About Cory Gardner’s “Sinister Chinese Propaganda Campaign”

Why is China unhappy, you ask?

Via the Colorado Springs Gazette’s daily blog on political updates regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re alerted that Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado is vexed, vexed mind you, about far-fetched suggestions by diplomats from the People’s Republic of China pinning responsibility for the outbreak on the United States:

U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner and two fellow Republican members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Monday called on President Donald Trump to establish a task force to counter the Chinese Communist Party’s “malicious propaganda” about the origins of the novel coronavirus…

Gardner, joined by U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and Mitt Romney of Utah, call it “critical that our country fight back against this propaganda” in the letter, which requests the Trump “formulate a coordinated, (U.S. government)-wide response” under the direction of the National Security Council.

From the letter:

Now that COVID-19 has spread rapidly around the globe, the CCP and its officials have the audacity to spread disingenuous claims that the United States is responsible for this pandemic. This is not simply dishonest, it is dangerous. This tactic, in addition to being a despicable exploitation of a global emergency, threatens to undermine the worldwide coordination necessary to combat this coronavirus. It is for this reason that we request an interagency taskforce within the NSC to counter the malicious propaganda coming from CCP apparatchiks.

No responsible Western observer would ever accuse the PRC of being realistic with their frequently bellicose propaganda and sometimes outlandish suggestions about American actions and intentions. The public statements of press briefing-level Chinese diplomats are probably one step above the North Korean media or “Baghdad Bob” level of credibility, apparently a bit more so if you’re affiliated in the National Basketball Association. But it’s not the sort of allegation we either take seriously or would expect to be taken as such in serious conversation.

But you know what would help Gardner credibly complain about discreditable allegations from China?

A single word of criticism for the President who won’t stop calling it the “Chinese Virus.”

Gardner also defended the president’s calling the new coronavirus the “Chinese virus.” [Pols emphasis]

“This virus did come from China. I think China did some horrible things when they lied about this happening…”

And with that, gentle readers, the diplomacy of outrage is back to square one.

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  1. Diogenesdemar says:

    Lying, or communicating any misinformation, related to this contagion and its spread is absolutely the worst kind of deplorable outrage . . . unless . . .

    Senator Renault — “Shocked, I’m shocked . . .” — lives deep inside an orange fog.

  2. unnamed says:

    China lied about the seriousness of this, then Trump lied about the seriousness of it.  


    Since Trump lied about the seriousness of COVID-19, we can call this the Trump virus by Cory's logic.

  3. windholzpolitics@gmail.com says:

    I stand corrected. COVID-19 is labeled Corona Virus Disease 2019 by the WHO. However, it originated in China making it a CHINESE Corona Virus Disease 2019. I know how much liberals love to play identity politics. It is liberal lunacy to play identity politics with a virus.


    It’s a ***CHINESE*** coronavirus that was either purposely or accidentally released by the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory in China. This was a ***CHINESE*** government action and then lack of action allowing it to spread that has caused a world wide pandemic. The ***CHINESE*** government is completely responsible for this pandemic! IMHO: This ***CHINESE*** coronovirus was manufactured in the Wuhan lab to be a biological weapon. I think the ***CHINESE*** government purposely released it on their own people to stop the uprisings in China and Hong Kong. The ***CHINESE*** government could care less about killing their own people let alone killing people all over the world. Would you consider this action and then lack of action an act of WAR?

    The Wuhan National Laboratory opened in January 2018, with the highest safety rating and plans to study SARS and Ebola. A Nature article warned that some were concerned over its safety. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-7922379/Chinas-lab-studying-SARS-Ebola-Wuhan-outbreaks-center.html?fbclid=IwAR2_AGc6EEPm4fxdeRfC72xoL0rx7obYAcWPt21t6NOf0HCpPoIiGKifJGE

    BTW: This is NOT Joanne Windolz. This is Donna Windholz and there is NO relation to Joanne Windholz.

    • Duke Cox says:

      CO is for Corona. You are an idiot, Joann.

      • windholzpolitics@gmail.com says:

        You’re an idiot Duke because this isn’t Joanne. It Donna Windholz, no relation to Joanne Windholz.

        • Duke Cox says:

          My apology. I am sorry to have assumed you were Joann. "Idiot" is a label I do not reject. I am frequently wrong and more than frequently qualify as stupid. You seem to be thin skinned…for a politician.


          My status as an idiot does not change any other facts.

          • windholzpolitics@gmail.com says:

            I am not a politician. How about we drop the idiot. Thanks for correcting my misinformation. I always want the facts!


            • Duke Cox says:


              Not all politicians are elected officials.

              • windholzpolitics@gmail.com says:

                How do you define a politician?

                • Duke Cox says:

                  "a person who is professionally involved in politics"

                  • windholzpolitics@gmail.com says:

                    Do you consider yourself a politician? I am not a person who is professionally involved in politics.

