours at a community homeless shelter, serving meals to those less successful, or something that will make it more likely that you will be able to feel empathy. Take Basement Warrior with you.

    2. it is nice to see some sanity and reason return to republicans.

      (those are NOT weaknesses BTW) LOL

      Next it would also be nice to see the sane republicans take back their party from the (billionaire funded)tea bagbers.

          1. see the polling Dannyboy, name a race and review the polling.

            Epic failure of policy leadership has given us 10%+ official unemployment and a real unemployment rate in the high teens.

        1. I wanted to comment on this mornings Denver Pravda. as it volleyed a first shot over the bow of the propagandist Boyles…

          …the Sanctuary city BS…

          I thought you Libertad would read some news from time to time.

          1. Ask anyone their opinion and you’ll get 70% saying Denver is a Sanctuary City.

            Maybe you can get Ciruli to do an informed poll, well he can do 5-10 with samples sizes of 1k, then you might begin to alter reality.

            Cities in the United States began designating themselves as sanctuary cities during the 1980s.[1]  The policy was first initiated in 1979 in Los Angeles, to prevent police from inquiring about the immigration status of arrestees. The internal policy, “Special Order 40,” states: “Officers shall not initiate police action with the objective of discovering the alien status of a person. Officers shall not arrest nor book persons for violation of title 8, section 1325 of the United States Immigration code (Illegal Entry).”[citation needed] Some of the 31 American cities are Washington, D.C.; New York City; Los Angeles; Chicago; San Francisco; Santa Ana; San Diego; Salt Lake City; Dallas; Houston; Austin; Detroit; Jersey City; Minneapolis; Miami; Denver; Baltimore; Seattle; Portland; New Haven; and Portland, Maine. These cities have adopted “sanctuary” ordinances banning city employees and police officers from asking people about their immigration status.[2][3]

            – Wikipedia

            1. now you need to catch up on CURRENT events. Like what the most recent action the City council did and what “Governor elect” Hickenlooper signed…

              Gawd I love it when peter Boyles head explodes… the vanity on his face lift is wasted… then again Boyles has always had a face for radio. LOL

              oh and Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source… you cannot use it in college to cite as a source… it changes far to easily.

              I could change a Wikipedia page to say George Washington is Hitlers Grandfather. Cite it… and republicans would believe it.

              1. republicans change entries to fit their Propaganda… so some pages, once checked for accuracy. get locked.

                then came the birth of … get this “conservapedia” so along with rewriting the bible to fit republican point of view (Jesus was NOT a long haired hippy)

                and their vain attemots at rewriting History they cite only their twisted, bigoted, lies as fact.

  2. It would be truly remarkable if they were never right about anything.

    On another topic, should Colorado elected officials’ private cell phone records be made public, in order to ensure complete transparency? Would it accomplish what it purports to accomplish? Or is it just another example of how those most committed to scrutinizing government are actually just forcing increases in wasteful spending? Colorado Confluence post by John Wren.

    1. I thought I was reading an actual, you know, post by you that didn’t just list Steve’s website.  But I was wrong.

      How about doing something useful for the discussion here?  I like what I’ve seen on Steve’s site, but those who care will visit the site without your shilling.  

  3. ANDREW BREITBART added as Keynote Speaker!

    “We Are The People” Rally

    Monday, September 13th

    Colorado State Capital – West Steps

    200 E Colfax


    …Janine has been replaced with watchdog journalist, Andrew Breitbart of and a frequent Fox News and Glenn Beck guest. Breitbart will be joined by SE Cupp, author of “Losing Our Religion” and frequent contributor on MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, CNBC.

    There is no charge to attend the rally.

          1. drink yourself into an early afternoon coma (is there any other way to get through one of these events) and then email me and tell me all about it?

  4. The Republican’t Party is now going to be the shining beacon of fiscal responsibility and the restoration of personal liberty?

    Only if you have a lobbying firm, and you take out House Minority Leader on Junkets….

    A G.O.P. Leader Tightly Bound to Lobbyists

    They have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to his campaigns, provided him with rides on their corporate jets, socialized with him at luxury golf resorts and waterfront bashes and are now leading fund-raising efforts for his Boehner for Speaker campaign, which is soliciting checks of up to $37,800 each, the maximum allowed.

    Some of the lobbyists readily acknowledge routinely seeking his office’s help – calling the congressman and his aides as often as several times a week – to advance their agenda in Washington. And in many cases, Mr. Boehner has helped them out.

    As Democrats increasingly try to cast the Ohio congressman as the face of the Republican Party – President Obama mentioned his name eight times in a speech last week – and as Mr. Boehner becomes more visible, his ties to lobbyists, cultivated since he arrived here in 1991, are coming under attack.

    It gets better – I guess he’s a grad of the Michael Steele School of Fiscal Ethics:

    Mr. Boehner continues to travel to golf destinations on a corporate-subsidized tab, though now it is paid for through his political action committee, the Freedom Project. In the last 18 months, it has spent at least $67,000 at the Ritz-Carlton Naples in Florida, at least $20,000 at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Club in Gainesville, Va., and at least $29,000 at the Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio, federal records show, for fund-raising events.

    So, I guess what this really means is that the Republican’t Party will toss out the Dem insiders, and replace them with the original Repub insiders. And that they’ll re-start job creation with all the businesses on K Street, and they’ll listen to all the “ordinary” Americans at the 19th hole of the Country Club.

    1. Nice hit piece in the NYT.

      Too bad Pelosi, et al have taken much more from lobbyists.

      Nancy Pelosi has raised almost twice as much money from lobbyists this election as Boehner has?

      At least 18 House Democrats have raised more lobbyist cash this election than Boehner has.

      Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid have pocketed more lobbyist cash in the past 18 months than Boehner has raised in the past 6 elections, combined?

      In fact:

      This election cycle, Boehner is not even in the top 20 recipients of lobbyist cash. He’s raised less than $40,000 from lobbyists this cycle – compared to Nancy Pelosi’s $71,000 from lobbyists.

  5. “If the only option I have is to vote for those at 250 [thousand dollars] and below, of course I’m going to do that. But I’m going to do everything I can to fight to make sure we extend the current tax rate for all Americans.” — House Minority Leader John Boehner, CBS’ “Face the Nation”

    I don’t believe for a second that man will vote for a bill that eliminates tax breaks for the top 3%.

          1. I am sure he will repeal the new tax on tanning beds. push for NO taxes on the wealthiest 2%. and then have the entire Senate Golf every afternoon. (mandatory)

            oh and then have his personal bank account replace the federal depository.

            Actually I am not worried about boner. Libertad should be, but I am not telling him why… LOL

                  1. Why is the Republican’t Party willing to take away the Middle Class tax cut just so that they can keep kissing the ass of the Billionaire special interest groups, and give them a giant payday on Tax Day?

                    GOP spokesman: Senate GOP to oppose Obama tax plan

                    Senate Republicans will oppose any effort to renew soon-to-expire Bush administration tax cuts if upper income taxpayers are excluded from the reductions.

                    A spokesman for Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell said Monday that every Senate Republican has pledged to oppose President Barack Obama’s tax-cutting plan. Obama would renew the tax cuts for most people, but let the top income tax rate rise back to almost 40 percent on family or small business income over $250,000.

                    McConnell has said a bill extending the tax cuts for only low- and middle-income earners cannot pass the Senate.


                    Could it be that Rep Lobby-Whore likes his free golf junkets and secret cash donations?  

    1. BTW, Dave Wattenburg is a former Republican state rep. and a helluva fine lawmaker he was.  Back in the day, people like him made me proud to be a Republican.

  6. .

    At their politics page, they’ve got a story about

    “If Maes has a Poor showing, it could force Republicans as ‘minor party’ down ballot.”

    Talk about yer breakin’ news.

    And nobody here at Pols was credited with catching that 2 weeks ago.


    1. It did take you THIS long to read all about it yourself. the rest of us just let you babble on and on and on. with this information making us LAUGH at you.  

    2. Neither will the DP, nor will the inside elites allow him to debate with Maes and the mayor.

      Every Maes primary voter I talk to is solidly with Tancredo and that says a lot.

      Nice job on bringing this story forward Barron X.

      1. Club 20 had its rules to not allow minor parties debate YEARS ago. Long BEFORE tancredo decided to side step Democracy. (to you this is when they conspired against Tancredo)

        never mind whom actually got elected to represent the republicans or what ever that MINOR party ticket Tancredo elbowed his way onto.

        (they also voted to nominate someone else entirely.)

        I am Glad Tancredo must face real DEMOCRACY before he assumes the governors post.  

        1. IF the R vote is too low this cycle, and Tancredo happened to be the R nominee next cycle,  he would still be a minor party nominee and not invited to the Club 20 debate.

          1. so if maes gets less than 10% of the vote. that would place the republicans below the threshold. making them a “minor party” next go round.

            NOW the really funny part is how all the Tancredo zombies are parroting Tancredo and Boyles… in saying “it was a conspiracy by club 20 and Hickenlooper to keep Tancredo from beating Hick in a debate”

            “Tancredo zombies” = want to eat our brains to make us a dumb as they are.


        2. so.. setting rules by amount of percentage of the vote does little for campaign reform, let alone finance reform.

          Why doesn’t Tom and the other’s sound off here? Or in other public forums?

          I find the debates, the ones I watch to be rather shallow…

          But you have to admit, Jan (the DoooH moment) in AZ takes the cake.

      2. When wildfires are breaking out across the state, I’m sure Guv Tank will be able to have a meltdown of his own in front of the camera, storm off the set and talk to his invisible friends.

  7. The Washington Blade has learned that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) intends to schedule a vote next week on major defense budget legislation that contains “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal language, regardless of any objection from members of the U.S. Senate.