                    • Duke Cox says:

                      I am a singer/songwriter. I am a retired general contractor/homebuilder. I am a father. I am a brother. I am a spouse. I am a Democrat. I am a political writer. 

                      I am many things. What I am not, is a patsy who is even slightly interested in repartee with a RWNJ.

                      There are many here who will happily engage you in argument. I am not one of those. I have nothing kind to say to you.

                      If you have something relevant to post here, I may or may not respond.

                      Sounds like politi-speak doesn’t it? You decide if I am a politician or not…then feel free to keep it to yourself.



                    • windholzpolitics@gmail.com says:

                      So, you are a politician…good to know.

            • unnamed says:

              Okay JoAnn.  If you are not a politician, why is your handle "windholzpolitics"?

              • windholzpolitics@gmail.com says:

                Do you think there is only ONE Windholz in the entire world? Really! Unnamed who hides.


                • unnamed says:

                  I don't know JoAnn.  I do think you seem very thin-skinned.

                  I may hide, but it's my right.  Just like you don't, and that's your right.  You make the choice to be out and you take your slings and arrows.  You don't seem to do that very well.

                • kwtree says:

                  There is a Donna Windholz who is critical of Weld County GOP politics. Donna has a Facebook page. There is a Joann Windholz , failed candidate for HD30, who also has a Facebook page, holds most of the same opinions as Donna. ( anti Planned Parenthood, recall Polis and every other Democrat, believes every pronouncement of Donald Trump, hates Democrats, etc) Both are friends of the Nevilles , RMGO, Cory Sulean, and the most extreme fringe members of the Republican Party.  

                  Related? Same person? Two different people? Does it matter? Not really. You came on here trolling for responses to your conspiracy theory blaming Chinese people for the coronavirus epidemic. Since you’re not a fan of Ken Buck, Donna, and are also apparently an avid reader of ColoradoPols, why not comment on one of the Ken Buck threads? 

                  Ken is going to get all of you Weld County GOP folks sick, with his denial and anti-science claims. Why help him by promoting unscientific anti-Chinese propaganda?

                  • windholzpolitics@gmail.com says:

                    The usual liberal lunacy response. The CHINESE GOVERNMENT is responsible for the COVID-19. I know you love playing identity politics but it's ridiculous to play them with a virus. So, are you the official troll of the Colorado POL website? Do they give you a badge for it?

    • kwtree says:

      Former Representative Joann Windholz, the good people of House District 30 can congratulate themselves that at least, you only “represented “ them for one term. 

      Your crackpot conspiracy theories regurgitating far-right talking points didn’t go over well when you blamed the victims in the Planned Parenthood shooting, and they’re not going to fly when you distort scientific fact to fit a xenophobic agenda.

      Covid19 stands for coronavirus disease first reported in 2019. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/does-covid-stand-for/

      • windholzpolitics@gmail.com says:

        It’s Donna Windholz, no relation to Joanne Windholz.

        What a ridiculous leap over to Planned Parenthood. I don’t support anyone left or right who murder people including Planned Parenthood who murder people in the form of babies.

        Also, why do the liberal left love to play identity politics with a virus made in China?

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      The virus originated in bats or maybe pangolins, you ignorant cow! . . . 

      (. . . And, I’m gonna’ guess here that it was your god, “the creator of all things,” who created it, and them? . . .)

      . . . so, please don’t try to pretend you don’t know your batshit??!??

  4. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    windholzpolitics = yet another faux conservative. 

    At one point in time, our Republican party; yes, Joann, I am still a registered Republican; had people of principle like Wayne Allard, Hank Brown, Bill Owens, Ben Campbell, Rob Witwer, Josh Penry, Dick Wadhams, in leadership roles. 

    Now we have Ken Buck, Chris Holbert, Patrick Neville, Vicki Marble, Steve Reams, Lori Saine…….  Need I go on? What a world class come down!

    At least there are still a few real conservatives around, like Kevin Priola and Bob Rankin.

    • windholzpolitics@gmail.com says:

      It’s Donna Windholz, no relation to Joanne Windholz.

      You completely blew your argument with calling Kevin Priola a Republican. I can prove it. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/recallpriola2020/) He is the perfect example of a RINO. I call Polis and Priola, 2 P’s in a Pod! They are exactly alike and I have their voting record and pictures to prove it!

      • unnamed says:

        By all means, JoAnn.  Go after Priola.  Cut off your nose despite your face.

        • windholzpolitics@gmail.com says:

          I am going after Priola unnamed who hides. Again, do you really think there is only ONE Windholz in the entire world?

          • unnamed says:

            Sorry JoAnn.  You think you can go after Priola, replace him with a full-on goosestepping fascist and said goosestepping fascist is going to hold that seat for your party?

            • windholzpolitics@gmail.com says:

              I don't think I can…I will. I know the liberal lunatics support him because he is one of them. It's why you support him.

              • unnamed says:


                You think you can go after Priola, replace him with a full-on goosestepping fascist and said goosestepping fascist is going to hold that seat for your party?