    A senior Democratic leadership aide, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said Reid met with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Monday to inform the Republican leader that the fiscal year 2011 defense authorization bill will come to the Senate floor the week of Sept. 20.

    One of the few times I was in DC, at the Circulator bus stop next to the Capitol listening to “insider bus rider” talk….

  8. I have just returned from the memorial service for one hella of a decent guy.  He suffered a “significant brain injury” that led to his death.

    My question is why is anyone responding to Liberdad?  Decent people of whatever political party, do shun those who use ugly, vicious  personal attacks.  I suggest we follow that example.  

    Not recipes, not return mud slinging,  just shun with silence…the equivalent of what the military does…just turn your back on someone beneath contempt.

    Thank you.

    1. …or anyone else who posts crap I disagree with. Or for that matter, anyone who posts despicable or venomous attacks on my character or person.

      Beej, ‘tad, GOPWarrior, COLawman and many others have taken their best shot, and all they’ve done is demonstrated the depths of idiocy that they’re willing to sink to. If anything, the more retched and vile their response, the less I feel the need to respond. Normally, these fools continue to demonstrate their true moral character the more they post, so why stop them?

      What I won’t tolerate is attacks on my family. ‘tad has already crossed that line, but I should’ve bitched to the Gods of Pols right away and had his worthless ass tossed off the site.

      If ‘tad or Beej (or marilou, etc) posts their normal dumb shit, I’ll respond once and let the thread play out. EVERY TIME they’ve sunk into the slime with gleeful abandon, proving what low-lifes they are.

      But I’m not willing to shut them out. Folks, this is a rough but open place….tolerating the dumbasses is part of the admission price. I got that when I first started lurking.

      1. However, I am not suggesting that they be eliminated from blogging.  I am arguing that when someone makes horrific personal attacks, they  simply be ignored.

        A while back, “tad had a rational post, to which I responded and offered my congratulations.

        But, vivid personal attacks with descriptions which are more suited to violent video games should not, IMHO, be acknowledged.

  9. .


    A favorite quote:

    As we debate topics like whether we should be building a mosque in NYC near Ground Zero, should we not instead be asking the question as to why we are not closing the 70% of the mosques already thriving in this country that are known to have supported terrorism by either recruiting members or by funneling money to their cause?

    I suspect this is an instance of black flag propaganda.


    1. As far as I know, nobody is talking about a mosque, and it’s not at Ground Zero.

      I’m certainly not debating.  Mosque or not, Ground Zero or not, it would be anyone’s right to do so anyway.

    2. …domain was registered on Jan 22 2010, and posts started pretty regularly after that.

      Most of the posts seem to follow the “Tea Party” meme, and tend to be critical of even Repub incumbents. (see the John McCain editorial….)

      So, in the context of that, I have to believe this is another instance of a supposed Constitutionalist who lets his own blind hate get in the way of the very thing he (supposedly) worships…

  10. I see that “Democrat” Nelson of NE “can’t” support letting Bush tax cuts expire. FMI, has stimulus foe Bennet come forth on this subject? Forgive me if I’m behind on my news absorption.

    1. The Hill says:

      Sen. Michael Bennet said the Bush tax cuts benefiting the wealthy should expire on schedule at the end of the year because continuing them would be too expensive.

      “I’m the father of three little girls that are 10, 9 and 6, and I can tell you this: A fiscal policy that relies on cutting taxes for the very wealthiest of Americans, the people that needed tax cuts the least, borrowing the money from the Chinese and forcing our kids to pay for those taxes is not a fiscal policy that the people of Colorado are interesting in pursuing[.]”

        1. The more I look at Bennet, the more I see his weak point (from a progressive POV) to be in being timid financially.  He wants to be a fiscal conservative, and he wants the recovery to continue – but he has knee-jerked on the stimulus bill which has a balanced budget, and he appears to think that massive corporate reforms might damage the recovery.

          In short, he’s a perfect example of a Democratic Senator in these times.  🙁

          1. Quite so, which is also to say, sadly, bought and paid for. I wonder what would be the case if the “Republican” party had not taken a sharp right into Never-Never Land, thereby allowing nominal Democrats to swerve right after them, all the while telling the left, “If not me, then imagine the nightmare.” Whatever happened to dreaming of paradise?  

            1. Every cycle there seem to be a couple of candidates who are really inspiring.  Sen. Whitehouse of RI has been great, IMHO.  Sen. Franken is a breath of fresh air, too.  We can help these candidates over the top – some day maybe our turn will come here in Colorado.

  11. Today PPP released polling data on tomorrow’s Delaware Senate race, and they put Republican moderate Rep. Mike Castle DOWN 4 points to Te Party favorite Christine O’Donnell.

    Rep. Castle is, according to some reports, the only Republican Senate candidate this year to agree that action on climate change must happen.  If he loses tomorrow, the entire 2010 Republican Senate class will be denying the scientific consensus on climate change.  He’s also pro-choice in an increasingly anti-choice party.

    An O’Donnell win tomorrow is currently pegged at a near-certain Democratic win in November.

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