                I don't think I can…I will.

                Let it be known, our friend JoAnn is a fascist and intends to try to get fascist goosesteppers elected.  She won't succeed in this state.  

                • Conserv. Head Banger says:

                  I’ll stand by my prior comment:

                  windholzpolitics, and will add whoever you are =

                  fake conservative. 

                  Or perhaps I should refer to you as a CINO (Conservative in Name Only)

                  What impresses me most about this entire dialogue is that Duke, kwtree, and I ended up on the same side!

                  • Genghis says:

                    The funny part, for large enough values of “funny,” is that you didn’t actually do what windholzpolitics said you did, namely “calling Kevin Priola a Republican.” Instead, you called him a “real conservative.”

                    If indeed windholzpolitics is a different entity from JoAnn the Jackass, they are equally bereft of reading comprehension. They also appear to share an affinity for accepting whatever racist claptrap comes their way at face value so long as it accords with the right wing authoritarian narrative.

                    But hey, she’s been editing her comments in this thread all goddamn day. To her limited credit, the edited the hell out of the posts in which she called you and multiple others “idiots.” Maybe she’ll get around to editing out her reading comprehension errors as well.

                    • Duke Cox says:

                      I had not noticed her edits.

                      it looks like she also edited her original comment. this one is muy dishonest.


                    • windholzpolitics@gmail.com says:

                      Yes, it's called correcting misinformation. I know it's a foreign concept to uneducated liberals like yourself but it does exist. You brought up the word idiot and even called yourself an idiot. After reading the nonsense you have written as a self-proclaimed "political" writer, I agree with you.


                    • Diogenesdemar says:

                      Have you ever considered that you wouldn’t have to correct so much misinformation, if you weren’t such a goddamn spreading fountain of it?? . . . 


                  • Voyageur says:

                    Our windy troll is a RINOFIR — Republican in name only, Fascist in reality.

                • windholzpolitics@gmail.com says:

                  Is that the best you got? Really? Name-calling? You have no better argument?

    • MichaelBowman says:

      I'm going to guess that under her definition of "Not a Republican" her wingnuts would include people like Senator Tom Coburn who dared support a "tax on the rich" to balance the budget?  Who would publicly shake hands with the black Kenyan Muslim? 

      Tom Coburn, unyielding ‘Dr. No’ of the House and Senate, dies at 72

      "He showed an “iconoclastic streak,” Ornstein said, by embracing concepts poisonous to many in his party: tax increases on the wealthiest earners (to balance the budget) and a respectful working relationship with President Barack Obama, a Democrat and onetime Senate colleague.

      Their high-visibility hug in 2009 when Obama delivered an address to Congress surprised many observers. But Dr. Coburn said they had “really hit it off” when they attended Senate orientation together, and he worked with the future president on bills to increase government transparency and accountability. In 2006, they successfully co-sponsored an act to create a searchable central database recording recipients of billions of dollars in federal contracts and grants.

      Dr. Coburn supported Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in the 2008 presidential campaign but said he felt a kinship with Obama, who won that race, because he stood by his principles in a city where not all politicians did.

  5. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    "windholzpolitics = the latest name for moderatus/podestae-mails/stainedblue dress??

    • kwtree says:

      No….The “politics” part of windholzpolitics is that he/she/it is a Republican operative with an ambitious agenda of supporting extreme-right wing Republicans running for every office at every level in Colorado. Example:  like Corey Sulean running in HD63. Sulean is the “gays should be punished and shunned, women should wear modest culottes” guy. 

      “Windholzpolitics” is also still pushing the “no on National Popular Vote” initiative, which will be on the 11/20 ballot.

      Windholzpolitics is the entity behind “Unite4theright”, which is attempting to find someone to primary Kevin Priola in HD25. Unite4theright seems to have some of the same ideology that propelled the unsuccessful recalls, even though they despise Ken Buck for his incompetence and lack of material support for said recalls. 

      “Donna Windholz” appears to be a real person, the registered agent for Conservatives for No on NPV. https://tracer.sos.colorado.gov/PublicSite/SearchPages/CommitteeDetail.aspx?OrgID=38194
      The Denver office address for the no on npv entity is a “virtual office”- so that reveals nothing about where “Donna” lives.

      Joann Windholz of “Planned Parenthood clients deserve murder, gays should all be outlawed”infamy lives in Commerce City, which is in Adams County. She is in fact the chair of the Adams County Republicans. https://www.adamscountyrepublicanwomen.org/adams-county-republican-party-leadership/
      So they still could be the same person. It’s quite plausible that Joann, finding that her name and brand was toxic after her remarks on the planned parenthood shooting, still wants to be an influence in Colorado GOP politics, and has created a persona to accomplish that.

      However, I don’t see anything other than Trumpism linking them to our Southern Colorado troll, Moderatus. That, and being a troll on here: posting some provocative bit of bullshit and seeing how many replies they can get. 

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